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A variety of different flowers grow all around your village, though running through them can destroy them. Ni no Kuni puts players in the shoes of young Oscar as he experiences the death of his mother first hand. Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time [PS3] It’s been about eight years since we’ve last seen Sly and the gang, and their return comes not a moment too soon.
Aliens: Colonial Marines [PC, PS3, 360] Very few people can quote movies like the staff here at GT can, but everyone knows the “Game over, man!” line from the movie Aliens.
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance [PS3, 360] I think I know how the pitch meeting for this title went. Crysis 3 [PC, PS3, 360] The folks at Crytek knew that they had a hook when they gave us the first Crysis title.
Rayman Legends [WiiU] To say that Rayman Origins was a beautiful game is a huge understatement, and Rayman Legends seeks to improve on Origins in every way.
SimCity [PC] There are games that define a generation, but very few that actually define an entire genre. South Park: The Stick of Truth [PC, PS3, 360] Every once in a while I decide I’m going to ‘catch up’ with my TV programs. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow -- Mirror of Fate [3DS] Originally slated for the holiday season last year, Castlevania suffered a fate shared by many other titles in being pushed back to 2013, but it appears to be on track to hit its March 5 release on 3DS this year. God of War: Ascension [PS3] We’ve had snippets of backstory interspersed with the “Kill every God on the block” approach of the mighty Kratos, but it’s the intention of Ascension to fill in the gaps of how the ashen-colored warrior became the “Ghost of Sparta”. Gears of War: Judgment [360] I sat next to Epic Marketing Director Kendall Boyd during the Microsoft E3 presentation, and let me tell you - that man was damned excited about this title.
Bioshock Infinite [PC, PS3, 360] Ridiculous controversy over the cover aside, Bioshock Infinite has an interesting distinction in my house - the entire family is looking forward to it. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Western RPGs and JRPGs have had a few head-butting moments in the last few years, but there is still very much a market for JRPG action.
Dust 514 [PS3] This is a title that has another common name - many folks have taken to calling it “Eve: Dust 514”, which clearly reveals the obvious connection to the developer’s super-title, Eve Online. Shadowrun Returns [PC, iOS, Android] Funded as a Kickstarter initiative last year, Shadowrun Returns will help wipe the awful taste of Shadowrun for the Xbox 360 out of our mouths. Darkstalkers Resurrection [PS3, 360] Lilith, Jeddah, Pyron, Huitzil, Rikuo, Morrigan, Felicia, Talbain, Demitri - if these names are permanently locked in your brain in a 2D plane, you’ve likely played a Darkstalkers (Vampire: The Night Warriors in Japan for you importing purists) title in the arcade. Injustice: Gods Among Us [PS3, 360, WiiU] After the sad death of Midway games it was uncertain what would happen with mega-series Mortal Kombat. The Last of Us [PS3] It wouldn’t be inaccurate to say that Uncharted is one of the most cinematic franchises of this console generation, and Naughty Dog seeks to take that cinematic aesthetic and bring it into their take on the “end of the world” scenario. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist [PC, PS3, 360] I can remember trekking through the Phoenix metro area trying to find a copy of the demo disc with the first Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell on the original Xbox.
Pikmin 3 [WiiU] While some might not agree with with me, I feel like Pikmin 3 is Nintendo’s killer app for the Wii U. Wii Fit U [WiiU] As the third in the runaway success story, Wii Fit U poises itself to become the center of all of your workout activities. Animal Crossing: New Leaf [3DS] The last time I really fell down the Animal Crossing rabbit hole was back on the GameCube, and I think I’m ready to start saving up my bells to pay down my mortgage again.
Double Fine Adventure (Project REDS) [PC, iOS, Android] The Double Fine Adventure is the first huge success story to come out of Kickstarter -- after raising over million dollars to make a point-and-click adventure game (of all things), they’ve been hard at work putting together what looks to be an absolutely magical experience.
Game & Wario [WiiU] With the launch of new Nintendo hardware comes the inevitable Wario Ware title. The Wonderful 101 This is the other Platinum Games slated to release this year, but this one is an original concept: players are tasked with controlling around one hundred different heroes on the touchscreen, using the stylus to swipe and surround their enemies. Watering a withered flower, which looks grayish-brown, will bring it back to life the next day. To get everyone hyped up about how great the year is looking, Ron Burke and I have gone through the current lineup for 2013 and listed a few of the games we’re both looking forward to.
