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Auf der diesjährigen Thailand Motor Expo, welche gestern gestartet ist, zeigt Ford diesen neuen Show Truck, basierend auf dem standard Ford Ranger. BANGKOK, Thailand, November 28 – Renowned for its genuine toughness and strength, the Ford Ranger takes a confident step forward with the debut of the high-impact Ranger Max show truck at the Thailand International Motor Expo.
A team of Ford truck specialists in Thailand worked closely with Ford’s Australia-based Asia Pacific and Africa design team, led by Gibson, to create Ranger Max. Genuine truck toughness comes from great design and engineering, which means the production Ford Ranger is the ideal foundation for creating Ranger Max. Industrial shapes such as the cog-like detailing in the body accents and wheel arch mouldings extend Ranger Max’s theme of tough style as the ultimate power tool.
Pushing the power tool inspiration a step further, the Ranger Max design team noted how power tools and similar objects incorporated words into their design to convey instructions or warnings. Ranger Max is full of details like this, such as the word GRAB imprinted subtly on the bold, black grab handle in the side of the sportsbar linked to the cab. Just like Ford Ranger, the robustness of these products is affordable and their designs are purposeful. With its character as the ultimate power tool, Ranger Max show truck exudes confidence and purpose. Ranger Max has innovative features such as a remote-controlled power tonneau cover for the cargo bed and a distinctive sportsbar that visually extends the length of the well-proportioned Ford Ranger side-access Open Cab.
And Ranger Max rides on distinctive, deep-dish, 18-inch alloy concept wheels and custom technical-look tyres that finish its extreme looks. Adding even more dynamism to the profile is the exclusive Ranger Max sportsbar, which attaches to the pickup bed and arches across the vehicle. The grab handle is labelled – like instructions on power tools and on aircraft – with the word GRAB. For example, the vent on each front fender uses hexagon-shaped details and discrete chrome badging with the word RANGER.
Other design details in the Ranger Max profile include incorporating the side repeater lamp into the side mirror.
The bold wheel arches with cog-shaped detailing reinforce Range Max’s stance and its purpose.
The three-bar grille is a Ford hallmark design element, conveying strength and quality, integrated with a proud, large badge of the famous Ford blue oval. Self-confident Ranger branding – embossed in the top of the front grille surround – is another proud aspect of the front design.

The Thailand International Motor Expo 2008, with Ranger Max as the star attraction for Ford, runs from November 28 to December 10. The 3rd of the Special Racing Buggies (SRB), introduced in October 1981 and a very firm favourite with a fantastic Ford bodyshell. NOTE: to keep the site running smoothly, product data is only refreshed once every minute, approximately.
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Whether you're an avid collector of Tamiya's First 100 RC Models, a casual basher with just one RC, or a seasoned pro with many wins, losses and mishaps under your belt share your memories and more with fellow enthusiasts right here. Der Ford Ranger Max wir als kompakter Pickup angepriesen, welcher jedoch durch Designaspekte Muskeln zeigen soll. Visually bold and muscular, it takes to the stage at the Ford stand with confidence, sophistication and craftsmanship. Ford’s design team incorporated design cues into Ranger Max that may be seen in future-generation Ranger. The distinctive contrast between Ranger Max’s hardcore orange paintwork with matte black accents is inspired by the functional design found in some modern power tools – just like those used by many Ranger owners every day. Other inspirations for Ranger Max have come from active sports, such as rock climbing, and the tough, technical products used by active sportsmen. This means purposeful matte black plastic accent features and trim items – and no fussy, fancy chrome. This unique crossbar is shaped to create the visual impression that Ranger Max is always on the move – or ready for action.
Similarly, the side door of the Ranger Max is distinctively yet discretely labelled AXCESS. The lower bodyside, with two-piece interlocked sidestep look, was inspired by rock-climbing carabineers and other outdoor gear you trust with your life. Explosive, dynamic side graphics on the fenders and lower doors are inspired by the high-impact of shattering glass.
Ranger Max adopts dynamic, modern headlamps which angle at the top to communicate energy and movement. Its bold rear design is the combination of proportion and details such as the pronounced contours of the tonneau cover which emulate the power bulge on the bonnet.
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Dabei standen Werkzeuge Pate für das Design und so entstand dieses knallige Orange in Verbindung mit Mattschwarzen Akzenten.
The Ranger Max extends Ranger’s reputation as the best all-around compact truck on the market.
Ford designers recognize how absolute function and durability inspire these industrial tools and make them more appealing. It is the colourful creation of Debbie Pascoe, colour and trim manager, Ranger Max design team. The power dome shape carries through to influence the design of the hard tonneau cover at the rear of the vehicle. The dark shape of the grab handle visually extends the perceived shape of the Ranger Max side window shape, accentuating the feel of functionality and space of the Ranger side-access Open Cab – a functional feature which Ranger debuted in 2002 in response to feedback from tradesmen.
These functional callouts also extend to the Ranger Max fuel inlet, which is designed to intersect one of the bold wheel arches, labelled FUEL. These deep-dish, six-spoke wheels – with black graphic funnel shapes to their centres – are must-have sporting accessories perfectly suited to Ranger Max. Its leading edge features an integral hot-air vent and reinforces that Ranger Max is a tough, powerful machine.
A distinct line starting from the headlamps follows around the nostril and borders the lower air intake. Wie gesagt, bisher nur ein concept car, ob er so auch wirklich bald, zumindest in Amerika, zu haben ist und was er kosten soll ist noch unklar. The detail of its design demonstrates this show truck has been designed by people who know trucks and love them. This signature line unites the major design elements to create the defined face of Ranger Max. Continuing rearward, Ranger Max is neatly finished off with a tailgate cladding embossed with RANGER and a pair of unique tail lamps. The scope of its capability and technology are further evidence of how powerful the One Ford initiative is in helping us globally to develop a whole range of all-new class-leading vehicles. We look forward to bringing new Ranger to European customers by 2012 and I am confident it will exceed their expectations."The new Ford Ranger will be built at three sites with series production scheduled to begin next summer, initially in Rayong, Thailand.

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