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In round two, the newcomer aims to topple our current class favourite for open-road enjoyment. For more breaking car news and reviews, subscribe to Auto Express - available as a weekly magazine and on your iPad. Ford kuga personal car leasing - contract hire leasing, Search our wide range of ford kuga personal contract hire & leasing offers, get the ideal car lease deal from contract hire and leasing, the uk's number 1 car leasing.
Ford kuga business car leasing - contract hire leasing, Find a wide range of ford kuga business car lease deals & offers, search for your ideal company lease car from contract hire and leasing the uk's number 1 car leasing. 2014 subaru forester vs honda crv, ford escape, mazda cx 5, 2014 subaru forester vs honda crv, ford escape, mazda cx 5, and toyota rav4 hill climb test. The kuga starts at a $5400 discount to the honda and also gets satnav and a reversing camera, but misses out on a power passenger’s seat. Test comparativ - mazda cx-5 vs ford kuga vs honda cr-v vs toyota rav 4 vs mitsubishi outlander. Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. 2014 subaru forester honda crv ford escape mazda cx5 toyota rav4, 2014 subaru forester vs honda crv ford escape subaru forester 2014 vs honda crv duration: toyota rav4 vs honda crv vs mazda cx5.
The 2014 ford escape and 2014 honda cr-v are the best-selling small compare the ford's powertrain variety to what 2014 ford escape vs. Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Exterior Design: The Ford is the winner due to its slick, upmarket looks and good detailing. Interior Features: The Ford takes a relatively easy win here due to the combination of its generous standard specification and low price, as well as attention to detail. Fuel Economy: The Ford Kuga takes a narrow victory here based on claimed fuel consumption figures. With design being such a subjective matter, it is often impossible to find agreement on this topic in a large test team.
Following its recent facelift, the Honda CR-V certainly appears more expensive and sophisticated, courtesy of a large helping of chrome and far more attractive head- and tail lamps that boast LEDs.
The Subaru Forester is of course not a brand new vehicle anymore and it makes use of a fairly conservative design.
By comparison the Honda and Subaru’s interiors look simpler and more modern because many of the controls have migrated to neat touch-screen systems. Nevertheless, it is a comfortable position once you’ve settled which also affords the driver great visibility out of the vehicle. Summary: The Honda sneaks a victory here by virtue of its combination of quality, MPV-like family friendliness and a modern, clutter-free facia. Ford has been on a real run of late in the way it offers exceptionally generously specified vehicles at good pricing. The Honda comes closer to matching the Ford’s specification, as it comes with dual-zone climate control, rear ventilation outlets and heated front seats. Summary: The Ford takes a relatively easy win here due to the combination of its generous standard specification and low price, as well as attention to detail. The Honda feels the most spacious to passengers, mostly because of the extra height in the cabin.
According to our tape measure, it is the Subaru that has the longest load area, with the Ford and Honda being pretty much identical in length. The Ford is also very good, particularly on the open road, but it’s not as refined as the Subaru and the power delivery is not as linear, either.
Perhaps surprisingly, the Honda felt quite at home on gravel, managing to soak up much of what our test road served up without losing its composure and remaining largely rattle free in the process. As is the case with most Fords, there is a delicacy to the steering and a crispness to the responses that belies its family friendly packaging. The Subaru’s symmetrical, permanent all-wheel drive system also creates a great sense of security on poor road surfaces (or during bad weather), and the X-mode system adds even hill-descent control. Summary: An easy victory for the Subaru, by virtue of its impeccable road manners as well as superb dirt-road ability. Summary: The Ford Kuga takes a narrow victory here based on claimed fuel consumption figures. When we initially compared specification and pricing, we were left with the expectation of a relatively easy victory for the Ford. With the ultimate goal of spending his life writing about cars, Hannes studied journalism at the University of Stellenbosch. The Honda has a more versatile interior and is well equipped, although the premium kit list comes with a premium price. 2014 toyota rav4: , The 2014 ford escape and 2014 toyota rav4 are two of the most popular small 2014 ford escape vs. 2014 honda cr-v: which is better, The 2014 ford escape and 2014 honda cr-v are the best-selling small compare the ford's powertrain variety to what 2014 ford escape vs. With five seats taken, it offers the most boot space in a compartment that is also shaped to accommodate a wider range of objects. It delivers eager performance, impressive refinement along with a reputation for being very reliable. Real-world figures are, however, significantly higher and brings it closer to its two rivals. Factor in a reputation for reliability and outstanding ownership satisfaction, and our test team voted its particular skill set as the most impressive of the three vehicles. In this instance, however, the team was of the unanimous opinion that the Ford Kuga was the most attractive offering on test. Parked between its two rivals, it looks markedly narrower, a perception that is based in fact, as the tape measure shows. The Ford has the most individualistic design, with a combination of sweeping curves and sharp edges.