But DmC: Devil May Cry (despite the incredibly redundant title) looks to capture the same essence of Hideki Kamiya’s original series, while still adding Ninja Theory’s unique twist to the story. As he is overcome with sadness, he notices that the doll his mother made for him has come to life, and guides him into another world where the possibility for saving his mother may exist. In the first game he couldn’t talk, in the second title he found his voice, and for Dead Space 3 he’s finally making friends! While the next Alien movie remains (perhaps thankfully so) in script Hell, we have had a few decent runs with the xenomorphs. Kojima and clan likely read through a ton of reviews lambasting his games for having 45 minutes of cutscenes and 4-5 minutes of gameplay and then said “FINE! Legends features the same hand-drawn whimsical art style of Origins, as well the same oddball and distinctly French sense of humor. While Populous likely gets the crown for inventing the God Game genre while dipping its toes into the City Building genre, it was visionary and Hall of Famer Will Wright who brought us SimCity. I can recall some fantastic times exploring as Lara Croft, running and gunning as I performed epic and incredible leaps of faith all over the world. I had watched South Park in the past (who hasn’t?) but when my work schedule shifted I just didn’t keep up with the series.
Still over-the-top, Ascension gives us a new single-player title, but also introduces a series first - multiplayer. Still pulling in millions of players, the series has spawned more fans than almost any other PC game to date. The first unlicensed Lego game to come along in a long while, Lego City: Undercover aims to be a much more open world that the previous Lego games, almost in the vein of Grand Theft Auto -- except for kids! Giddy like a schoolgirl, he cheered plenty loud when the Judgment trailer hit, but afterwards I could see why.
Nintendo noticed this and has decided to bring Luigi’s Mansion back -- in a really big way. Completely enamoured with the other two titles, everyone was very excited when I showed them the sky-world of Columbia. CCP is bringing this free-to-play title exclusively to the PlayStation 3 and immersing players in the same universe as Eve Online, giving players an FPS experience with a still-unknown maximum number of players on the field (but no less than 64!), along with a slick and gorgeous visual presentation. Sure, it had a snarky comic-book styled attitude when it was originally called Overstrike, but the talented developers at Insomniac Games wouldn’t change something if they didn’t believe in it. The second bro-fest title on our list, Devil’s Cartel will bring two new operatives, unimaginatively named “Alpha” and “Bravo” as they prosecute missions against a Mexican drug war. Its blend of stealth-action and RPG skill development along with a comic-book and neon-drenched art design aims to set itself apart from the competition.
The hardcore perma-death gameplay returns, meaning players will have to be as careful as ever when maneuvering their troops, as one fatal mistake can mean permanent loss of key characters.
Thankfully, NetherRealm studios was able to snap up the rights and they kept moving forward. A fungus has spread across the globe, killing millions and leaving the survivors in quarantined camps, and The Last of Us sees Joel and young friend Ellie travel across the country while avoiding both the Infected as well as roving gangs of bandits. The game brought a new approach to stealth coupled with a fantastic story and the epic voice work of Michael Ironsides.
Sure it doesn’t have the popularity of something like Mario or the edgy appeal of Metroid, but Pikmin’s unique take on real-time strategy -- not to mention the adorable little plant people -- has always appealed to me, and I’m sure that Pikmin 3 will do the same. Included with all copies of Wii Fit U is a special pedometer, which will record your walks or jogs and log the amount of steps you’ve taken each time you log into Wii Fit U. Buy a house, plant a garden, design a shirt, send presents to friends, fish, catch bugs -- all of the things that players have loved in previous Animal Crossing games have returned, along with a few new features. They’ve given us storylines worth exploring, memorable characters, and solid gameplay in games like Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto IV.
Sure, I’ve dallied with Pokemon Diamond, or Pokemon Black, but I haven’t been this excited for a new entry in the Pokemon franchise since the first time I partnered up with Squirtle.
