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Greenhouse gardening opens up a whole new world of techniques for eager gardeners, even allowing those in colder or unpredictable climates to extend their growing season into all or most of the year. Basics – Your list of items for greenhouse gardening has to include pots, containers for mixed growing mediums, hand trowels and seedling flats. Lighting – Many greenhouses need artificial lighting to properly light the plants inside. Climate Control – A small heater or evaporative cooler may be necessary if you intend to use your greenhouse year round.
Now that you know about the basic hobby greenhouse necessities, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying the gardening season all year long. Outside, you will find many garden accents including statues and foundations, pots, stone benches, iron artwork, trellises, outdoor wall accents, and more.
Materials posted on this website are for personal, noncommercial use only and may be downloaded only for personal use. When your shiny new greenhouse finally arrives, you’re going to need greenhouse gardening supplies. There are many other things to consider, like lighting, temperature and humidity control, watering, sanitation and even the type of benches you’d prefer.

Some greenhouse hobbyists prefer to use biodegradable pots and, if you do as well, make sure to store them in a water-tight container. At the end of the day, you just need something that will get your plants up off the ground. There’s nothing more frustrating than fungus, bacteria or bugs that infiltrate a greenhouse, causing chaos and ruining a whole season of plants.
Large greenhouses often employ drip irrigation, but a smaller setup may be able to be fully watered by hand with a watering can. If your greenhouse isn’t naturally lit most days, or your plants need longer days than are generally available at your location, fluorescent lights can get the job done if you raise them as the plants grow. Shade cloths are also helpful for keeping the hottest rays of the day out of your building. Greenhouse heaters can be relatively inexpensive for small spaces, and fans will sometimes do for cooling greenhouses in mild climates if you install them so they move hot air out of the building. Our inventory includes flower bulbs, tools, how -to books, fertilizers, and natural and chemical pesticides.
Growing mediums can be mixed in buckets with lids in small greenhouses or stored in large plastic tubs with lids in larger greenhouses – these containers protect your home-blended mediums from insect eggs and pathogens.

Make sure to paint any wooden surfaces with a semi-gloss paint to protect against mold and make cleaning a snap.
Bleach and disinfectant spray are as vital as sinks and large washing tubs in keeping your greenhouse pest-free. Avoid watering plants directly with a hose-sprayer, since this can encourage and spread mold spores. More importantly, our highly trained staff actually knows about use of these products and can teach you what you need to know. Drainage is also vital, so make sure your benches are slightly slanted to keep the water shedding, or designed with lots of holes or slats to allow water to drip through.

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