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The easiest way to avoid pest damage in the garden is to take preventative measures to avoid problems before they start. Local farmer and horticulture specialist, Carla Jaquet will talk about natural pest management and preventative methods to ensure a healthy garden. Best practices to minimize damage to the environment and human health, and lessen financial costs associated with pest control. We're expanding and offering you a greater array of classes, tools such as the Community Kitchen, outreach such as the Growers' Choice subscription, and a diverse selection of products in our Market Store. The mission and goals of the Quad Cities Food Hub are made possible, in part, through the cooperation, support and partnership of the Riverboat Development Authority, U.S.
Fresh tomatoes grown in the Olivewood Garden and Learning Center are on display during the benefit. Patrons had the rare opportunity to visit the Pink’s Triton Garden Gallery see works from Jolee and Larry, as well as the hanging fish hurricane pieces, which adorn one of the property’s fichus trees from Rick Hartner of Sitting Duck Studios. As a nonprofit, Olivewood Gardens and Learning Center offers free programs for classes, children and adults in cooking and gardening.

Healy Vigderson, executive director of Olivewood Garden and Learning Center, attends the benefit at the Encinitas home of Larry and Jolee Pink. Chef Brandon Brooks of Quad Ale-House puts the finishing touches on some hickory smoked pork belly. ESCONDIDO — Authorities arrested and extradited an 18-year-old Escondido man accused of murder, according to a press release. Six people are dead, and dozens more are injured as residents begin cleaning up from a powerful line of storms that raked across Illinois Sunday. Oct 06, 2011 — Hundreds of university students throughout New York are walking out of classes, in a show of solidarity with the Wall Street protests. Protestors on Wall Street seem to have a variety of reasons for being there, mostly to do with economic justice. Now, we're asking for your volunteer hours and monetary donations to be the equivalent of rain and sunlight for our organization to help us continue to grow and pursue our mission.
Department of Agriculture, City of Davenport, Levee Improvement Commission, Wellmark Foundation, Genesis Health System, Eastern Iowa Community College District, the U.S.

Telephone service is spotty in the region and Patti Thompson of the Illinois Emergency Management Agency said Sunday that it's difficult to get solid information about the extent of the damage. The National Weather Service has confirmed tornadoes have touched down in other central Illinois communities but it's unclear if one tornado touched down several times or there were multiple tornadoes. The weather service says a tornado touched down in Frankfort, about 35 miles southwest of Chicago. Several funnel clouds and tornados were reported by law enforcement and weather spotters throughout southern Illinois during Sunday afternoon's severe weather.  So far there are four confirmed deaths.

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