You can tell when you've watered a flower because it will drip with water and sparkle afterward. Set in an alternate reality to the main series, Dante’s been labeled as a terrorist by a mysterious group known as “The Order,” and he’s got to clear his name all while bringing down the bad guys. Combining top-notch JRPG design from Level-5 (Dark Cloud, Rogue Galaxy) with art direction from world-renowned animation house Studio Ghibli (Spirited Away, Ponyo), Ni no Kuni aims to combine beautiful graphics with classic RPG sensibilities (world maps are back!) along with its own unique take on monster collection and training. Developer Gearbox, hot off the massive hit Borderlands 2, is set to give us a true sequel to the movies.
Let’s give them all this gameplay they want!!” and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance was born. Allowing players to, for a short time, be far more powerful than any enemy in the game, the Nanosuit became the star of the show (though the graphics engine certainly wowed audiences).
The first time I got a chance to play a demo of Rayman Legends was inside of a crowded GameStop. In 1989, the world hadn’t seen anything like it, and despite a deluge of imitators, hasn’t seen anything as good since. Well, the series did wobble a bit and even Crystal Dynamix recognized that it was time to take a new approach. Well, thanks to the power of Netflix and a few bits of downtime over the holiday season, I have powered through all 16 seasons of South Park. It’s been awhile since we’ve had a solid 2D exploration-based Castlevania game, and with a demo coming to the eShop before its release, we should all have a chance to see for ourselves soon enough. Aligning yourself with a specific God (Zeus, Ares, Poseidon, or Hades), you will do battle in the arena to earn new weapons, armor, and powers in a bid to rise to the storied title of Legend of Olympus. While the sequel didn’t set the world on fire as much (though we enjoyed it quite a bit), there is no doubt that it brought StarCraft to a whole new audience. Players control undercover Lego cop Chase McCain as he runs around a giant city, driving all sorts of cars and piloting helicopters and putting the hurt on the evil-doers all while maintaining the same tongue-in-cheek attitude of all of the other Lego games. Co-developed by People Can Fly and Epic, the combined teams have sat down and listened to our criticisms and feedback and promise to make this Gears of War the best yet.
The overall mechanics remain the same -- pointing Luigi’s flashlight at a ghost will cause it to become vulnerable to the ghost vacuum, allowing the player to lock on and reel it in -- but Dark Moon promises more. The character depth in Bioshock was amazing, and the twists and turns in the storyline makes the original title a must-play.

The new battle system was a departure for most fans, granting control to just one character, and the main character was at least more likeable than previous leads.
Supported by microtransactions, similar to many other F2P titles, the game has a very ambitious approach that asks players to build their own world. Everyone was tired of dirt-farming RTS titles that turn into a rush play or crushing harvesters in a cheap fashion. Acting as currency as well as for causing casualty, each bullet you fired was one that you couldn’t use to trade for better weapons. While we may hack on titles like this that seem to have simple stories, there is a LOT to be said for a game built from the ground up with cooperative play in mind.
Slinking around the shadows, teleporting near bad guys and sucking their blood to enhance powers is handled with incredible ease, and the Mass Effect-style dialog wheel and experience point-based upgrade system adds depth to an already exciting game. In addition to the turn-based strategy gameplay we’ve come to know and love, players will also be treated to 40 different classes to upgrade, as well as the ability to customize their own Avatar, which will follow the player through each battle. Well, taking a quick break from their studio-defining series, they are now working on a new IP for parent-company Warner Bros.
Brutal combat mechanics and impressive AI look to make every single encounter with the world’s enemies carry as much weight and life-or-death importance as any other, and a fight against two can be just as harrowing as a fight against twenty. With a movie recently confirmed, you can bet that even after 6 games there is PLENTY of interest in the series.
The Gamepad will aid players with maps of the environment as players control as many as four different protagonists at the same time as they search levels for one of several different types of Pikmin, using them to search for various valuables strewn about each of the levels.
Also included is a whole smattering of new minigames and workout routines, many of which incorporate the Gamepad along with the Balance Board. Some of them are small, like the ability to hang furniture on walls, as well as the readdition of park benches and lamp posts. Well, people who funded their game have had access to behind-the-scenes videos, showcasing the entire process of the game’s creation, from inception to its (hopefully) inevitable release. As you’re playing through a series of micro-games, you’ll have to keep an eye out for the TV screen to make sure your mom doesn’t catch you playing games -- placing the Gamepad horizontally to make 9-Volt pretend he’s asleep.
