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Areas A and B-4 during your last term prior to enrolling at CSU – please see a counselor for specifics.
AP tests may be listed in more than one area, but may be used to satisfy only one subject requirement. AP English Language or English Literature with a score of 3 or higher meets this requirement. Oceanography 101 (formerly Oceanography 109), if taken prior to Fall 2007, may be used for B-2 only. AP Calculus AB or Calculus BC or Statistics with a score of 3 or higher meets this requirement.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Literature: Courses designed to engage students in the careful reading and critical analysis of imaginative literature.
Historical Studies: Courses that provide insight into the development of human institutions, their similarities and differences, and the means by which knowledge about the past is acquired. The Fine Arts: Courses that highlight the ways in which art is a major defining aspect of culture, as well as on how art reflects the lands and times in which we live. Effecitve as of the Spring term 2013,  all Written Communication courses will require at least three (3) visits to the Writing Center.  All basic science and mathematics courses will require students to utilize a tutor or engage in Supplemental Instruction whenever they score below 70% on two consecutive quizzes or exams.
At all times, there are particular concepts, themes and ideas that raise concern and debate within society. These themes are often particular to the times, but how they are reconciled may have long-term implications for individuals and humankind alike.
Civic Engagement: Facilitates the development of knowledge, skills and values needed to be effective active citizens. Liberal Learning Seminars (LLS) are designed to bring small groups of students together with faculty or staff on a regular basis. These seminars place a strong emphasis on critical inquiry, reading, frequent writing, collaborative learning, and other skills that develop students’ intellectual and practical competencies.
Since University requirements change periodically, it is important that you know which set of GE and major requirements apply to you, and what catalog options are available to you. Continuous Enrollment begins when you have graduated from high school and enroll in either a California State University (such as Sacramento State) or a California Community College (such as American River College). B.There is no restriction on overlap between courses taken for a minor and General Education.
Note: The overlap policy is slightly different for students whose catalog rights begin prior to Fall 1992. Courses listed in General Education are subject to change, as new courses are approved and others are deleted. The policy requires proficiency to be demonstrated at a level comparable to the second semester of college level language, including American Sign Language (ASL).
If the language requirement has not been completed through one of the above options, students must meet the Sacramento State foreign language graduation requirement by completing one of the following options. Students must submit their Test Registration Form to the Department of Foreign Languages, MRP 2051, at least ONE WEEK prior to the test date. Note: Students with language disabilities due to a specific learning disability, or who are deaf, hearing or speech impaired, or who have sustained brain injury may, on the recommendation of the Director of Services to Students with Disabilities, satisfy the requirement in one of several alternative ways. All students must take the EPT or document their exemptions before registering in their first semester of classes.
The EPT may be taken at any CSU campus; placement tests taken at other colleges or universities do not apply. If you qualify for an exemption under any of the provisions above, go to the Student Services Counter, LSN Hall, first floor to arrange documentation. All students must complete a first-year writing course (GE Area A2) with a grade of a€?C-a€? or better. You must take the English Placement Test (EPT), and you may be required to take one or more preparatory courses before enrolling in ENGL 1A or ENGL 2. All CSU students subject to the degree requirements of the 1979-80 and subsequent catalogs must satisfy the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR) before graduation. Beginning Fall semester 2009, undergraduate students now fulfill the GWAR through the two-step placement process outlined below. Students will choose to take EITHER the Writing Placement for Juniors (WPJ) timed essay exam OR the ENGL 109M or 109W class (whichever course is most appropriate) to receive their GWAR placement numbers. Students with Disabilities: Students who are registered with the Services to Students with Disabilities (SSWD) office may be eligible to receive testing accommodations for the WPJ. Multilingual Students: A Multilingual students are eligible to receive an additional hour and fifteen minutes to take the WPJ exam.
Transfer Students: If you satisfied the GWAR at another CSU campus, go to the English Department located in CLV Hall 103, (916) 278-6409 to see how you can transfer that completed requirement from your previous campus to Sacramento State. Make-up Exam:A make-up exam is available after each WPJ for students who aren't able to attend the day of the exam for religious, academic, medical, or emergency reasons.
Please include back up information such as a written statement on letterhead from your clergy, proof of a conflicting exam appointment, a class schedule showing a Saturday course, a letter from your coach showing a conflicting athletic event, or a doctor’s note or police accident report proving an emergency on the day of the exam. 40 - Pass ENGL 86, then pass ENGL 109M, then pass a Writing Intensive course with a 'C-' or higher. Graduate students who did not complete their graduate-level GWAR requirement prior to Fall 2010 will follow the two-step placement process outlined below. Step 1: The first step of the graduate GWAR will assess your writing to determine your readiness for graduate-level writing tasks. If you meet one of the equivalency standards listed below, fill out the waiver form available on the Office of Graduate Studiesa€™ Web site, attach the appropriate accompanying materials, and submit everything according to the instructions on the form.