Interestingly, the screens in the two Japanese cars look and feel remarkably similar to use.
Build integrity appears good on all the vehicles, and soft-touch surfaces lift the perceived quality on all three cars, but it has to be said that it was the Subaru that felt the most solid, with not a rattle or squeak to be heard, even when traversing poor, corrugated surfaces.

The Kuga is no different and the Trend specification, as tested here, is particularly well stocked with features.
We’ve already mentioned that it lacks leather upholstery, but it also makes do with only single-zone climate control and there are no rear ventilation outlets, either.
Both front chairs offer electrical adjustment, by the way, with the driver’s adding memory settings and height adjustment. Rear legroom is very good on all three vehicles, and the doors open wide to almost 90 degrees on all three contenders – this provides easy access to the rear seats for the fitment of a child seat, etc. Being a Honda engine, it also needs revs (4 300rpm) to achieve that maximum torque figure. The Ford is the most modern, with a turbocharged small-capacity engine of 1.5-litres that is claimed to offer big-engine performance without the fuel consumption penalty. This means the cylinders lie flat, to great advantage of the centre of gravity of the vehicle’s powertrain. Unfortunately, it’s less impressive when the road surface deteriorates or turns to gravel.
Even if you take out of the equation its symmetrical all-wheel drive, which gives it remarkable grip and composure on poor surfaces, the ride seems better set-up than on its rivals. It also offers the most generous ground clearance, so for buyers who intend doing regular driving on poor or gravel surfaces, it is by far the best choice here. The Honda is best equipped to avoid those nasty parking incidents as it offers not only front and rear park distance control, but also a camera. If you should need all-wheel drive, such a model, equipped with an automatic transmission, is available for an outstanding R408 900.
Well, it is the most expensive of this trio but keep in mind that you get not only the impressive Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) but also all-wheel drive. A brief stint as a sports editor for Paarl Post followed, before he joined CAR magazine in 2001.
Most compact SUVs will spend more time on the tarmac than in the mud, so car-like handling is essential for success.Chassis engineers faced a real challenge.
2014 Honda CR-V comparative test Ford Cars 2015 2016 Specs, reviews, prices and release date 2015 2016 Menu20132014201520162017 Home2014Kuga2014 Ford Kuga vs. Ford’s Trend specification is quite generous when it comes to the shiny bits, and as such the Kuga features neat 17-inch alloy wheels as standard, as well as front and rear fog lamps, silver roof rails, twin exhaust outlets and rear privacy glass.
Given its emphasis on interior packaging, the exterior design makes it look bulkier than the suave and sporty Kuga.
It is however, similarly high and long and boasts the best ground clearance here by some margin.
A small information screen is positioned high on top of a prominent control interface for the info-tainment system.
But because manufacturers use different ways of measuring utility space, we decided to get out the tape measure and do some measuring ourselves… with interesting results. Sending the engine spinning is no hardship, however, as it is a sweet-revving unit that is mated with a typically Honda-slick six-speed manual transmission. It certainly delivers on the performance front, with a power output of 132 kW, the most here. It is a powerful unit, too, with 126 kW and 235 Nm of torque, only marginally less than the turbocharged Ford.
In the latter instance the relative firmness that lends the Kuga such impressive on-tar ability becomes a nuisance, resulting in a comparatively skittish feel that also set off a number of rattles and squeaks in the cabin.
The Forester has only a rear-facing camera while the Ford has no camera but rear park sensors.
