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MEET MONTY DON Josh Byrne chats to UK gardener Monty Don, of Around the World In 80 Gardens fame, about his lifelong passion for gardening, as well as his views on agricultural issues and how climate change is affecting the way Australians garden.
Create the look you want, and give your plants the nutrients they need, by selecting the most suitable mulch.
Links to sites that may interest you, including botanical gardens, private gardens, and gardening societies in your state. Comprehensive information on what to grow and how to grow it, plus great gardens, design ideas and stories from the show. Tim Entwisle kicks off this section focused on gardening in tough conditions, and the difficulties facing all gardeners as the climate becomes increasingly variable.
Monthly tasks, checklists, how-tos and step-by-steps are now packaged in a vibrant new format that is friendlier on the eye, but still packed with all the practical advice gardeners need. This succinct guide to lawn care explains how to sow lawn from seed, or lay it as fresh turf. This quirky piece has John Patrick musing on the way some plants fake their deaths, how to check a plant’s vital signs, and why a plant might become unhappy in the first place. If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my FREE e-Newsletter - please fill in your first name and email address as seen on the right hand side column of this website.
This consumer magazine addresses the nation regarding basic gardening skills and interest groups.

Contributors: Phil Dudman, Tino Carnevale, Catherine Stewart, John Patrick, Stephen Ryan, Millie Ross, Karen Shaw, Maggie Beer (food), Leonard Cronin (wildlife), Phil Tucak (pets), Angus Stewart, Jerry Coleby-Williams, Trisha Dixon, Jane Edmanson, Debbie McDonald, Geoff Miers, Sophie Thomson, Colin Campbell,  Leonie Norrington, Josh Byrne, Michael McCoy. Contributors: Jane Edmanson, Sophie Thomson, Jennifer Stackhouse, Stephen Ryan, Leonie Norrington, Jerry Coleby-Williams, Angus Stewart, Millie Ross, Clarence Slockee, Denis Crawford, Phil Tucak (pets), Leonard Cronin (wildlife), Maggie Beer (food), Phil Dudman, Trisha Dixon, Debbie McDonald, Geoff Miers, Colin Campbell,  Michael McCoy.
Tim discusses how Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria is tailoring its tree planting program to suit a warmer world.
First up, Michael McCoy takes his cue from a medieval French garden to fashion decorative trellis from organic materials. There’s a list of some of the top modern turf varieties, tips on rejuvenating old lawn with fertiliser and top-dressing, and advice on despatching moss, bindii and bare patches. We go behind the scenes at Floriade, look at some old fashioned ways to make beautiful trellis, and ask: Is that plant dead or resting?
Sticks, twigs, bamboo and prunings can all be turned into something that is part sculpture, part framework. It’s also an old favourite for Sophie Thomson, who has a long history with this beautiful plant. Pruning helps roses grow stronger and produce more flowers, so this is essential reading for anyone who has roses in their garden. There’s expert advice on growing pumpkins, as well as that most glorious of climbers, wisteria.

Sophie Thomson takes the mystery out of pruning roses as she walks you through simple step-by-step instructions.GROWING MEYER LEMONS Maggie Beer enthuses about one of her favourite fruit trees, the Meyer lemon. Learn about the ideal growing conditions, the best way to plant and maintain it and how to protect it from pests and diseases. There are also plenty of ideas on other ways to use this delicious and tangy fruit.CAMELLIA HERITAGE This month, camellias are in full bloom around the nation. To celebrate, Angus Stewart steps back in time to explore the rich history of this winter-flowering plant.
Discover who first introduced camellias to Australia in colonial times, who the big names of the camellia world were in the 20th century, plus what the future holds for these beautiful shrubs. DWARF APPLES If you'd like to have an apple tree but don't have much space, a dwarf apple could be the answer.
Tino Carnevale gives advice on choosing the best tree for your garden, plus where to plant it and how to care for it.

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