Graduated with a baccalaureate degree or equivalent from a US-accredited University with a cumulative GPA of 3.7 or above (attach copy of school transcript).
Have been Instructor of record of a college-level writing course taught in the English language at a US-accredited University approved by the Office of the Graduate Dean.
The GWI course will immerse graduate students in the discourse of their academic or professional discipline and prepare graduate students to participate effectively in that discourse.
The WPG will ask writers to compose two essays, after reading a selection of brief texts, which represent a variety of genres typical in scholarly and professional writing, such as graphs, charts, tables, bullet lists, and scholarly prose. STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES: A Those registered with the Services to Students with Disabilities (SSWD) may be eligible to receive testing accommodations for the WPG.
MULTILINGUAL STUDENTS: Multilingual students are eligible to receive an additional hour and fifteen minutes to take the WPJ exam.
PREPARING FOR THE EXAM: At the end of the online registration process, at the bottom of your registration confirmation page, you will find a link to help you sign up for a GWAR workshop. AFTER THE EXAM: Scores for the WPG exam should be available approximately one week after the exam is completed. Step 2: Graduate students must complete Step 1 of the graduate-level GWAR requirement before they advance to candidacy. Effective Fall 2010, completion of the undergraduate-level GWAR requirement at Sac State or any other CSU campus will NOT fulfill the graduate-level GWAR. A WPJ score of 90 certifying that the student completed the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR) at another CSU campus before transferring to Sacramento State. Successful completion of a Writing Intensive course with a C- or better fulfills the GWAR for undergraduate students.
If you are an entering freshman who scores in one of the ranges below GE level on the EPT, it is recommended that you enroll in the course which corresponds to your placement range in the first semester at Sacramento State. If English is your second language and you did not take the EPT at Sacramento State, you must take the English Diagnostic Test (EDT).
If you took the EPT at Sacramento State, you completed a survey to determine if you were multilingual.
The ELM examination tests for entry level mathematics skills acquired through three years of rigorous college preparatory mathematics coursework (normally Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry).
Mathematics: If you are not exempt from the ELM Exam, you must satisfy the ELM requirement by either passing the ELM Exam or passing the appropriate preparatory math courses. After passing the ELM Exam or the appropriate ELM equivalency courses, you may enroll in MATH 1 for the General Education Quantitative Reasoning requirement or take a Mathematics Department Diagnostic Test as a prerequisite to enrollment in other mathematics courses.
Students participating in the Sacramento State Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) Summer Bridge Program. Students may also enroll in approved Community College course(s) instead of taking Early Start courses through the CSU.
You must complete a total of 51 units distributed among the Areas specified in this pattern.
A second semester composition course is required of all students with catalog rights beginning Fall 1992 or later. Several undergraduate programs offer enough evening, weekend, or eLearning courses to enable a student to complete a degree by attending only evenings, weekends, or online.
Courses focusing on the Seven Learning Outcomes must also be factored into students’ choices. At least two of the courses must be writing intensive (Written Communication).
This may include understanding the responsibility to improve community conditions, build healthier communities and address social problems. LLS bring students and faculty together in a shared process of inquiry around a broad, sometimes interdisciplinary topic or question. Freshmen and transfer students with less than 30 hrs. Students who enter Sacramento State as freshmen use the catalog requirements in effect when they begin at Sacramento State. Students who transfer to Sacramento State may use (1) the catalog requirements in effect when they enter Sacramento State, (2) the catalog requirements in effect when they graduate from Sacramento State, or (3) the requirements which were in effect when their continuous enrollment (defined below) began. You maintain continuous enrollment as long as you register one semester in each calendar year. For more information, contact the Academic Advising and Career Center, LSN Hall 1013, (916) 278-6351 or visit our Web site at advisingfaq.html. Only courses appearing in the "GE Pattern List" in the current online catalog are approved for General Education credit. All students who began continuous enrollment in the Fall of 1992 or later are required to meet the foreign language graduation requirement. All students who began continuous enrollment in Fall of 1992 or later must complete a second semester of English composition. All students who began continuous enrollment in the Fall of 1990 or later must complete a course in Race and Ethnicity in American Society, identified in the GE Pattern List by a (+). Students who began continuous enrollment in the Fall of 1988 or later must have at least a 2.0 GPA in General Education courses and grades of at least a€?C-a€? in the courses taken to satisfy Categories A1, A2, A3, and B4.
