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The 2012 USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map is the standard by which gardeners and growers can determine which plants are most likely to thrive at a location. For the first time, the map is available as an interactive GIS-based map, for which a broadband Internet connection is recommended, and as static images for those with slower Internet access. I will admit I ordered late in the planting season but I would rather have been told they were out of stock than receive the spongy moldy twigs that showed up. Three weeks after I planted them and after a week in a flower pot the third Centennial rhizome sprouted.
Once I rec'd the Rhizomes and wrapped them in a damp paper towel for a few days until I could plant them.
Q: Is there any way to tell if a hops rhizome will produce a male out female vine prior to planting? Fertilizing hollies regularly leads to plants with good color and even growth, and it helps the shrubs resist insects and disease. Gardeners have lots of options when choosing a holly plant fertilizer. Compost or well-rotted livestock manure make excellent (and often free) slow-release fertilizers that continue to feed the plant throughout the season. Alternatively, spread three inches of rich compost or two inches of well-rotted livestock manure over the root zone. When using Holly-tone or an azalea and camellia fertilizer, follow the directions on the container because formulations vary. Native to warm climates, tender perennials add lush texture and tropical atmosphere to the garden, but unless you live in warm climate zones, winter can spell disaster for these frost-sensitive plants.
Tender perennial plants come from warm climates where they don’t need the ability to withstand cold winter temperatures.
Some tender perennials such as begonias, calla lilies and caladiums add lush foliage or fantastic flowers to shady spots. After the foliage on bulbs, tubers and corms dies back, dig them up, trim off remaining stalks and stems, and lay them out in a single layer to cure at room temperature for a few days.

Plants that don’t grow from bulbous structures can overwinter indoors as potted plants, or you can take cuttings in late summer to start over winter. Mazus (Mazus reptans) spreads quickly by means of creeping stems that take root where they touch the ground.
Native to Asia, Mazus reptans is a tiny perennial that can make a big impact in the landscape. Growing Mazus reptans is made easy by the fact that it seldom suffers from disease or insect infestation.
The map is based on the average annual minimum winter temperature, divided into 10-degree F zones.
But state, regional, and national images of the map can be downloaded and printed in a variety of sizes and resolutions. I received mine in late march after ordering in January and planted it a little early at the end of march in a half whiskey barrel with organic potting soil and worm castings.
They were the sorriest rhizomes I have ever seen, the centennials they were replacing were in far better shape.. Fertilizers formulated for broad-leaved evergreens (such as azaleas, rhododendrons and camellias) work well for hollies, too. If you are using a complete fertilizer with a nitrogen content of eight to ten percent, use one-half pound of fertilizer for each half-inch of trunk diameter. Holly-tone recommends three cups per inch of trunk diameter for trees and one cup per inch of branch length for shrubs.
Many of these shade-loving tender perennial plants come from tropical rainforests where they are protected and shaded year round by the rainforest canopy. This group includes tender herbs such as rosemary and cilantro, as well as fragrant shrubs like bay laurel.
Keep the soil moist until they become established and then water and fertilize according to each plant’s needs.
When they are dry, brush off the remaining soil and store them in open boxes filled with sand, peat moss or vermiculite.

Cuttings don’t take up nearly as much space as full grown potted plants, and they usually grow better when transplanted outdoors in spring.
It forms a dense mat of foliage that stays green throughout spring and summer, and well into fall.
It tolerates moderate to high moisture levels, but the roots shouldn’t stand in water. Mazus will not outcompete lawn grass, so you need to make sure you take up all the grass and get as much of the roots as possible.
I assumed they would still grow, but they would not sprout while the two nugget rhizomes I planted did. The first number of the three-number ratio on the fertilizer bag tells you the percentage of nitrogen. Work the compost or manure into the top inch or two of soil, taking care not to damage surface roots.
While this may be the best way to go for inexpensive plants and bulbs, you may want to save some of your more expensive plants and those with sentimental value.
If you want to use a tender perennial as a houseplant over winter, cut it back by about half before potting it up. The plant was a monster and yielded over 8oz of dry hops which is way more than I expected year one especially with the plant in partial shade. Mediterranean plants don’t usually like much fertilizer, but other tender perennials like a light dose of fertilizer in spring and midsummer. A spare room where you can close off heating vents or a cool garage works well if you can keep the temperature from dropping too low.
Not sure if this was just a great rhizome because when I got it it had multiple buds and long roots growing or the species just does well with my conditions because my cascade did not have the same results.

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