With a slow-burn PR release of information that has only recently picked up speed, Grand Theft Auto V is promised to somehow trump everything before it.
Pokemon X & Y features a brand new 3D graphics engine, which allows for dynamic camera angles -- both while running around the various towns you’ll encounter as well as spicing up the countless battles you’ll partake in.
Flowers can also be purchased from a sloth named Leif once you unlock the Gardening Center.
Check out the slideshow below (click the arrows at the sides of the picture to advance), and sound off in the comments if we missed your favorite! To be honest, I wasn’t so sure about this title, but after spending some time with the demo, I have to say that I’m impressed that Ninja Theory has kept the same Devil May Cry feel within the combat, while adding their own cinematic flair to the environments and gameplay.
Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch will be released on January 22nd, and that day can’t come soon enough. With a new cooperative drop-in, drop-out system, the game takes Isaac to a new ice-covered planet where he hopes to destroy the Necromorph scourge at it’s source.
Taking place just after the events of Aliens 3 this title has the Colonial Marines searching for Ripley, Corporal Hicks, and the rest of the marines that were sent to LV-426.
The very last appointment I had at E3 2012 was with Konami, and the last title I got to put hands on was this one.
Crysis 2 handed that suit over to Prophet and upgrades allowed the player to combine powers (briefly) to great effect. One of the levels I tried forced me to run for my life as fast as I can to the right, while a version of Black Betty played in the background. After a few missteps (SimCity: Societies) and a bevy of offshoots (super-series The Sims, for instance), we’ve finally got our hands on a sequel. After a short hiatus for the series, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamix have rebooted the series, fully retconning the previous titles.
To say that I’m ready to review South Park: The Stick of Truth might be a bit of an understatement! It’s not all PvP, the game also features three other modes - Team Favor Rush and Capture the Flag join Deathmatch, with the final mode remaining yet to be revealed. With a vastly expanded story, decision points in the campaign, and all-new units in the mix, StarCraft II has also introduced a concept new to Blizzard - pre-announced expansion packs. Lego City: Undercover also makes some interesting uses of the Wii U’s Gamepad, like catching criminals with an onscreen scanner. Tom Bissell and Rob Auten are taking over writing duties for the title, reducing the bombastic bromance insanity and trying to bring a better story for this universe to bear.
With several different mansions to explore, along with a much heavier emphasis on puzzle-solving and discovery, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon promises to be a highly entertaining addition to the 3DS library on March 24th.
Creating the same claustrophobia as the water-surrounded world of Rapture, the sky-world of Columbia creates a historical steampunk world fit with real-world names from the year 1912. Placement of buildings and corporate power struggles are controlled entirely by those in the game, expanding on the incredible macro-economy that Eve Online has given us.
Well, Relic put both of those ideas on their ear in 2006 with Company of Heroes, revolutionizing the real time strategy genre with new approaches to building, asset acquisition, and line-of-sight combat engagements - it still holds the highest score for an RTS, ever. Similarly, power for your flashlight was fleeting and had to be hand-cranked to keep it burning. Gaining experience by helping fellow teammates achieve their kills is immensely satisfying, and I walked away from my hands-on experience back in August very impressed. Jordan Weisman, the creator of the Shadowrun tabletop RPG is leading developer Harebrained Schemes to build it. This series holds a special place for me as it was the first game I got to play through with my father-in-law, so obviously I’m looking forward to doing it again in March. With online play, HD filtering, YouTube replay uploads 8 player tournament bracketing, and optional side-objectives that unlock bonus content like artwork and other goodies via a new “Vault” system, it’s easy to get excited.
Promising an epic campaign and additional downloadable maps to come in the future, this looks to be a great start to Nintendo’s core lineup. Naughty Dog’s pedigree almost assures that this combination of zombies and The Road-style apocalypse story will be something to look forward to.
