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We have already seen a plenty of beautiful gardens from all over the world but here you will see a few of pretty unusual and beautifully maintained gardens from China, where the plants are very important part of everyday life.
Ellen has been gardening with and appreciating native plants for eleven years in north metro Atlanta.
Grouping water thirsty annuals together allows you to spend less time (and money) watering by concentrating on fewer spots.
Wet tolerant trees include Bald cypress (Taxodium distichum), Sycamore (Platanus occidentalis), Red maple (Acer rubrum), Silverbell (Halesia sp.), River birch (Betula nigra), Swamp white oak (Quercus michauxii), Atlantic white cedar (Chamaecyparis thyoides), Sweet bay magnolia (Magnolia virginiana), and American hornbeam (Carpinus caroliniana). Remove them when they are small (and I prefer to remove them by hand if possible because it affords me some exercise and it does not require chemicals). Remove them when the soil is moist (after a rain) because they pull out easier that way (and a good weed fork helps with those that have tap roots).
Use mulch around your plants to inhibit germination as many seeds require exposure to light in order to germinate. The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author alone and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of State-by-State Gardening, its parent company or affiliates. You may only have a small outdoor area to call a garden, but there is no reason why you cannot make the best of it; no reason why you cannot take that limited amount of space and transform it.
Perfectly shaped and even hedges will probably do more to invoke that formal aspect of a garden than anything else. Clearly demarcated and neat, well tended flower beds, flowers in graded size in terms of the heights of the shrubs, help create a sense of order. Rather than a casual recliner or a couple of mismatched gliders and chairs, opt for well matched furniture sets. A formal paved walkway or stepping stones will serve a dual purpose – they will add to the formal look of your small garden and also help keep people off the lawn and out of the flower beds (read kids and other people when you entertain). A gazebo adds a touch of class to a formal garden, looks beautiful when you’re entertaining and is just the place to spend a lazy, sunny afternoon with family and friends. Arches and arbors with flowering creepers add definition to a garden and look beautiful too. A pretty fence with a matching gate, trellis along one wall of the house (with or without a creeper such as ivy or a flowering climber such as bougainvillea), a boundary wall and boundaries for the driveway may be other aspects you want to look at.

Raised bed vegetable gardening is a very great way of gardening since it has a lot of advantages over the normal and traditional way of vegetable gardening.
There are plenty of advantages of raised bed vegetable gardening that people doesn’t get from the normal vegetable gardening. Other advantages that raised bed vegetable gardening has over the normal vegetable gardening are that the raised bed could make the gardening easier. Building a raised bed vegetable gardening ideas is also a great and creative way to make a raised bed looks more unique and interesting. For some gardening is not just gardening, it is the way to express feelings and thoughts, it is some kind of art.
Unlike in western countries, eastern cultures still use to involve the plants pretty much in their life. Here are two of the common garden weeds in my area - if left alone, both of these grow to be over 5 feet tall and have insignificant blooms that set many seeds at the end of the season. When it is this hot it is nice to do the minimum and ideas to make gardening easier are always appreciated! You can make your garden an elegant space that reflects your sensibility, taste and sense of style.
Not only hedges, perfectly pruned trees and bushes will help create the sense of order in a garden. Create a symmetrical map on paper as a blue print for your formal garden to predict what the final look will be.
Wrought iron chairs and table topped with glass can be an excellent choice to evoke the formal look.
Not only that, a beautiful lawn is a joy to behold and somewhere you will want to spend time.
People tend to have laziness for growing vegetables in their yard since they have a lot of things to do like they have to cut the wild grass and plants around the garden routinely to make sure that they grow good harvests of vegetables.
One of the best advantages is that in growing vegetables with raised bed is that the soil that used in raised beds could use compacted soil. The higher beds make the treatment of the vegetable garden easier since it has a higher position than the bottom of the earth surface gardening.

The plants and vegetables that could be used in the raised bed gardening is the same with the normal gardening with the exception of some plants.
With raised bed, they don’t have to worry about that since it could make the wild grass and plants unable to grow near your vegetables.
For people that have a difficult access to good soil for gardening, raised bed vegetable gardening could be the best solutions if they really want to put gardening as a hobby or activity. With the higher beds, killing the weeds and the wild plants will be much easier and less tiring and also take less time than the normal vegetable gardening.
People can’t grow potatoes in the raised bed gardening because its roots could not grow well with the space that the raised beds gardening provide.
The most common way that people do for building a raised bed is to use good and durable wood and make a box without the bottom surface. They could use decorative rocks instead of wooden for the boxes material that could make the raised beds looks better. We are not medical professionals and cannot recommend the ingestion or topical application of any herbal remedy, poultice, tea, etc. People could still grow lettuce, tomatoes and many other plants since the vegetable gardening almost the same with the normal vegetable gardening. The last step is to make a middle separator between the first section and the second section of the bed. I hope people could make a garden easier with this tips and information about raised bed vegetable gardening. And after that person could use the raised bed vegetable gardening tips that people could find on the internet and gardening books.

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