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March 19, 2015 By Divine Home Care Gardening gets you out in the fresh air and sunshine.  It also gets your blood moving and circulating. Thank you Crystal Lawver, RN Case Manager, Divine Home Care – Litchfield for contributing this blog post. If you are making a base to mount on a wall, ensure the wall is strong enough to cope with the additional weight of soil and plants.
I'm Anne & here to help you improve your health and save money by growing your own nutrient-dense food in small spaces.
I use this handy guide to find out the optimal days each month to plant, propagate, prune & fertilise. Clever use of an arbor in this garden room with seats below cascading roses, not only makes it a fragrant place to relax but draws the eye into the small space and creates a sense of mystery beyond. Simply put, vertical gardening creatively utilises a structure to maximise the growing space and exploit the potential of both the vertical and horizontal planes.
Vertical structures are used efficiently in this garden: hanging baskets at varying heights, a wall-mounted trellis, pots stacked on a bench, stake in a pot and a clay pot with strawberries in vertical pockets. This rustic handmade trellis lends character in a cottage garden with layers of colourful climbing flowers. A simple white timber trellis installed against a wall becomes a focal point for a colourful climber. Here an A-frame is in the form of a mini ladder made from two timber frames with slats tied together with rope at the top.
A-Frames can also be used over a garden pathway to create an arbor and take advantage of air space that would otherwise be wasted. A wrought iron arch lends loads of character to this house and frames the window with a soft creeping vine. Arches and arbors – these are multi-functional structures that provide a focus and attractive design feature in the garden. Walls and wall pots – walls are the perfect framework to support trellises of different kinds and attractive garden art. Unattractive walls or those that reflect too much heat, can be turned into living green walls to cool a space or disguise the surface. Fences – an often forgotten and unused feature of the garden, boundary fences provide valuable ‘wall space’. A close-up view of the shoe organiser lettuce garden above that was hung in Emily’s garden on the fence. Posts and columns – balcony, verandah and deck posts can be softened with a climbing plant that gently winds around, creating an attractive feature. Lavender coloured wisteria is a stunning climber to soften or highlight vertical posts, columns and railings along a verandah.
Tree trunks & plant supports – tall trees like mature palms with straight plain trunks provide another opportunity for climbing plants to grow vertically.
Whilst it is quick and easy to make your own bamboo tepee, there are many low-cost structures made from plastic that are suitable for small containers like pots.
Buildings – external walls and rooves are being used more frequently as growing areas to optimise urban space, insulate buildings against heat and provide shared community rooftop gardens.
Obelisks – pyramidal frameworks customised for use in the garden, generally with three or four legs and reaching a point at the top. Herb spirals – this clever design system is most commonly used in Permaculture gardens and imitates a spiral much like the shape of a snail shell. Herb spirals are both an attractive garden feature and designed to maximise planting space while minimising water use.
Espalier – a trelliswork made from horizontal wire usually flat against a wall or between vertical support stakes. Many urban gardeners don’t realise they could be growing abundant fruit in their micro backyards using the espalier technique.
Espaliered trees have a more formal, symmetrical shape and despite the minimal space required, bear more fruit, earlier and for a longer time (vertical branches grow leaves; horizontal branches grow fruit). This garden makes clever use of wall space growing an espalier olive tree for delicious fruit in season and under planted as a feature and for weed control. Space Saving Ideas for Vegetables – see how easy it is to use a bamboo structure to grow beans. Find out more vertical garden solutions to grow plants down and using stackable planters in Add Space with Creative Vertical Gardens: Part 2.
15 Helpful Design Tips for Vertical Gardens 15 Helpful Tips for Vertical Gardens: Need help with small garden design ideas?

