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During the 90s, Ford (Europe) underwent a radical re-thinking of the type of cars it was offering. The Ford Ka was powered by a relatively primitive 1.3-liter,A push-rodA four-cylinder engine, developing 59 horsepower. The 1996 Ford Ka was a revelation for Ford, as well as other manufacturers, who saw the success that a small, well-designed car could have among the buyers of city cars, and those looking for a second car.
If you think that the users of the site made a mistake by posting this image in this section, it would be nice if you wrote about it in the comments and pointed out the error. Ford got it Ka so right back in 1996 that the design remains virtually unchanged eight years on. Smaller than the Fiesta on which it's based, Ka packs comfort and clever design into a cabin that's roomy for two adults up front and snug for two kids in the back.

With used prices starting below ?2000, insurance in Groups 2 or 3, 45 mpg, low service costs and good reliability, Ka appeals as a budget runabout or first car. For a long time, and with some notable exceptions, Ford was locked in a boring-car loop, safe in the knowledge that whatever it produced would be gobbled up by an easy-to-please public.
Coupled to a five-speed manual transmission, it still allowed the little car to reach a top speed of 96 miles per hour, and to accelerate to 60 in about 13 seconds.
It likes being driven spiritedly, thanks to agile responses, assured grip and accurate power steering. The elderly eight-valve 1.3 litre 60 bhp engine limits outright performance (it was uprated to 70 bhp in 2002) but keeps up with normal traffic and only gets harsh at higher revs. It worked for a while, but soon enough consumers were demanding more from their cars, even from the budget models, which leads us to the 1996 Ford Ka.

A styling combination of roundness and hard, sharp edges, the Ka was cheap to produce, very affordable, and for a while offered some of the best driving experience you could get, at any price.
Combining a smooth, comforatble ride, and the handling of a go-kart, the Ka was a resounding success.

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