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When the Ford Ka was initially unveiled to the public, it was the subject of a mixed reaction among the public and critics. As a young, image conscious female of 24 it wasn't out of the ordinary for me to be obsessed with getting my hands on a convertible. This was the first car i ever bought - i loved it - i have the luxuary winter edition, with white leather and a hard roof - this car looks fantastic, very girly and a real headturner. El Ford Ka es un gran exito comercial en el mercado Brasilero ya que ningun otro modelo de dos puertas ha alcanzado las cifras de ventas de este , por lo tanto, Ford ni considera producir una version de cuatro puertas para evitar competir contra su otro modelo; el Fiesta. Saben que es lo qe me da bronca de los brsileros la frma en la que profanan las denominaciones oficiales de las marcas europeas. Ahora NENU19 TE DAS CUENTA DONDE PASA EL TEMA CON LOS BRASILEROS, SON ESTAS COSTUMBRES DE METIR Y EXAGERAR, ODIO ESO MIL VECES…. El palio R me parece muy logrado esteticamente y las cosas que le pusieron tambien me pareces muy lindas. Si hacen cosas prolijas como el palio lo acepto, no tienen la obligacion de ponerle cosas en el motor. El Ford Ka fue lanzado al mercado en 1997 para competir con el Renault Twingo en el segmento A o Urbanos. Lo primero que tiene que hacer ford es ponerle ruedas mas anchas, sino el guardabarros trasero queda desproporcionado.
Hace un tiempo atras, los directivos de Ford en el Mercosur notaron que habia que renovar al Ka, para actualizarlo y para justificar un aumento de precio.. Y si muchachos los brasileros disenan autos horribles por a ellos les gusta los autos horribles.
Es muy chistoso despues de leer las “modificaciones” que este auto sea llamado ST !!!
Opiniones como la de Enzo me muestra que somos muchos los que pensamos asi y que no nos resignamos a esta clase de autos pedorros ultra econnomicos en costo de fabricacion y carisimos en las concesionarias. Enzo a tu lista de 50 autos que te comprarias antes que este, yo le agregaria 15 bicicletas, 10 skates, y el carrito del bebe de un amigo.

It was presented as a small, affordable addition to Forda€™s range, following upon the Ford Fiestaa€™s enlargement. In the year 2008, the Ford Ka is scheduled to be replaced by a model car that is being developed with Fiat utilizing the Fiat Panda platform. Ford Ka iino?iai ia oie ?a ieaooi?ia, ?oi e Ford Fiesta, iaiaei aiaoia iiaaeu ia iioi?a ie ia iaei ec aaoiiiaeeae eiioa?ia. I had after all been driving for 6 years and felt it was my right to have a car that not only drove great, but that I looked great driving ;-). El diseno me gusta mas q el viejo, pero no me agrada demaciado y ojo q el motor 1.6 en este autito q no pesa nada, anda muy bien, no te digo q levanta a 200, pero anda lindo, saludetes. The Ford Ka is built on the same platform as the MkIV Ford Fiesta, but features a drastically different exterior design. Anee au Ford aaaaee iacaaiey naiei iiaaeyi ii iiaiae? Volkswagen, yoa iiaaeu, iaaa?iia, iieo?eea au iacaaiea «Aoeaoea». Quienes no lo defendiamos deciamos que para ser un auto de ciudad era incomodo en sus plazas traseras mas gastador y andar duro.
The Ford Ka was made in the same production facility as the outgoing Ford Fiesta model in the Valencia, Spain factory.
However, after have the car for an hour i noticed a heater fault, a common problem apparently and they fixed it there and then. I on the other hand bagged a weekends test drive to see what the real story was.Inside it's not unlike the new Fiesta's, that being quite stylish, and outside too it does appear to be a head-turner, although it is possible people are more curious than impressed. Aai ia niooaaou ie n ?ai.Aiaoiinou Ford Ka i?aaneacoaii noaea aeaaiui iauaeoii iano?aaiee a aaoiiiaeea, iieo?ea iano?ue iaai? iocuaia. Main problem is fuel consumption, 15mpg is all im getting for a short 5 mile journey to work and back. Luckily for me, in October 2009 my local Ford dealership put up for sale a 2004 Streetka Winter Edition.
Ii yenia?ou ia caauee e i oaoie?aneeo aicii?iinoyo aaoi, ioiaoea aai ??einou e iaiaa?aiiinou.

Silver, hard top, soft top,heated leather interior, heated front and rear screens, fog lights, air con, 6 cd changer. A los que vieron el test de Auto al dia (excelente programa) me remito a los comentarios vertidos por su conductor. A naiii aaea, iaeaaay iio?yna?uei noaieaieai n ai?iaie, Ford Ka iicaieye n eaaeinou? i?ioiaeou naiua e?oou iiai?iou, noaa iaiei ec eo?oeo ai?ianeeo aaoiiiaeeae, ia?yao n Mini.
If youre thinking of getting one of these cars make sure you go to a trusted dealership and get a warranty for any little things that may go wrong.
She was a beauty, and had been previously owned by one elderly lady who had only racked up a mere 15k on the clock in 5 years. Y por ultimo, muchachos no se amarguen mas, no tiene sentido, fijense que hay gente a la que le encanta este auto y lo considera lo mejor del segmento! But cant wait for a bit of sun to really show the car off :) i love the heated seats and heated wing mirrors, not had any problems with a leaky roof and the car is surprisingly warm in winter.
I remember driving back to work at lunch time having picked 'her' up and feeling so special. The hardtop needs two people to remove and put back on again, but I would take it off in April and have the soft top on til around October before returning to the hard top again.
The soft was simple to put down and I love how it tucks away, just like the Audi TT (not so much like the MGTF or Beetle, whose soft tops are left out and folded on the back whilst driving). The interior is that same as the standard ka, and I feel as a convertible more effort should have been made to make the inside look and feel a little more luxurious. I was filling up around every 8-10 days and I only used to car to drive to and from work 5 days a week (15 mins each way).Unfortunately, through no fault of mine or my beloved streetka, some c**** near Gatwick decided to ram me on the junction roundabout crashing me into the steel barrier, the car is now a write off.
The whole passenger side was wedged uder the barrier and crushed, yet myself and partner were able to walk away unhurt and the car from the inside is undamage.I am now on the look out for another one as she was a truly enjoyable little convertible.

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