In this article I will discuss some important gardening tips for spring which will ensure that you are performing those activities which will give a bountiful garden all summer long. Pruning and trimming must be done in spring season but before that you must wait until the trees and shrubs in your garden have started growing new leaves. For faster and stronger growth of plant make sure that they are properly placed in nutrient rich topsoil.
Last major tip for spring gardening you must make sure that bird feeders are properly cleaned.
I got all excited when winter ended and the snow melted but just as I was about to do my happy dance the sky got dark and it snowed another 30cm.
We are only getting started as gardeners and have been trying to clean our yard of the awful shrub and bushes the previous owners had planted. We had about the windiest winter I have ever seen and our yard is full of broken branches and twigs from about 30 different trees I think. Hydroponic gardens can be located almost anywhere, as long as there’s electricity to run the equipment.
A few basic pieces of equipment are necessary to start your hydroponic garden: trays, growing medium, pipes, valves, and a storage tank for the solution.
It is best to use just plain water (without nutrients) in your grow tray until the plants established and growing. Gardening is considered moderate to high intensity exercise.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention you can burn up to 330 calories during one hour of gardening. Food you grow at home is the freshest food you can eat.  Homegrown food is not chemically altered and has more nutritional value. If you have little space or experience, start with a few houseplants or gardening containers.
Are you looking for colour or other visual interest, a relaxing ambience or food or herb plants?
We're here to help you through each seasonal transition by lending our experienced insights to your home gardening ventures. It's laminated, easy to use, works all over the world + the bonus mini companion planting chart makes it a practical gift. Because, no matter what size your garden is, I firmly believe you can improve the productivity, beauty and functionality by maximising vertical space. Above a narrow garden bed, pots hang on the fence, a pipe has become a strawberry tower on the left, herbs fill repurposed drawers on the right and the pockets of a blue shoe organizer house an edible salad garden in the centre. Boring exterior wall spaces can be divided up and made more visually appealing by including a vertical garden structure.
Planting ivy or a creeper and adding a little garden art makes this vertical space a feature in itself! You can hang trellises, planters, wall pots, baskets, garden art and even brackets with shelves.
They can be multi-functional, not only providing shade and beauty but also vertical space for climbers – either in the ground or in planter boxes.
Named for their habit of opening early evening and flowering at night, they also have a delicate perfume.
A living green roof and vertical wall garden are complemented by raised planter boxes with tepees. Many are stunning garden features in themselves providing vertical dimension and a focus for the eye. The design maximises the edge and a wide range of herbs can be grown in micro climates ranging from hot and sunny at the top to wet and shady at the bottom. Thirsty plants are located at the base to soak up moisture that percolates down from the drier zone at the top. The branches of the fruit tree are trained to extend horizontally and tied to wires or hooks in a variety of shapes (the most popular, a fan). Here an apple tree is trained up in a fan shape which is both a feature and a productive edible garden.
For more ideas and tips, read 12 Reasons Why You Should Garden Vertically and 15 Helpful Design Tips for Vertical Gardens. Follow these tips in spring and discover a healthy and beautiful garden in the upcoming summer season. The plants, which are usually grown in shallow trays, are supported by an inert growing medium such as gravel, mineral wool, or perlite. The sights, smells, and sounds of the garden are said to promote relaxation and reduce stress.

Generally made from timber and wire, A-frames are great for growing climbing vegetables in compact spaces. Positioned correctly to draw you through and beyond, they can also create a sense of mystery and interest to the garden design.
Due to their compact size, they won’t hold large plants and are best suited to succulents.
They can also be used as supports for growing edibles like pole beans, cucumbers and other climbers.
These come to a point and are often supported with lashing (string, baling twine or wire) near the top to form a pyramid. Keep up to date with new posts by subscribing to my newsletter (and grab your free eBook) or click on the RSS feed below or to the right.
Cleaning, pruning and planting is done is spring for having bountiful garden all summer long. Also if your planning to paint your fences or pathways go ahead before the hot summer weather hits. After sighting you can easily distinguish the dead and damaged branches with alive and healthy ones and you can easily get rid of the dead and damaged branches.
If you have compost pile from last year you can spread composted soil on the top of your garden and if you don’t have compost pile yet you can start a new one.
If you have wood bird feeders damaged you can fix them but if you have plastic and glass feeders damaged then throw them out and replace them with new ones. And since nutrients are delivered to the roots, rather than the roots ranging through the soil to find nutriment, less space is needed for a hydroponic garden than a conventional garden. The solution should be circulated through the grow tank twice a day — NEVER at night and preferably not during the hottest part of the day, because plants can’t use nutrients efficiently at these times.
On the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute’s recommendation list is gardening to help battle hypertension.
According to Thrive, which helps people with a range of mental health problems, our elderly population with dementia is going to just increase which will put more strain on the health care system.
For example tomatoes, herbs, peppers, potatoes, green beans, zucchini, and cucumbers all grow very well in large or little pots.
If you have any suggestions, or feedback, please contact us so we can help keep things up to date. However, growing ‘up’ or ‘down’ and ‘stacking’ techniques provide you with loads more options. This allows you to take advantage of the shade produced by the plants growing on the lean-to.
It’s not an easy task, so make sure you only perform those activities which will give you more benefits in your garden.
Temperature and humidity can be maintained in the growing range that is best for plants, creating a nearly perfect environment.
After the tank is filled, the solution slowly drains back into the storage tank, allowing the roots to breathe again. Doing a small garden which has shown to improve a dementia person’s mood and sociability with others is well worth the effort. It can be strengthened with regularly spaced horizontal poles or twine for further support. Then position in a pot, the soil or a raised bed. Afterwards put down new mulch but only after you see that you soil has thawed and warmed up. After replacing old one with new one or cleaning the old one add fresh bird seeds to the feeder.
Almost any plant that can be cultivated can be grown hydroponically — vegetables, annuals, and even bulbs. Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium which in turn keeps your bones strong and immune system healthy. A way to reclaim the lives we have lost in busy schedules.  Working in a garden can ease stress, keep you limber, and improve your mood. There are 3 methods for getting plants started in a hydroponic garden — planting seeds directly in the medium, starting seeds in compressed peat pellets, and buying nursery seedlings.

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