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It was a night of recognition and celebration of hard work, dedication and diligence in service to humanity as the Citizens’ Day Awards 2015 took centre stage on Wednesday, May 27, 2015, at the prestigious Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos.
The awards is to recognize and honour Lagosians who embody the core values of the Spirit of Lagos in their everyday lives, that is the value of civic responsibility, good citizenship, good neigbourliness and social justice. Men and women who have and are still doing extraordinary work in their communities, businesses and public service, who have gone above and beyond the call of duty without expecting reward or clamour for spotlight were celebrated with medals of honour and certificates on the night.
The event was anchored by comedy king, Ali Baba alongside comedienne, Helen Paul who both thrilled as the passion-driven now-erstwhile governor of Lagos State, Babatunde Fashola (SAN), was present to oversee the event which is part of the Spirit of Lagos project.
He noted that building physical infrastructure was important, even more so is building what he called the infrastructure of the mind in achieving the Lagos of our dreams, hence the Spirit of Lagos project. The well-loved two-time governor also unveiled the Citizens’ Day Awards Wall of Fame with the names of all awardees. He also signed a declaration of May 27 (which is the day Lagos State was created in 1967) as Lagos Day. Another highlight of the evening was a stage play performed by the Lagos State Council of Arts and Culture troupe. He joined the Ministry of Education in 1984 and has risen to the position of Director of Education. She was nominated alongside Samuel Olukunle Ojo and Daniel Abiodun Farinde, but the Vice Principal (Admin.) of Oriwu Senior Model College, Ikorodu, clinched the prize. She pioneered the tomato plantation and ornamental garden in her school; she has also bagged National Teacher of the Year Award in 2007.
Elepete LCDA generates power for its community through the purchase of a transformer, 50 spans of high-tension cable and low-tension cables.
It means so much to me because it serves as a motivator to further my efforts in fighting hunger. We feed the hungry, poor, homeless and needy, and I think their prayers and spirits were behind me and helped me win this award. Through his leadership, the community has been transformed from an unkempt village environment to an Eldorado with paved streets, drainages, upgraded electrical system and community security. The next thing coming up is a competition for the design of the award that recipients would get. Emails and letters will be answered by Focus on the Family's Family Help Specialists before being forwarded to Thriving Family. Thriving Family is a Focus on the Family publication that encourages, teaches, celebrates and inspires families to thrive in Christ. Julianne Moore has revealed how therapy helped her personally and professionally, but Ruby Wax thinks mindfulness is more effective. Moore – who won an Oscar for her portrayal of a woman suffering from early onset dementia in Still Alice – has spoken extensively about how therapy helped her deal with the loneliness of her first divorce. She credits her therapist with encouraging her to tie the knot with her husband: “The only reason I got married in 2003 was for my children.
Therapy has supported Moore in her professional life, too, and helped her put stage fright into perspective: “I panic more on stage. Larger questions of good and evil have also been aired in Moore’s therapy sessions, after she accepted the role of Clarice Starling in the sequel to Silence of the Lambs. Taking the multi-award-winning, happily married Moore as an example, psychotherapy or psychoanalysis does seem the road to personal and professional satisfaction. Other celebrities who have had therapy include Rory Bremner, who was treated by John Cleese’s ex-wife Alyce Eichelberger, and Victoria Wood, who saw a therapist after the breakdown of her marriage. But after gaining a masters in mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT), Wax now believes training the brain to be positive is a more effective way to tackle low mood. She says information overload from 24-hour rolling news combined with the internet is flooding our bodies with the stress hormone cortisol. Drawing on current neuroscience, Wax says we all need to learn to self-regulate our brain state, taking our ‘mental temperature’ to see when we are at our tipping point. On the flip side, we should also self-regulate our adrenalin for times when we need to up our game. While celebrities offer a useful pointer for what to do when life feels difficult or overwhelming, there is one major difference between them and many of us: money. Since 2008, the NHS has more psychological therapies available than used to be the case, thanks to the Increasing Access to Psychological Therapies programme (IAPT). But with the constraints of high demand and tight budgets, NHS therapies tend to be focused on time-limited cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). Interpersonal therapy is also offered under IAPT, especially in the treatment of depression.
