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We stock all the components for you or your contractor to self assemble most styles of fencing.
With the winter still looming over us the thought of getting out in the garden is something at the back of most of our minds.
While the garden is not in use and most of the plants are dormant for the winter it is a great opportunity to get in and attend to the boundary lines. Most people think that there are only a couple of different fencing types and by and large there are really only two main styles that are widely used in the UK; close board and lap panels, .
Arbworx specialises in fitting close board and we use only the best quality materials in the construction of our fencing. Our materials come from AVS Fencing Supplies who offer a 15 year guarantee against their posts rotting, something that if you intend to spend upwards of a ?1000 you would definitely want as assurance against premature rotting of the materials. Plain and dull, with a capping rail and shaped post tops this could be so much more interesting than it is.
Just a few added features make a huge difference to the overall look of your property and the additional cost is minimal.
Garden sheds provide a brilliant way to utilise outdoor space whilst providing a neat and tidy storage space for all your gardening needs.
A garden shed is also ideal for the storage of garden furniture during a rainy day or to pack it away for the winter season; it will shelter your belongings from the worst of the weather and you dona€™t have to have any of your things cluttering up your house.

For more information about our garden shed delivery service you can visit the dedicated delivery page of this site.
Your fence installation team of Adam and Dan were careful, considerate and extremely competent, and we should be pleased if you would convey them our appreciation for a job well done. When supplied by us, it is galvanised after manufacture for a rust free life and then can be powder coated to a colour of your choice. If , however you are thinking of getting your fence repaired or replaced now is the time to be getting the works done. Hedges can be cut back, trees pruned away from fence lines and any other unwanted obstacles can be removed in good time for the garden to recover for the Spring. Redwood posts and white wood for feather edge should be the minimum standard these days for fencing materials.
Capping rails, finials, curve top, and all manner of post finishes are available to make your fence a much more interesting structure than just the screen at the back to keep next door’s doberman out!
In this day and age there really is no need to have such boring and dull back drops to our beloved gardens. These include; Fencing Panels, Fence Posts, Gravel Boards, Wooden Gates, Trellis, Patio Slabs, Edging Stones, Sand, Gravel, Cement, Decorative Aggregates, Topsoil and Lawn Turf. Sometimes there just isna€™t enough outdoor sheltered space, such as a garage, to hold garden related paraphernalia.

We have a variation of sizes and styles available, so youa€™re sure to find something to suit every stylistic taste and size requirement. The main difference in the timber is that only redwood timber should be used where there is ground contact as it is far more resistant to rotting than the softer white wood. I can sometimes understand factories and other business premises having such dull fencing but in domestic gardens and public areas such as parks there is no excuse for such a complete lack of imagination on the part of either the client or the contractor. We also offer an installation and delivery service, so when you get your garden shed from Harrow Fencing Supplies you will receive a truly comprehensive service.
Once this is then treated with preservative it  maximises the life span of the timber making sure that you get best value for money from what is generally quite an expensive out lay for something that is not, shall we say, the most important thing you want to spend your money on these days. Choose together with square posts and rails to make an attractive boundary fence or divisional fence.

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