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Rather than forking out 400 bucks for some fancy flat flares, here's a mod that took about 50 bucks and 3 hours. Awesome idea, Don't think Id paint my panel but otherwise seems like a nice, cheap solution!
The rear presented a couple different problems, the main one being that I had to cut the outer half of the wheel well out.
Don't make old people mad.We don't like being old in the first place, so it doesn't take much to piss us off.
Homebrew options that i have seen with garden edging or other, have ranged from really good looking to floppy and poor.
Now, I did my fender flares for free using scrap material but YOU could do it for about 100 or less. The azek strips are heated and bent around a form, where they briefly cool and retain the shape of the form. Put a piece of cardboard larger than the size of the wheel well up against your trimmed fender or fender with out flare. So, start heating at one end and work your way to the other, bending it down to the form as you go.

If your using a little torch, it is ok if you burn the azek a little bit, just be careful not to inhale any of the smoke.
This process can be a little imprecise so only have the compass open to about an inch - inch and a half. Even if your first cut matches the fender pretty well, you might want to do it again so that they aren't so wide. You could spend over 400 on a good set of new flares or there are also cheaper alternatives. I wanted to make something that would be strong enough to withstand debris as well as highway speeds with wind.
You can attach some screws or nails along the way to help hold it down but it is not entirely necessary and keep in mind that the more holes you put in it the more you will have to patch and sand.
In fact, even the heat gun will produce fumes so be careful and make sure there is ventilation. Mine are set larger than the trimmed fenders, as it is easier than trying to match everything exactly.
When you trace along where the new flare meets your fender the other pencil will duplicate the shape onto the new flare.

I don't want to go to Bushwackers since I not only don't like the look, they're too pricey. I used a little torch to gradually bring up the temperature of the azek because my heat gun was out of commission. I think if I do go back to flares, I'll go to either some type of metal tubing mix, or like yours. The rear half of the rears that gets mounted on the quater panel ,I cut about 2 " off where it meets the front half at the door so it is not quite as long of an opening as a TJ but looks almost OE compare to a lot of the butcher TJ installs I have seen . I saw some this weekend on a bronco, and spoke with the owner, he said he pretty much just put it where he wanted and tech screwed it on. There are other possible methods of heating up the azek but because of the length of these pieces i think the heat gun will work best. All I can say is I've seen quite a few different items, from tube, to yj, to the border for gardens used.

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