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Decking can be a great and versatile way for making your garden a relaxing environment, no matter if you choose it for your front yard or your backyard. With a half barrel of water placed on your constructed deck and some lilies, or other flowers that would float in the barrel, you can obtain a calming view. You can make a floating deck from wood and plant one or two trees that will serve as umbrellas for sun protection. Two chairs can be added, like for the barbeque setting, but with a bistro table and some colored tablecloth.
If you want an added incentive to make use of your garden and get the most out of your outdoor space, installing decking could be the right project for you. Of course, patios are another popular option, but decking is typically easier and quicker to install and won’t require you to hire machinery, like a wacker plate, to complete the job.
Most decks are fitted on a frame made of beams and joists, which you should construct from scratch to ensure it is the right size for the space available in your garden.
The first thing to do is mark out the area where your decking will be positioned using wooden pegs and string. If you’re building a deck over an existing patio, you won’t need to worry about preparing the ground first! It’s advisable to drill pilot holes in all your boards and to use rust-resistant screws to attach them to the frame and joists.

The final step is to paint your new decking with a wood preservative to ensure it stands the test of time.
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In comparison to stone and brick, wood has its own advantages and one of them is its natural look, especially after it is affected by weather. Around the deck, you can surround yourself by various plants and flowers that will add a pleasant scent. It is relatively simple to construct your own deck, and this guide will give you an outline of how to start. The majority of frames look very similar and are comprised of an outer box with joists evenly spaced (typically every 400 mm) within the frame.
As wood is susceptible to the damp and damage from plants, it’s important to lay a weedproof membrane under the area the deck will cover and spread gravel over this, to aid drainage. So, it pays to take your time, measuring everything as you go and using a spirit level to check it really is flat. If you’re laying decking over paving slabs, you may need to make some joists slightly shallower and raise others with small pieces of wood to ensure you get a truly level surface. Make sure you have a reliable electric drill and screwdriver to hand to really speed things up.

If you’ve bought wood that has been pre-treated, make sure you seal any cut ends with a preservative to prevent them rotting. Right click on the image to download selecting save image as, then you will select a title.
On corners and edges, you can place lights that are based on batteries, for dining purposes. However, if you have a sloping garden you will need to drive posts into the ground further down the incline to provide a level surface for your frame and create an elevated decking area. You can also find similar design ideas and topic like Beautiful outdoor deck ideas makehomedesign com home design by browsing the categories on the right or looking at additional home interior design pictures below.
When you lay the first one, make sure it is totally flat to the edge of the frame before you fix it in place. You need to leave at least a 6 mm gap between each of the boards, because this allows for the wood to swell when it gets wet in winter and to shrink during dry periods.

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