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When Container Planting, one might think of a "blue-million" different things that can go wrong.
Most local nurseries and greenhouses will carry the flowers for your container garden which are well suited for your planting zone. This garden video has a neat Container Gardening Tip for making your own Container Gardening Soil.
Click on the small arrow at the bottom-left-corner of the screen (not the arrow in the middle of the screen) to watch this video.
When choosing your annuals or perennials for your garden planters, always go with the flowers that are not blooming.
Take a look at this video if you're interested in seeing some basics on flower placement in your garden container.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Container Gardens in Shopping Cart, Broken Doll, Barbie Car and More!
Learn How to Grow Heirloom and Organic Tomatoes, Asparagus, Brussel Sprouts, Giant Pumpkins, Potatoes and More! However, for your convenience, we've included a plant zones map to aide you in locating yours.
But never fear, something such as Miracle Grow Potting Mix, which is readily available and pre-mixed, is a great choice.
Height and width, sun requirements, and water needs will all be included on this very important plant tag. For Container Gardening ideas and methods such as patio planters and patio gardening, vegetable container gardening, or herb container gardening, click here to go to our Ideas and Methods page.

For the best experience with Nourse Farms website, please view in Firefox, Chrome or upgrade Internet Explorer to IE8 or IE9. In selecting varieties, we suggest you be conservative in regard to the zone for best results.

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