The treatment is usually eight sessions over 14 weeks, and the emphasis is on current problems and communication issues, not the past. But what about the long-term, traditional versions of therapy, based on Freudian psychoanalysis, alluded to by Julianne Moore and James Nesbitt? Over-burdened GPs are sometimes unaware of more intensive therapy options, so it is worth researching online what’s available, in addition to the brief CBT style therapies your GP will certainly know about.
Other routes to less expensive treatments include low-cost schemes offered by individual therapists, and reduced-price therapy offered by psychotherapy and psychoanalysis training institutions. If a spiritual dimension is important to you, either Psychosynthesis or TransPersonal therapies could appeal. For my own issues with anxiety and building more meaningful relationships, I have chosen psychoanalysis four times a week. Most of all, I feel reassured that the therapist I tell my darkest secrets to will have trained for eight years, rather than be rushed into the consulting room to meet a health service target.
High50 Holdings Limited is a company registered in England and Wales at Circus House, 21 Great Titchfield Street, London, W1W 8BA, under company number 09010517. But before we get to the joyful celebration of Resurrection Sunday, we need to go through the darkness of Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. One of my favorite passages in the Bible tells us what Jesus talked about to His disciples on the night before He went to the cross. John tells us that Jesus “showed them the full extent of His love” when He washed their feet (John 13:1). With all the emphasis on freedom during the days ahead, it made me realize that even though God has given me freedom, I don’t always live as if I am free. The Galatians had experienced the freedom of salvation in Christ–the joyous freedom that comes when we realize that there is nothing we can do to earn salvation.
But they had been convinced by other people that they needed to follow some of the old laws, such as circumcision.
Sisters in Christ, I hope that you have not been shackled to people pleasing and working beyond what Christ has asked of you. Write down everything that you do during a normal week and everything you feel you “should” be doing.
But when the congregation stood for the reading of the Gospel and the mother lifted in her arms while they listened, the girl suddenly spotted the carving of Jesus at the front of the church.
We all love to tell cute stories about our kids and grandkids, but I think this one has a lesson for us.

Just like that carving of Jesus at the front of our church, Jesus is always holding out His arms to us, ready to embrace us.
While most of the kids probably longed to get out of their seats and play a game in the gym, I would have much rather stayed behind in the classroom. Even before he made the world, God loved us and chose us in Christ to be holy and without fault in his eyes. Somehow how I couldn’t fully delight in the gift because now I felt the balance of friendship was upset.
But in another way this is ridiculous because what could I give God that could equal the incomparable gift of His Son? As I said in a previous post, basking in God’s love during a particularly stressful season kept my heart at peace. Every so often I persuade my husband to attend a concert of classical music with me  A while ago we traveled into the city to hear the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Finally, at the end of the Wagner pieces, the harpists pulled their harps toward their shoulders and began to pluck strings.
I wondered if the harpists were disappointed that they didn’t have a bigger part to play in the performance. When I read 1 Corinthians I wonder if some of the people that the apostle Paul was writing to in Corinth were feeling the same way. Though we may wait for a long time to play our part, even though our part may seem small, it is crucial in God’s symphony of life. In all of life we experience unexpected side effects to circumstances and choices in our lives–not all of them positive. Cameroon-born, Nigerian-based Nanou Binga is a model,fashion enthusiast and beauty queen who has been in Nigeria for almost a decade. I didna€™t plan to be a part of it; I was compelled to participate by the organisers when I accompanied my friend for the auditions.
What do you think made you win?It was Goda€™s grace and the fact that when I got to camp, I tried to obey all the rules and regulations given to us. Did you have any terrible experience while at camp?Though I heard different stories but I didna€™t experience any.
Before this pageant, have you ever been involved in any beauty contest?Not really; that was way back in secondary school, but I have been approached by many companies to do adverts for them.
What are the things you do when you feel like being sexy?Naturally, I feel I have a body that attracts people to me even if I dona€™t wear a bikini. What do you think about beauty pageants?I feel being beautiful is an extra gift God has given to you to do something for the society. Would you pose nude for the cover page of a fashion magazine?No, I can never pose nude, even for a lot of money. What has your experience been like with Nigerian guys?Nigerian guys are accommodating once they know that you are not a Nigerian. What is that most embarrassing moment of your life?One day a guy saw me on a bike, he followed me and told me he just had to follow me because of the amount of hair on my legs; I was extremely embarrassed. How far can you go to get the attention of a guy you admire?I can just appreciate him and tell him he is looking good. Migrants Found Living Six To A Room In Slumdog Millionaire Four Bedroom Home As Rogue Landlords Raked in 100,000 A Year by charging each of them ?65 a week?
