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We are delighted to have partnered with Warbreck Garden Centre to enhance the outdoor learning experience for children at Ducklings Nursery. To give you an idea of what the children experience, here’s a diary from one of our trips. The day started with a treasure hunt to find Nemo and the tropical fish, a troll’s bridge and the chicken run where the children collected eggs the hens had laid, before going on to a craft table where they glued together a flower, wrote their own name and added some glitter and a stick to put in their seed tray.

The team at Warbreck’s then gave a gardening lesson where they were able to choose from pretty flowers, tomatoes, peas, and pumpkin seeds which they planted into compost and then added some magic “sprinkle” to help them grow. Nursery Leader Janet Dawson commented “We are very grateful to the team at Warbreck Garden Centre who were absolutely wonderful with the children who got so much out of the trip.
Through the gardening club parents can register with Warbrecks on-line for news, gardening tips and exclusive offers.
Children will visit Warbreck Garden centre for lessons in gardening and sometimes the staff at Warbreck’s will visit Ducklings to help the children plant and grow flowers and vegetables in the gardening plot.

This is part of our wider commitment to provide an outdoor play environment for children to develop curiosity and learning through engagement with nature, the seasons and the elements and to teach children about a healthier lifestyle through outdoor exercise and diet and we look forward to working with the team there over the coming months”.

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