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A new study led by University of Colorado scholars shows that community gardeners harvest better health, as well as stronger connections to their neighborhoods.
Get back to basics with Ecological Gardening: Your Safe Path to a Healthy, Beautiful Garden by Marjorie Harris. If you dream of having an outdoor haven but don’t have the time to do all the work, it’s time to cheat!
Applications now are invited from the community members who would like to participate in the second year of the community garden initiative or the first year of the backyard gardens project, both organized by Grow Food, Grow Hope. Grow Food, Grow Hope is led by locally based Volunteers In Service to America (VISTA) young adults. This gardening class program is open to all the Wayne County residents and those who live in surrounding counties. Participants will gain gardening knowledge and then they will volunteer in the community by sharing those gardening skills with others.
To apply or for more information, call the Wayne County Extension Office at (765) 973-9281 or visit the office in the Wayne County Administration Building.
I acquired my green thumb from my mother, who is a master gardener, and I’ve been digging in the dirt, growing veggie gardens and trying to perfect the planters on my deck for years now. In the days before seed catalogs, harvesting seeds for the next year’s garden was essential. Join Kelly Norris, Botanical Garden Horticulture Manager to learn why fall is a great season for planting and essential garden maintenance.
Join edible flower and garden guru Cathy Wilkinson Barash for lunchtime lectures throughout the summer.
Tap into your inner artist and hone your design skills as part of the new Botanical Design series. For more information, check out the Botanical Garden website or give them a like on Facebook!
Shannon Hathaway teaching one of her gardening classes "Stone Wall 101" at Super-Sod of Cary.
Shannon, who has extensive knowledge of horticulture and landscaping, is an outside sales consultant at Super-Sod of Cary.
All of Shannon's gardening classes at Super-Sod are open to the general public and all skill levels. Space is limited, so it's recommended to preregister by contacting Shannon directly at (919) 219-9233 or shathaway(at)supersod(dot)com. Location of the classes are at Super-Sod's larger Cary store, located at 1900 NC Hwy 55, Cary, NC 27519. Learn more about Bermuda, Zoysia and Centipede lawns – how they save time and money, while reducing impact on the environment.
Learn how to care for Zoysia, Bermuda or Centipede Lawns: how and when to fertilize, warning signs and treatments for disease and insects, how compost can be beneficial, and how to mow a warm season lawn correctly. Learn how to make a flagstone patio or path with grass joints, and a permeable “Drivable Grass” parking area.
Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases.

Whether you’re a seasoned gardening pro or brand-spanking new to planting your own foliage, you can pick up new tricks by from other gardeners.
Our list for today’s Where Can I Wednesday post does not distinguish organic classes, but many local farmers often use organic methods by trade. Greensgrow Farms hosts gardening workshops, ranging from fermenting foods and chicken classes, at their farms all listed on their website. Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences offer a Master Gardeners Program, online beekeeping courses and in-person events. Urban Jungle Philadelphia offer terrarium building classes, garden to table cooking classes and more urban gardening classes from their South Philly location. Bartram’s Garden offers workshops from Growing it Yourself to art classes featured on their events page. The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) offers workshops and classes ranging from vegetable gardening, tree tenders and preserving your crops. Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA) offers statewide events from gardening classes, farmer education and even potlucks. Meetup has local groups like the Delaware Valley Backyard Gardeners and Garden Tenders that focus on garden visits, trading tips and more.
Rutgers offers a Garden Class Series from topics like landscape sketching, saving seeds and pruning techniques if you venture to New Brunswick, NJ.
Julie Hancher is Editor-in-Chief of Green Philly, sharing her expertise of all things sustainable in the city of brotherly love. A Little About Green PhillyGreen Philly grew organically from frustration that sustainability wasn't accessible or simple. An all day class on Waterfall construction ~ This class deals with the principals of design and construction of a natural looking waterfall including liners, pump selection, rock selection, and proper techniques for digout and installation.
Water Features ~ designing and building smallish, unusual features as a focal point for patios, garden rooms, entryways and more. Dive into this book and dig up useful tips, get back to basics and create a lush and beautiful garden. You’ll find simple, inexpensive, time-saving tricks in How to Cheat at Gardening and Yard Work: Shameless Tricks for Growing Radically Simple Flowers, Veggies, Lawns, Landscaping and More by Jeff Bredenberg.
From gardening apps to edible flowers – the new line up of summer classes at the Des Moines Botanical Garden will interest all gardeners. So, when I came across these classes I was excited to share them with you and connect with the Botanical Garden’s education and outreach manager Whitney Bouma.
Today, saving and sharing seedsplays a critical role in preserving rare, heirloom varieties and the garden heritage they represent.
A talented gardener and canner in her own home, she brings an artist’s eye to this age-old practice. Norris will share his secrets to a successful, sustainable garden that grows and blooms until frost. Enjoy inspired cuisine crafted by Trellis chef Lisa Lavalle, while learning how to add edibles to your landscape and your plate. From floral design to nature weaving, this series celebrates plants as the medium for making great art.

The class will commence with a power point presentation comparing different warm-season sod varieties and will conclude with a live demo about the proper techniques for laying sod.
Focusing their sod and compost business in the Southeast, they sell sod by the individual roll, full pallet, or truckload. Lucky for Carla, Philadelphia has a range of gardening classes and workshops that range from planting your seedlings to harvesting the fruits of your labor. Airy Learning Tree offers over 300 classes allows neighbors to teach neighbors about anything from basket weaving, tree care basics, gardening, ramen noodles and couponing.
She enjoys long walks in the park with eco-friendly wine and greening her travels, cooking & cat, Pounce DeLeon.
Through the latest news, recycling or events, Green Philly helps ease the transition into your sustainable lifestyle.
These features might include stone, natural driftwood, salvage, or other unique construction materials to create a pleasant, natural, or even whimsical way of introducing water into the garden.
I am increasingly emphasizing Do-it-Yourself style projects tailored for the homeowners who are motivated to work on their own landscape, but feel they lack specific talents or knowhow.
If you’re looking for inspiration, check out some of the following books at your local Library.
This book will give you time to sit back in your lawn chair with a cup of tea and one of these great gardening books. Heck, they might even give you a good excuse to hang out with your mom, brother or even grandma! Not only does the application help you find plants that work best in your area, but it also lets you show off your gardening prowess. Join Seed Savers Exchange to discuss the process of saving seeds from garden fruits and vegetables and learn how to participate in backyard preservation. Peterson will share her own recipes, tips and advice garnered from years of experience working for Meredith Corporation Special Interest Publications. It will be held rain or shine and, in case of rain, a demonstration area has been prepared under the shelter of Super-Sod of Cary's front porch roof. It's available for delivery or pick-up fresh from their farms to landscapers and directly to DIY homeowners.
This generally involves a schematic plan and then supervision of your “crew,” perhaps only a few times a week. Equipment operation and lessons showing installation procedures for undertakings like drip systems or paver hardscapes are provided as needed. Join the Botanical Garden and app developers from Ball Horticultural for a fun kickoff event to celebrate this new technology.
One of their most popular products has been their OMRI Listed Soil3 organic compost, delivered in a cubic yard BigYellowBag, which they make partially from composted grass clippings from their sod production. Super-Sod continues to develop new garden products, foster gardening and landscaping, and always seeks to improve their farming practices, technology, environmental stewardship, and employee knowledge.

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