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Steel landscape edging can be used to define paths and flower beds in gardens, and for foliage control. Virtually inconspicuous, steel landscape edging is available in unpainted steel, galvanized steel, and in various colors as powder-coated finish. Lightweight and stronger than its aluminum and plastic counterparts, it can be installed quickly, and allows for straight lines, smooth curves, and just about any freeform design.
When its price is compared to its longevity and labor saving installation costs, steel landscape edging can be considered one of the less expensive types of edging.
The product can be used with any landscape, though galvanized steel edging is actually recommended for use in highly corrosive areas, like in coastal regions.

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These simple, attractive borders will keep grass from invading your garden and eliminate the need for edge trimming. It helps to retain gravel and soil in flower beds, and prevents grass and weeds from overflowing and growing onto the paths and driveways it delineates.
It is also resistant to frost heave, ground movement conditions, as well as thermal accommodation movements. Rain water is also evacuated safely without any worries over the soil washing away with it.

It is an aesthetically pleasing option which breaks away from the traditional ‘green’ metallic look associated with metal landscape edging. It is also recommended when a ‘clean break’ line is desired when delineating borders and flower beds from the lawn or other areas of the landscape.

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