While the game does spell the end of the veteran voice actor’s involvement with the series, the game looks to bring a fresh coat of paint to the series. Some may have wished that Nintendo launched with a brand new Zelda or Metroid game -- and certainly, they’re coming -- but Pikmin 3 was the reason I bought a Wii U, and I can’t wait for its release in the first half of 2013. Larger additions include enhanced customizability options, as well as the ability to become town mayor and customize the other houses and surrounding areas. Watching these videos has been both awe-inspiring and heartbreaking; here you have a studio so passionate in what they do, and wanting to do so much, that watching every sacrifice they have to make (be it how much they can work with certain people, or having to cut sections to meet financial obligations) hurts that much more.
Joining this interesting mode are 15 other mini-games, many of which Nintendo is keeping hush-hush until a later date. Being a Platinum Games release, expect the same type of crazy action found in their other games like Bayonetta and Vanquish, but this time with a more family-friendly Power Rangers vibe.
The game will not have just one protagonist, but three, allowing the player to see the interaction between their individual enterprises.
Commanding SPQR soldiers in Rome: Total War was an incredible experience, requiring more strategy than any tactical title I’d play before or since. Sure, it doesn’t seem like a huge deal, but this is a long time coming, and it’s nice to see Game Freak and Nintendo changing things up a bit with Pokemon’s 3DS debut. After opening the garden shop, you will be able to buy two flower seeds, one sapling and one tool (axe or watering can) per day. Dante’s got several different weapons at his disposal, and by holding down the shoulder buttons, he can switch between them on the fly, chaining together epic combos in a fantastic ballet of guns, swords, and carnage. Penned by Battlestar Galactica writers Bradley Thompson and David Weddle, the story is so well done that it’s considered to be part of the official canon!
With Raiden as a main character, the combat is FAR faster than it was with the aging Solid Snake, creating a Metal Gear experience we’ve not had yet.
Crysis 3 brings Prophet back to New York city only to find that it has been overgrown as a lush urban jungle. Every jump and attack I made was in rhythm of the beats of the song, and all of the verses were sung in gibberish by the enemies.
Sporting updated graphics, an incredible new simulation engine (check out the four-part video on GlassBox), and full multiplayer collaboration between player cities, this title looks to deprive builders of precious sleep for a long while.
This new game, simply titled “Tomb Raider”, will explain the young Lara Croft’s change from spoiled rich girl on vacation to hardened explorer and antiquities hunter. Several episodes has the Colorado-based miscreants playing pretend, but one of the best episodes was The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers.
The God of War series has remained consistently in the low to mid 90s in aggregate scores, so let’s just sit patiently knowing that the game will be awesome when it ships on March 12th. Currently in closed-Beta, StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm is the second of three planned titles, this time focusing on the story behind Kerrigan, the Queen of Blades. When Nintendo first showed this off, I didn’t really know what to make of it, but after they’ve shown off some more of the gameplay features, it’s actually shaping up to be quite the impressive-looking game.
In addition to two new mulitplayer modes (OverRun and Free-for-All), the “pick left or right” options are gone and replaced with a new system called “Classifications”. The environment is like nothing we’ve ever seen before, but it was the addition of something we have seen that piqued my interest. Taking Lightning out of the equation left us with the far more annoying younger sister as a main character, and the storyline was even more convoluted and nonsensical than the first.
A more modular approach to player classes (and vehicles as well) gives more flexibility to gamers, but it’s the commander role that promises to take the game to 10,000 feet. Honing their skills with their Warhammer 40,000 titles, Relic is back with Company of Heroes 2, bringing with it destructible environments, incredible weather effects (your troops have to struggle through snow), and a new system called TrueSight that better approximates visibility when factored against the environment. The world of 2033 was fairly horrible, but it made for an awesome and immersive setting for this title. Eschewing the 3D trappings, Shadowrun Returns is an isometric 2D turn-based RPG that reminds you just how much bullets and magic can hurt.
If you are a new to this series, you’ve got till March of this year to pick up an arcade stick (or two) for your PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 - it’s the only way to truly experience Darkstalkers.

