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SERIES 22 Episode 32You might remember earlier this year I prepared some vegie garden soil near the old wall.
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Links to sites that may interest you, including botanical gardens, private gardens, and gardening societies in your state. Comprehensive information on what to grow and how to grow it, plus great gardens, design ideas and stories from the show. Getting ready to dig in green manure consisting of Wheat, Oats, Sunflower, Mustard and Beans.
Crop rotation means never growing the same thing nor its relatives in the same place two seasons in a row, as this can lead to pest and disease build up in the soil. While cucumbers can prove to be a rather exuberant crop, what with all of the vining and blooming and luscious fruiting, they also play well with many other plants in your vegetable garden. Nothing beats the taste of home grown vegetables, the sense of satisfaction you get from digging them fresh out of your garden is something to look forward to and worthwhile to show children that vegetables are not just brought at the supermarket. Traditionally, potatoes are planted in the ground, but if you don’t have a lot of room, you can try growing some in Bags, Pots, Straw planting or Tyres. Step 1 … Using a sharp knife, cut seed potatoes into pieces with at least 2 eyes (sprouts) on each piece.
Step 3 … Place the pieces into the trench in rows spaced about 45 cm apart away from any fertiliser and back fill with soil. Step 4 …  As the green shoots appear out of the ground around 25 cm high ,heap soil against the stems, leaving 10 cm of the stem exposed.

Step 5 … Once the potato plant has flowered you can dig the baby potatoes up or you can wait until the foliage has yellowed and died back then you can                               harvest larger tubers. I filled the new bed chocker-block with homemade compost, manures and worm castings to make a really rich, friable soil and that's just what you need for everyone's favourite - potatoes.
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By rotating crops, the pest or disease is deprived of its favourite host and serious infestations are avoided.
Dig out carefully with a garden fork, to ease them out you can gently move from side to side to loosen soil.
I'm going to start by planting a couple of my favourite varieties, but first I need to dig the bed over because it may have compacted over the last couple of months.Start by digging a trench about a shovel depth, or 30 centimetres deep and about the same width and then pile the soil up just to the top side so it can be pushed back later. To start off you will need your Seed Potatoes, Potato E Manure, Sharp knife, Mulch and Garden Fork or trowel. Its recommended the cut seed should be placed in a wet bag and left for 24 hours before planting out. Where possible green manure is sown after harvesting the tender vegies (autumn) and dug in winter to replenish nutrients and condition the soil. Each year Nurseries are supplied with certain varieties, according to availability from the farmers and only some varieties are available as seed potatoes for sale in our domestic market. Slugs and snails may hang around so it might pay to put pellets around or manually pick them up and away from the crop. Rotate potato crops every season so they are not growing in the same spot to curb any diseases taking hold.

If growing in a tyre, fill just below the rim with soil and when the stems grow out add another tyre on top and continue to mound throughout the growing season. So that means that some of the types you see for sale in Supermarkets or Fruit and Vege markets are not available to the home gardener to grow.
People have used commercially grown potatoes at home but there is a risk as the certified seed potatoes are free of diseases and produce a healthier, larger crop. As a new potato, it's great boiled, but when it's aged, it makes a really good chip.The last type of spud I'm planting today is called the Russian Banana. It's a great all-rounder with an excellent flavour and because it's a later maturer than the other varieties, it'll extend my harvesting period.Finish off the bed with a generous top dressing of blood and bone to really give these plants a boost along through the growing season. Grow your own spuds, because when you dig them up and eat your fresh potatoes, you're in for a special treat. So much for the spuds - in the next bed I'm planting 3 different types of leafy greens by seedling.
Next to my green Mignonette seedlings, I'm planting green Mignonette seed to see if the transplant shock will actually set these seedlings back and if the seed will actually overtake them. I'm doing the same with the Cos also - simply planting a row of seed and we'll come back and see how they go. Now popular wisdom tells us with Rocket that we should always plant it from seed because when you plant it from seedling, the transplant shock makes them bolt, ruining it straight away, so we're going to try it from seed and see if this experiment can answer that age-old quandary of seed versus seedling.Well good luck in your own garden and I'll see you next time.

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