By comparison the Honda CR-V looks relatively overpriced, given the fact that it is positioned at R404 100 and offers neither all-wheel drive nor an automatic transmission, as tested. And… a full maintenance plan as opposed to the service plans offered by the competition. If you anticipate a lot of gravel road driving and overall driving enjoyment is important, then the Forester is a must. He eventually became the (youngest-ever) editor of CAR in 2011, a position he occupied for two years. Top brass said the Kuga had to offer “the highest levels of ride, handling, braking and steering performance within the segment”. We have clearly grown used to touch-screen systems, because the multitude of buttons on the Ford’s facia initially appears daunting. It does, however, still offer an electrically adjustable driver seat, keyless access and two USB ports as well as Aux support for the info-tainment system.
Of course, for slightly more money, you can get this engine paired with a five-speed automatic, which given the likely usage of this vehicle, makes more sense. It also has the most torque (240 Nm), and achieves the maximum output at lower engine speeds (from 1 600rpm to 4 000rpm). The Subaru engine is normally aspirated, so there is no expensive turbocharger maintenance or replacement costs to worry about in the long term. Yes, there is still some rally DNA left in this car… It may not be entirely fair to compare this all-wheel drive version of the Forester with front-wheel drive versions of the Ford and Honda, especially seeing as an all-wheel drive version of the Kuga is available at a cheaper price than the Forester, but based on what we know of the Kuga all-wheel drive, the Subaru would still put in a more impressive performance overall.
All three cars have front and rear fog lamps, but only the Honda offers auto lights and wipers. Also important for those long trips are rear ventilation outlets and rear seats that offer reclining backrests.
The engine is mated with Subaru’s continuously variable transmission (CVT) that is easily one of the best of its type.
The Ford puts in a sterling performance on the road, where its suspension feels supple, yet firm enough to counter excessive bodyroll in the corners. Interestingly, while both the Honda and Subaru feature full-size spare wheels, the Kuga makes do with a temporary spare – not ideal for a family crossover vehicle.
In terms of back-up, Ford easily has the widest service network, but Honda and Subaru owners are among the most satisfied in the market. There’s no bad choice here and personal requirements will be the deciding factor in most instances. 2014 mazda cx5, 2014 honda crv vs 2013 toyota rav4 vs 2014 mazda cx5 vs 2014 compare cars 2014 honda crv vs.

We tested the threesome on a variety of roads (including gravel) and spent hours debating and measuring their cabins. In our test car, the engine was mated with Ford’s six-speed automatic transmission that offers manual shifting via awkwardly placed buttons on the side of the gearknob.
In that context, the Ford looks like outstanding value and we can see why it is such a strong seller. Lower and more compact than its predecessor, it places on-road handling high on its priority list, and will set the benchmark in this pair.The superb Focus platform gave the Ford a great starting point. 2014 Honda CR-V comparative test If your problems that you have in your vehicle fleet discover 2014 Ford Kuga vs. It is the Subaru powertrain that impressed most, with the software of the CVT being particularly quick to react to driver inputs, resulting in immediate response when the throttle is depressed. But throughout the duration of this test the Subaru Forester made an increasingly louder and convincing purchasing argument. Unique chassis settings and steering systems were then created to allow for the Kuga’s off-road abilities and taller stance, while the MacPherson strut and Control Blade independent rear suspension set-up that has made the hatchback such a treat to drive were retained.On the move, the Kuga usually transmits 10 to 50 per cent of its torque to the rear wheels, determined by electronic signals from the steering, accelerator and speed of travel.
It’s a car that consequently feels eager and sporty to drive, yet is also impressively refined.
However, should the stability control step in to help correct a slide, all the power can go to the front wheels if necessary.The Kuga’s dynamics are simply staggering. 2014 Honda CR-V you could locate this relative test fairly potentially aid you make the right selection. The CR-V used to lead the way on the road, but it doesn’t take long in the Ford to see that there’s a new SUV agility champ.
Toyota previously this year unveiled its fourth-generation RAV4, Honda has really likewise introduced the fourth generation of CRV and Ford has actually exposed the most recent version of the Kuga.
