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If you have limited space for a garden and want to maximize every square inch, or if you want to add drama, variety, height and depth to your landscape, you may want to consider implementing vertical gardening techniques. Arbor Gardens ~ A garden that has an arbor for a centerpiece adds dramatic affect to the entire garden.
Vertical Vegetable Gardens ~ Instead of having to continually bend down to tend to vegetables, having them grow upwards can be a refreshing alternative.
Dramatic Wall Coverings ~ Some gardeners like to go for a dramatic effect in their gardens by planting flowering vines that take over an entire wall.
Tiered Planter Garden ~ A tiered vertical garden is just a more complex form of container gardening. Gutter Gardening ~ I just had to include this very creative and practical method of utilizing vertical space by installing storm gutters on an existing wall or on a constructed wall.
Hanging Vertical Garden ~ An artistic yet simple vertical garden technique is hanging pots from ceilings or railings. March 1, 2016, garden plots will be available to all residents of Daybreak and the Crossings Apartments who had a plot last season. April 1, 2016, garden plots will be available to all Daybreak and Crossings Apartment residents on a first come, first served basis. I have set up the new veggie planter, purchased seedlings from the nursery, studied up on companion planting to see which of the seedlings will grow well together and then lovingly planted all the new herb and vegetable seedlings. Basin number One: In the first basin (Far left), I have a Strawberry plant which is a fair size and already flowering. As usual, I bought too many plants, so some extras still need to be planted out into the garden. I’ve worked out that the amount of money I spend buying Sweet Basil and Parsley alone from Woolies in a period of one year, pays for all the seedlings, potting soil and the vegetable planter I bought!
I also have a partial shade garden and will be doing more herbs and vegtables that do better with the amount of sun they get. Barbie is the expert on what to plant with veggies, I’ll ask her to do a post for us with all her advice, but as far as I understand it, marigolds, nasturtiums and pansies are the flowers we should be planting with our veggies. Christine – for your 1st time into vegetable gardening (is it really?!!), you sure are kicking some major butt on this!
About UsThe Gardening Blog is a blog by Barbie and Christine … life-long friends with two very different gardens. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, our gardening philosophy is "Natural and organic is best". Indoor gardening is mostly practiced using containers and this container gardening has found a huge popularity among the gardening lovers. Though most indoor plants don’t require much sunlight, certain types of indoor plants will need it to an extent for staying healthy.
The soil for indoor gardening must have enough fertilizers added so that it provides the necessary nutrients to the indoor plants. Remember, when you do container gardening, you need to make sure that the plants are watered regularly.

Keep the indoor plants healthy by caring for them regularly with proper measures and improve your home interiors.
To be able to fulfill all requirements, one of the best  garden idea is to divide it in areas. Very important is the the area in which is socialized, which is table that meets the whole family. A swing, a slide, a tower in which to climb and through tunnels to the country whose knees gives children many ways to express themselves through play. However this can take place without the most expensive and most sophisticated objects or garden flowers.
Regarding the flowers that should beautify the garden you should choose something that all the members like because sometimes flowers can cause some allergies, but also they should be arranged to look nice and hospitable.
A vertical garden can be a stand alone feature in your landscaping or garden plot, or it can become a complete transformation of your overall landscaping design.
This can be very beautiful and adds a completely different look to your garden and landscaping.
You can build wooden containers on the ground and gradually tier them in as they climb higher.
At first, you may laugh, but just think of the space you could save and the multiplied amount of herbs or vegetables you could grow with this homemade system. I certainly believe its essential to retain one self upto date wiith because information as possible.
With the new vegetable planter it has been incredibly easy to do and surprisingly, it was lots of fun! These include Rosemary and Garlic Chives and a few cherry tomato plants I didn’t have space for. So as long as the sweet basil and parsley reward me with usable leaves, we’ve broken even.
Before you know it you’ll be planting more, ah I see you’ve already a new bed started!! We are novice gardeners and through this blog we will be sharing our gardening experiences (all the highs and lows) with each other and anyone who cares to join us in “watching our gardens grow”. Though having a flower garden inside the house is quite difficult, there are many other indoor plants that can still add to the beauty. This is an important point to keep in mind especially when you have an indoor vegetable garden. Keep in mind not to overwater the plants as it may bring about the early wilting of the plants. Quiet location, specially designed for relaxation and dreaming include disconnection and play areas. Growing vertical gardens in containers will give you a little more freedom as to where you place the pots.
Tomatoes are the most popular type of vegetable for verticals, but beans, peas, peppers, lettuce and other vegetables make fantastic use of space and add a splash of creativity. A wall covering type vertical garden can be done on a wooden fence, the side of a home, or just a stand alone wall built in your garden or somewhere in the house. Much like a pyramid in shape, this type of vertical garden adds a great sense of character and architectural design into the garden.

Short plants like lettuce, chard, chives and many other types of herbs would grow best, but any number of other plants could grow well with this method. Hanging several pots together in a cluster is quite a wonderful decorative idea for any room that is sunny or hanging from a deck or patio. Now it’s time to sit back, give the plants a good daily watering and lots of TLC and then see what happens. We’ll leave the seed planting for a time when I am a little more experienced with this). I’ve planted cauliflower (bonny hybrid) and one rocket lettuce plant in there as well. I planted them in the bed with the existing Sweet Basil and Tomato Plant (which are both thriving!) If I’d know vegetables grow so quickly … I might have started this a long time ago! With the increasing apartment lifestyle, having flower gardens at home is easy with just a little knowledge about indoor gardening. Examples of such indoor plants are Areca palm, Lady Palm, Bamboo palm, Money plants, ferns, etc. But if you are having a flower garden, you need to use special fertilizers that are available at the stores. Young children feel better if their parents can be seen at the playground, and they in turn are having its little quieter around.
Vertical gardening has an infinite variety of alternatives, only limited by your imagination. Container gardening has become quite popular, so you can buy or build the containers with trellises or upright grids for the plants to grow vertical.
You could also incorporate drip irrigation into this method and expand a novel idea into a system that conserves water usage and gives you complete watering of all the plants on the wall with a minimum output of time.
As this is my first foray into vegetable gardening I’m excited but also just a little sceptical. The plants can be started on each side of it and given some help to grow upwards with cloth ties. The plants can also be offset with various rocks, water features, and smaller ground covering type flowers. I really hated throwing away what we didn’t use every week because it was no longer fresh. With indoor flower gardens you can not only add beauty to the interiors but also increase the quality of air in your house. So that alone will make me happy and if it tastes better than store bought I’ll be ecstatic. Once the plants become established, this vertical garden will grow continuously around the arbor.

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