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Garlic is one of the most unexciting herbs to grow but offers one of the best values once harvested! Understanding your planting zone in Colorado will increase your ability to create a garden that can flourish from year to year.
Plant nurseries in your area will carry plants that are appropriate for your planting zone. With the useful part hidden underground, garlic's gray-green blade-like leaves are solid and grow 1 to 2 feet tall.
Planting vegetables, trees, flowers and other plants that are appropriate for your zone will make your gardening less frustrating. Depending on variety, your garlic may bloom tiny white and pinkish flowers, but most varieties developed for eating don't bloom at all.Provide full sun in a deeply tilled soil of fluffy, generously amended, slightly acidic soil for your garlic bulbs.

Popular softnecks include California Early.Hardneck types adapt to cold winter climates, and all produce flower stalks in early summer. By understanding your planting zone for Colorado, you will be more successful in your efforts to create a wonderful garden. For optimum growth of the garlic plant, chose a sunny spot where there is enough air circulation. This would aid evaporation of excess amount of water and prevent the soil from becoming too damp in case excess watering does occur. Be sure to clip off any flower stalks that begin to appear as to concentrate all the plants energy to the bulb. Harvest garlic when the plants leaves begin to turn brown.When to Plant Garlic?Planting garlic in the fall is most common for all gardening zones.

Once the garlic tips emerge, start feeding the plants once or twice every month with general purpose fertilizer. Garlic cloves can also be planted in late winter as soon as the soil thaws, but fall-planted garlic produces bigger, better bulbs.

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