While it’s not quite as good as a Focus, the 4x4 comes amazingly close to matching the light-footed abilities of the hatch.Most importantly, the ride quality is excellent.
The set-up will feel firm to those stepping out of a Land Rover, yet it’s never uncomfortable.
Soaking up the bumps has long been the Honda’s shortfall, and it thumps and crashes over undulations that leave the Ford unruffled.Equally impressive is the way the Kuga can tackle high-speed corners. The power-steering is light but accurate, letting you turn into bends with confidence, and there’s an abundance of grip and neutral body control. 2014 Honda CR-V comparative test2014 Ford KugaBy utilizing its worldwide muscle to push frames, Ford has taken its opponents by shock and left them with some catching-up to do.
Take the wheel of the CR-V and you will enjoy a similar experience, but a lack of traction from the front wheels can lead to understeer. Neither is the Honda’s steering as precise.Later this year, the Kuga’s amazing on-road abilities are set to be exploited even further.
Ford is planning to add a 197bhp version of the Focus ST’s 2.5-litre five-cylinder petrol unit, to give the SUV sparkling performance.
Rather than making its very own vehicle to comply with the expanding requirement for SUVs in the 1990s, Ford first plugged the gap in its UK design array with a rebadged Nissan Terrano (made in Spain), then later a rebadged Mazda Memorial (made in Japan), offering them as the Radical.It also got Land Rover, restored it and for a couple of years had access to the best 4x4s in the world. In a masterly example of company rashness, it offered business so Tata can take pleasure in healthy earnings from Ford-designed items.The aged variation of the Kuga, presented in 2008, was a come in the right directions, nevertheless this one is better still. The CR-V is beaten hands down out on the road, but in many other ways it fulfils a broader brief. The Honda’s dash feels more distinctive than the Ford’s, with great build quality and smart design features such as the compact handbrake lever. Also, passengers in the back get more space; the Ford is no more practical than a five-door Focus. If you regularly carry adults in the rear, the Kuga’s limited headroom could be a real drawback.While the CR-V has a traditional tailgate, the Ford’s ‘double door’ system gives two loading methods.
It was marketed as a real owner’s vehicle, and Ford wished it would end up being as prominent as the Capri. It’s easier to put small items in the back, but the tailgate is large, and heavier to operate. And the set-up can’t compensate for the fact that the Honda’s boot is 196 litres bigger, at 556 litres.Neither model has a particularly clever rear-seat folding mechanism. This Kuga, nonetheless, does.2014 Toyota Rav4The most up to date RAV4 has a great deal to measure up to. Each limits overall load length if you stow both the squab and the backrest against the front chairs.The Honda also makes up some ground with its engine. For folks seeking something uncommon, it was tough to defeat.Twenty years ago the closest competitor was the Suzuki Vitara, a thin jeep lookalike that is still seen in convertible guise as a hire vehicle in Mediterranean coastline resorts. What’s more, while the i-CTDi isn’t as refined as the latest i-DTEC oil-burner in the new Accord, its whirring note is preferable to a traditional diesel rattle. Today the opposition is a little bit much more intense.Therefore is the fourth-generation RAV4. The CR-V starts at ?18,990 in petrol form, while our high-spec diesel costs ?25,090 – over ?500 more than the Kuga. The brand-new automobile has several qualities, however the sense of enjoyable that characterised the original is not one of them.All this conservativeness has an upside, nonetheless. Will its extra practicality justify the price?EconomyHigh-quality service is one thing Honda buyers can expect when they take their CR-V in for a check-up.
The interior might be unexciting, however there is not a single rattle to be heard or lightweight joint to be seen. Hondas also have a clean reliability record, which means you shouldn’t need to make unscheduled trips to the dealer, either.
Unfortunately, the CR-V couldn’t match the economy of the Kuga, and the higher price and emissions make it more costly for business users. The raised seating and the vast windscreen offer the motorist a scenic view of the road.Even in the midst of wailing sirens, grunting bikes and the ding-a-linging of bike bells the CR-V was a haven of calm.
In accurate measurements, with the back seats in place the boot capacity is 589 litres– 147 litres up from the previous model.

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