While it’s certainly been a Marvel universe the last few years, DC has a whole host of awesome characters, and wouldn’t be awesome if we could make them punch one another in the face? Bringing back aspects of previous games (the knife, distraction, etc.) while adding an entirely new system called “killing in motion”, the game essentially reboots the series. New Leaf has seen enormous popularity over in Japan, selling well over 2 million copies since its release in the Fall of 2012, and Nintendo is poised to release it in North America in the first half of 2013. Not much is known about the game (we don’t even have a proper title), except for what I’ve been able to glean from the videos; it will be the story about a boy and a girl who live in alternate worlds that are somehow able to communicate with one another, all of it dripping in Nathan “Bagel” Stapley’s adroit art style.
We’ll just have to wait until sometime during the first half of 2013 to experience the insanity. The Wonderful 101 looks like it’s still slated for release in North America some time in the first half of 2013. The player can, at will, switch between them but when you aren’t controlling them they’ll handle their own criminal pursuits.
The authenticity of this title lead to it being used on the History Channel to recreate battles for military programs. Flower seeds each cost 80 Bells, saplings cost 60 Bells, axes cost 400 Bells, and watering cans cost 500 Bells.
For only .99 players will receive both the PS3 version as well as a copy for the PlayStation Vita for play on the go -- and there are even some hidden augmented reality tricks for players who use the Vita with the PS3 version of the game. We got a chance to talk to Brian Martel, the Chief Creative Officer and co-founder of Gearbox Software (while standing in front of the original Queen prop from the movie!) as well as a look at the story via a sweet trailer on the same, it’s clear that Sega and Gearbox are pretty damned proud of it. The city is now also protected by some sort of force field Nano Dome, but things are not as simple as they might seem.
I was so surprised and charmed by this that I couldn’t stop laughing in a store filled with people. In that episode, the boys accidentally deliver a porn flick to Butters’ parents, which puts them on their “Greatest adventure” to recover and destroy the ‘ring’.
With over 20 new levels (that’s 5 or so more than you got for each faction in the title’s predecessor), a new levelling system for the Swarm’s capabilities, all new units, and a new Battle Focus upgrade system for Kerrigan herself, you could say that Blizzard has done a great deal more than any expansion pack they’ve done before. These secondary challenges that you can accept or reject give you some additional narration in the game, but removed the “Choose your own adventure” aspects of the game.
There is a mode in the game that takes the safety guards off the game, allowing the player to make decisions that can actually prevent the player from winning - when game developers say that decisions have consequences, this is what they mean but never deliver.
The Historia Crux system added more side missions, and a dash of time travel tried to break the linearity of the previous game, but DLC like arena monsters, entire swaths of the casino, and clothing felt like a money grab, and fans didn’t enjoy the storyline in that title.
Players on the ground are charged with taking down the opposing side’s mobile command center, but will also have to keep their own fueled and in the air. If you’ve got a mental picture of troops struggling to pull their boots out of the slush while a blizzard limits their view to just a few feet, you’ve got the right idea. Some may think that it looks “generic,” but I think it looks like it’s going to be a highly satisfying co-op game.
Third Echelon has been dissolved and only a small group has been kept in play to form a new organization dubbed Fourth Echelon, placing Sam Fisher as commander of the group. Despite DFA slipping from its original April 2013 release date, it’s still looking to be on track for a release by the end of the year. It has been a long wait since 2004 to see a sequel to this well-regarded title, but thankfully Creative Assembly has decided that it’s time. Pokemon X & Y will also be the first in the series with a simultaneous worldwide release -- players in Japan and North America will be able to catch Poke-fever all over again in October 2013. DmC: Devil May Cry is right around the corner, releasing on January 15th on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and January 22nd on PC. Unless Sanzaru has completely dropped the ball, this one seems like a complete no brainer when it comes out February 5th. 360 owners get a nod of the hat with access a week early if they sign up on the official website. After much anticipating, hand wringing, and even a little delay, the game is finally hitting shelves on February 12th. If you’ve not kept up with the development, you might have missed that Kojima passed the reins to Bayonetta-developer Platinum Games. Giving Prophet a special new bow to allow him to bring more stealth to his Nanosuit, the game looks to give players more of a “predator” feeling.
This title also has the distinction of being the first Tomb Raider title to earn an anticipated M rating. If you’ve not seen the episode, I won’t ruin it, but suffice it to say that you should hit the Comedy Central site and see it for yourself.