House prices lifted to a new record in cash terms in July, passing £205,000 on average for the first time, according to an index. Also, I organize many principal-teachers fora where we talk about areas where we are doing well and areas we could improve.
I thank God for His love, His favour and mercy for giving me the opportunity to win this award. Bolajoke Fadipe clinched the Community Development Award for his supply of food in schools with the aim of developing into a food bank. Ola served as chairman of the Infrastructure committee and chairman of the River Valley Estate, Ojodu, Berger. I think the team that I worked with over the years would be able to attest that we have been able to achieve a lot in our community. Spirit of Lagos is a campaign, the Citizens’ Day Award is only one aspect of that, I think it’s going to be huge. We wanted to design a little statuette, but the governor said we should throw it open to Lagosians to come up with designs. By writing to Thriving Family you are granting us permission to reprint your comments (wholly or in part). Presenter-turned-mental health campaigner Ruby Wax studied psychotherapy after moving on from television. Neuroplasticity suggests we can retrain our brain and create new responses to challenging situations. Its emphasis is on the here and now, challenging unhelpful thoughts, diary keeping and self reporting. With interpersonal therapy, the focus is on improving the client’s close relationships, both personal and professional, to help them to function better in their lives.
If you live within the catchment of a large NHS mental health trust, there may well be psychotherapy or psychoanalytic therapy available. I respect classical analysis’ historical roots and I feel the importance given to the relationship with your therapist will be beneficial to me. John’s Gospel uses five of its twenty-one chapters to give us a seat at the table with the other disciples.
They were willingly stepping into the shackles of trying to please other people by doing things God had told them they didn’t need to do. Lofty ambitions, avid goals, and the desire to do what the “experts” tell me I need to do, have chained me to an unrealistic work pattern. Include everything from cooking meals and laundry to driving kids to school and organizing play dates. One of the team captains would hesitate and then say something like, “I guess we’ll take Roxanne.” Roxanne would go over to that side and it was understood I would go to the other.
Even before God poured out the oceans, lit up the stars, or formed the mountains, He saw you. Thank God for picking you out of the crowd and sending the Holy Spirit to put faith in your heart. The nagging feeling that I should be busy in His service sometimes prevents me from simply delighting in Him. The professor asked us to do a whole list of seemingly impossible tasks: “Listen as I play this chord on the piano and identify its quality.
Your self-esteem won’t be rocked as long as you keep in mind this one timeless truth: God loves you as you are. Consider Divine Makeover, a book that encourages young women to find their beauty and identity in Christ. Our life is characterized by clashes between our spiritual side and the part that simply must type the memo, get dinner on the table, and generally survive in the world.

Simply stopping for a few minutes to contemplate my Father’s unfailing love for me helped me win the battle against doubt and anxiety. Give me a to-do list and I’ll tackle it until every item has a neat little check mark next to it.
The harpists sat for almost twenty minutes while the violinists and cellists moved their bows over their strings, while the flautists and oboists blew their horns, while the percussionists banged drums and clashed cymbals. But still I could barely hear them because, as they were plucking, drums were pounding, trumpets were blowing. Paul uses the analogy of the body and tells the Corinthians that as Christians we are all part of Christ’s body. In Psalm 42:5 the psalmist instructs his soul to praise God, “Why, my soul, are you downcast?  Why so disturbed within me?
In my new book, Soul Spa: 40 Days of Spiritual Renewal, you will discover spiritual practices that help you meet with Jesus--the Healer of hearts. The sultry graduate of Ogun State University is set to invade the Nigerian fashion with her unique style. It is a Pan-African beauty contest that seeks to discover African ladies who possess beauty, intelligence and the desire to give back to the society. According to the organisers, part of the marks obtainable also comes from your behavior in camp and how you relate with fellow contestants, because they would ask other contestants about you.
