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The June edition of Vanity Fair magazine carries an interesting article about American troops and Post Traumatic Stress (PTS). The main hook was recent figures show that while only 10% of American forces see combat, the US military has the highest rate of PTS in its history.
Even so the author (and specialist alike) Sebastian Junger could not explain why some will get it and others won't. Junger in his article looks in-depth at the issue of transition problems and concludes that American society needs to heal itself if the veterans are to recover. At Gardening Leave we have volunteers who provide a dose of decency - they are civilians who are prepared to listen, to share their time and their lives with the veterans. So it is less what veterans need to do to recover but more what we might need to do in our communities that would improve our society and support veterans in their full potential lives. My wife did some research and decided that raised bed gardening, or Square Foot Gardening, would be the best option for our current location.
If anyone has any tips, advice or general comments for the good of the order please do not hesitate to add them in the comment section.
I have tried gardening and I hate it but I do see the value in growing you own food for emergency situations.

Vanity Fair articles are long and can properly explore an idea - without resorting to a quick bang for the buck. At Gardening Leave we provide a service to veterans with PTS, anxiety and depression and those with transition problems, regardless of the origin of their problem. Many a veteran will tell us that he misses the army, the social contact, the rituals, the sense of belonging, the feeling of family and indeed the feeling of excitement, status and meaningful activity. These are the civilians who help them build bridges to the communities around them and help them to understand and re-enter the civilian world. Why there is a difference between Britain and America deserves a couple of blogs and very few figures can be translated across to the UK experience. We recognise that firstly anxiety and depression are part of the diagnosis of PTS and equally disabling, and secondly that there are many issues that contribute to being at risk of any of these problems.
Later must come the move to a civilian identity, but the key is to find a civilian identity that is larger than, but includes, a veteran identity. For at least 20% of those leaving the British army, the civilian world is lacking a lot of these elements. But I suspect that the Vanity Fair article raises an important point: What do our societies need to be like to increase the likelihood of a successful transition from military to civilian life?

I’m so awesome), after which we try to list out¬†pseudo¬†weaknesses which are really a strength in disguise.
At that point the veteran will join the 80% of ex-armed forces personnel who make the transition to civilian life without difficulty.
A job helps but not always, a return of confidence, rituals and structure, people to understand, accept but not judge and a reduction of the stigma associated with mental health problems (let alone veterans with mental health issues) would and do help a lot.
Fair warning it is very christian in its ideaology and terminology but the gardening information is priceless.
The video really shows you how to grow things the natural way and use nature to your advantage rather than trying to fight it.

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