Consult a Liberal Studies advisor for specific requirements, LSN Hall 2008, (916) 278-6342.
Child Development majors: For majors following the Academic Program with Pre-Credential Preparation, most GE requirements are included in the major.
Passing intermediate-level tests in two of four skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. This test determines whether you should enroll in ENGL 15 (College Language Skills), ENGL 1 (Basic Writing Skills), ENGL 10 (Academic Literacies I) and ENGL 11 (Academic Literacies II), or ENGL 1A (College Composition). Students who need accommodations because of disabilities should get a clearance from the Office of Services to Students with Disabilities, LSN Hall 1008, (916) 278-6955 and submit it with the test registration materials at least a week before the deadline.

This requirement can be met by taking a year long sequence, ENGL 10 and 11, or by taking a one-semester accelerated course, ENGL 1A.
Students should begin the GWAR placement process once they attain junior standing but before they complete 74 units. During the exam, you will be given an hour and 45 minutes to brainstorm (15 minutes) and write two short essays. Multilingual accommodations will be given to students who answer the multilingual question during online registration. Through the semester you will write and revise several documents about the research and writing methods in your major discipline; you will use these to create a GWAR Portfolio. The GWAR placement number will indicate which course(s) each student will need to complete to fulfill the GWAR requirement.
Graduate students will choose one of the three options below to complete the first step; students should consult with their graduate program advisors to choose the best option for them. Students should request accommodations through the SSWD office at least one week before the registration deadline, and then register for the WPG online. Multilingual accommodations will be given to students who answer the multilingual question during online registration.
These workshops are free, one-time, one-hour informational sessions for students who are getting ready for the WPG.
Students who are identified as needing additional help in order to complete graduate-level writing tasks will be required to take a Graduate Writing Intensive (GWI) course in their graduate program or to take ENGL 220W (offered through the College of Continuing Education). The graduate-level GWAR is then met through the completion of each studenta€™s graduate program requirements. Students who graduated from a CSU campus who intend to complete their graduate degrees at Sac State will need to follow the above graduate-level GWAR requirement to graduate.
All preparatory courses must be completed within the studenta€™s first year of enrollment; otherwise, the student will not be allowed to continue at the University, resulting in Administrative Disqualification. You must also enroll for the next course in the sequence in the following semester until college level English is complete.
All undergraduate students must take the test or be exempted from it prior to placement in appropriate university mathematics coursework. Contact the Department of Mathematics and Statistics (916-278-6534) for additional information.
At least 9 units must be in upper division GE courses (100-199) taken after you complete 60 units of coursework. Completion of Engl 20 (or an approved equivalent) with a grade of a€?C-a€? or better fulfills this graduation requirement. Although these programs do not follow a a€?cohort modela€? with a planned sequence of courses over a two to three year period, students can complete degrees with proper planning and advising.
For example, if you graduated from high school last Spring and began at Sacramento State in the Fall Semester 2014, your catalog rights begin in Fall 2014 and you are required to fulfill the GE and major requirements outlined in the University catalog in effect in Fall 2014.
For example, if you began at Sierra College in Fall 2012 and have been continuously enrolled since then, you have catalog rights to Fall 2012. For Spanish, completing a Spanish Reading Proficiency course (7) also meets the requirement. Students who do not meet this policy requirement will have registration holds placed on them when they complete 74 units. For more information about receiving testing accommodations as a student with a disability, please contact the SSWD office in Lassen Hall room 1008 or at (916) 278-6955.
All graduate students must complete the first step of the GWAR requirement before they may advance to candidacy. Please note: At this time, not all graduate programs have a GWI course for their students.
For more information about receiving testing accommodations as a student with a disability, please contact the SSWD office in Lassen Hall, Room 1008 or at (916) 278-6955.
The workshop will give you information about the exam, show you a sample WPG exam, and give you a chance to ask any questions you might have about the exam. Students may have the option of meeting this requirement with a course offered in the major; check with your major department. Contact the Department of Mathematics and Statistics for GE math information, (916) 278-6534.
Completion of Engl 1A (or the equivalent) with a grade of a€?C-a€? or better is a prerequisite. As long as you maintain continuous enrollment (defined below), you will not be responsible for any requirements added after that time. You are asked to write a short essay in which you make an argument about a topic arising from those sources. Students also have the option of choosing to meet the catalog requirements in effect when they graduate from Sacramento State.
The second essay (30 minutes) will ask you to respond to a specific prompt about either your experiences with writing or your writing process. To find their scores, students should click on the a€?Test Score Summarya€? link in the My Sac State Student Center.
See the a€?Multilinguala€? chart below for information on placement in multilingual courses.

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