I remember while I was in school, other girls wore sleeveless tops to class but whenever I wore it, I was sent out of the class because I caused distraction. Funny enough, I tend to blend more with the Igbo guys; they seem to be real but at the end of the day, they are not.
I dona€™t trust anyone; Ia€™ve been in situations where I took some people as very good friends, but at the end of the day, they turned their backs on me.
Right?This is how it works for me; if you tell me things about yourself, I just start working on them while I watch you. Ms Josephine Ugwu, the honest Lagos airport cleaner who returned the equivalent of N12 million in foreign currencies to its owner, was the first awardee. It was centred on the uncommon statesmanship displayed by the Eleko of Eko in the 1920s after he was exiled by the colonialists over his refusal to compel his people to pay water tax.
Besides, our school (Oriwu Model College) has won four educational governor’s award and we have had the best junior results for the past three years.
In all, I have the cooperation of the wonderful team I work with, they make the job much easier. I love the fact that Lagosians answered the call, people appreciated what others have done, and they nominated and voted for them.
We see Jesus washing His follower’s feet, sharing a meal with them, giving them last minute instructions, and praying for them. We see Jesus’ heart for all of His disciples when He lifts His eyes to heaven and prays for us even as He is preparing for the most difficult mission of His life. Although I am free in Christ, I sometimes willingly step into shackles that prevent from living in that freedom.
I have probably been trying to do more than God has asked me to do–more than I was meant to do. We run the risk of losing the ability to like ourselves when all of our self-esteem is wrapped up in being able to please certain people or perform certain tasks. Just like any loving dad, what pleases our Abba Father most is for His children to curl up in His caring arms–to put their hope not in their own cleverness or ambition, but in His love for them.
The fear of not pleasing people evaporated because, well, what did that matter if the King of the universe loved me?
In this chat with Star Tracker, she speaks on her experience during Miss Diamond beauty pageant, love, sex, personal principles and her modeling career. I once met an Igbo guy who said to me, a€?Dona€™t lie to me because I dona€™t lie.a€™ I was so happy because I felt I had met a truthful guy, but at the end of the day, I discovered he was a born liar.
So now, when I meet people, I take them from the negative to the positive, so that when they do something hurtful to me, I dona€™t get shocked. I try to study you unlike before when you tell me you are white and I believe and just start following you like that. Most times, there’s too much focus on the negative that we forget to appreciate the good things around. Listen to this melody and write it out note by note.” I knew I wasn’t getting an A in that class.
His unfailing love gives us the courage to come with our debilitating failures, our overwhelming dilemmas, and even our pesky problems. So to keep stress from being a frequent visitor, I decided to set a timer to go off every hour. I could hardly wait to hear what fantastic part they would play in the opening music by Wagner. Though they waited a long to play and had a small part, the music would not have been the same without them.
Just three short days after competing the infusion of drugs, we saw a major reduction in the visible tumors! In fact, there are times when our hearts nearly burst with praise for the Ruler of all–who is also the One who holds our hands. When we praise God we change our focus from our problems to the God who is bigger than any difficulty.
We went to motherless babies home and visited most of our sponsors, but all through, we dressed according to where we were going to. I tend to please people and displease myself, like when they come to me for money, the little I have, I give but getting it back becomes a problem. Also, I thank my church members at Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries (MFM), they also voted for me. I asked him a few questions to shift his focus from the scoreboard to his personal development:"What was it like guarding a boy who was bigger than you?""How did you get around him for those great layups?""Were those free throws as easy as you made them look?"The sting of the loss was sure to linger, but a few hours later, I thanked God for His constant presence when I heard the dribbling of a basketball on the driveway. Why am I choosing this activity–is it because God asked me to do it or I am doing this simply to impress the neighbors or please other people?
So I based all my self-esteem in the fact that I was pretty good at memorizing facts and understanding algebra and taking tests. At the sound of the timer, I stopped what I was doing for a couple of minutes and contemplated God’s great love for me.
Vitali Adigwe Nwaneifo (who volunteered to help accident victims after losing his arm to accident) and Lanre Adio (who, according to the governor, stood his ground and maintained the law against a commercial bus driver who was driving against traffic seven years ago), were also rewarded. When we praise God for what He has done and for who He is, others see the difference God makes.

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