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I was also excited that Ian brought along his camera and newly-replaced lens to take fancy photos. We started things off with a little stroll down 1920s street, where we wished the Capitol Theatre didn't falsely advertise that they were showing Clara Bow films. It was a really nice night weather wise - hovering around -8 or so (I'm not sure) but we still took a chance to warm up with some cider. Ooohhh, now I have yet another reason why I really (really!) want to visit Edmonton one day. Celebrating Canadaa€™s 150th birthday is an opportunity to finish Fort Edmonton Park that the city shouldna€™t pass up, according to the parka€™s board chair. Doug Goss, chair of the Fort Edmonton Management corporation, made an aggressive pitch to city councillors Monday as they weighed the proposed $150 million expansion.

Goss said the proposed expansion would finish the park and do a better job of acknowledging the citya€™s Aboriginal history. Goss said they are optimistic that the federal government will help fund the project to celebrate Canadaa€™s 150th birthday in 2017 and the province will see the tourism potential in an expanded park. While the park would have to close for the expansion, Goss said when it re-opens, it would be able to stay open year-round, attracting more visitors.
Among the $150 million in proposed upgrades are expansions to the Selkirk hotel and the midway, a new Indigenous Peoplea€™s area and $50 million in utility upgrades.
Council passed a motion moving the project forward into the falla€™s budget process and also suggested the mayor write a letter asking the provincial and federal governments for support. Miss Bee and I made double-date plans to go to Christmas Reflections Fort Edmonton Park with our fellas waaaay back in November, and so when we finally went on Thursday we were both pretty excited.

Most of the summer stuff at the park is shut down, but you can take a wagon tour through the park, do a little shopping, make crafts, sip cider and even visit Santa. Thomas and Ian suggested Christmas in Hollis, while Bee and I waxed poetic about how much we love Sleigh Ride.
Mike Nickel said the city supports the project, but said there is a lot they need to fund in this falla€™s budget.

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