Yea, we did savage the previous titles in our recent article on stories in games, but it sounds like we’ve got something new in Judgment. Early buzz from press that got hands-on with the title describe it as revolutionary, mind-blowing, and incredible. Well, pulling back a bit, Square Enix has taken a look at what made the first title so enjoyable and are taking a swat at the story one more time. Having gotten my hands on the game, let me tell you that Relic has outdone themselves in every way.
Though it won’t follow the book Metro 2034, Glukhovsky is collaborating with the team from 4A Games once more, and this time it looks like the world is even more gritty and vicious. The game was set to release this month, but a little extra polish pushes the game to early Summer.
Using a less combo-centric four button system, the game gives us the chance to play nearly two dozen highly-recognizable characters including Bane, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Superman, Joker, and Catwoman just to name a few.
With a combined city size in excess of GTA4, Red Dead Redemption, and GTA: San Andreas it’s a good thing that the most recent screenshots show a jet, a jet-ski, a blimp, a scuba suit, a submarine, and several other quirky conveyances. Set for release in October of this year, the game will let us take our fledgling Republic and battle our way to become the Roman Empire we’ve read about in history books. If you’ve not excited yet, know that there are objective-based multiplayer modes, 6v6 deathmatch, and even drop-in, drop-out cooperative for the campaign. While you ponder the implications of that, let me reassure you that the game is still 100% a Metal Gear title. I got a bit of a guided tour of a downtown New York area that gave me optional sub-objectives and complete freedom of how to achieve them.
Previews have been universally positive, and my own experience with the game gave me a good feeling that this title could be something special when it hits on March 5th. Well, obviously the team at Obsidian was inspired as well as they’ve teamed up with series creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone and South Park Digital Studios to bring that entire series to life as a full roleplaying game.
We won’t have to wait long to pass our own judgment - the game ships exclusively on Xbox 360 on March 19th. This go-round Lightning will be the only character, but she will get advice from universally-reviled character Hope as she wakes for her crystal prison with only 13 days before the end of the world.
Sony’s own PlanetSide 2 is showing that it certainly can be done, and this game looks to bring that to the PlayStation 3.
The demo we’ve seen had Artyom battling flying demons, rat-like creatures, and more while continuously wiping gore off his mask.
With comic writers Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti onboard to ensure that the characters stay true to form, there is reason to be excited.
Featuring decision points like those we played in Total War: Shogun 2, the game will also focus more on naval power than its predecessor, as well as a revamped diplomacy system to just name a few upgrades. The combat is frantic, but also features the cutting concepts that Kojima wanted to use when the title was first announced, giving players the chance to execute enemies with a single stroke of the katana.
I like that kind of open world gameplay, and when it is matched with the freedom to tackle it any way I please, it makes for something great.
Matt and Trey are writing the script, and the voice work will be official, so there is literally NOTHING stopping this game from being completely super sweeeeeet. Toriyama-san promises that this will be the most polished Final Fantasy ever, so let’s hope they can deliver on that promise. The lack of polish on the first title had me swearing in frustration, but this newest title looks like 4A has pulled out all the stops. 2012 was clearly the year of the stealth reboot, and it’s great to see one of the best stealth titles of all time coming very soon.
Look for GTAV to hit in Q2 on Xbox 360 and PS3, and maybe Wii U and PC if there is enough public outcry. If you are a history or military buff, you should check out the Battle of Carthage on Youtube. The title is just around the corner, but I’m eager to see a new take on the Metal Gear universe - look for our coverage as we head towards the February 19th release date. The game is slated for a March release, but like some of the other titles on this list, it truly may depend on the fate of publisher THQ.
It’s easy to see why Creative Assembly has become the go-to place for this scale of warfare.
Crysis 3 is slated for Xbox 360, PS3, and the incredible-looking-when-maxed-out PC on February 19th. You can breed new flowers by placing differently colored flowers of the same type next to each other. Getting some of the rarer flowers can be a little tricky as they appear randomly in your village over time.
Pairs of flowers can be situated horizontally, vertically or diagonally to spawn a hybrid, but there must be an open space to spawn the hybrid near the pair. All hybrids have the same attributes as their parents, so two Pink Cosmos can create a Red or White Cosmos. You can purchase fertilizer at the Garden Shop to plant with a Shovel near flowers to create more rare hybrids.

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