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Ford – new cars, trucks, suvs, hybrids & crossovers, The official ford site to research, learn and shop for all new ford vehicles. Ford fiesta – wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, The ford fiesta is a supermini car manufactured by the ford motor company since 1976, now in its seventh generation.
Ford fiesta classic clxi diesel 2015 price features review, Ford fiesta classic diesel on road price in delhi ncr.
2015 ford ecosport release date and price – new ford cars, 2015 ford gt the gt is one of the most well known cars from ford and it is also one of the most successful cars in 2015 ford f-150 release date and.
2015 Mercedes-Benz SL65 G Black Series Price RevealedSee Full 2015 Mercedes-Benz SL65 G Black Series Price Revealed Details here.
2015 BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo Spy ShotsSee Full 2015 BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo Spy Shots Details here. The automatic transmission in the Ford Fiesta (2011-Present) and the Ford Focus (2012-Present) is not like a traditional transmission found in many cars. The dual-clutch transmission, simply put, is a manual transmission that the computer shifts instead of the driver. When a driver of a manual transmission approaches a stop, he or she must press in the clutch pedal and shift into neutral so that the vehicle does not stall. Problems arise when the computer does not do the best job at engaging and disengaging gears.
The clutches in the Fiesta automatic are supposed to be units that never need serviced or fluid replaced. I just bought a 2015 Fiesta SE, just wondering if anyone has had any problems with this particular year. I have owned my 2015 ford fiesta for almost a full year now and it has been an absolutely excellent car!
Though a local dealer, Germain Ford, Beavercreek which purchased HIDY, ( the dealer which LIED for over a year about the Car, tried to fix the issues the RECALL is ineffective.
Oh dear I have had the car on my local garage for 4 days now I hope it sorts out all the problems I am having with the juddering why are the garages allowed to sell the cars mowing they have this problem I will never touch a ford feista automatic again and advise others to do the same. Our 2011 had the clutch forks replaced at 18,000,26,000 and now at 40,000 they feel like they need to be replaced again.
I just had our Ford Fiesta 2011 s variant with DCT (top of the line???)parked for months.The car stalled while my wife was going out of the hospital basement parking, and the car had to be pushed. You should have received a letter stating that the warranty on the transmission has been extended to 7 years, 70,000 miles. 2012 Fiesta: Ford dealership refuses to give us a loaner vehicle while the car is getting the transmission repaired. Ford is the full-line, mass-market brand of Ford Motor Co., which also sells luxury vehicles in North America under the Lincoln name. Technically, it is a dual-clutch transmission (more on that later) that operates differently than a traditional automatic. With a manual transmission, the driver of the vehicle has situational awareness all around.
For those who notice the problem, schedule a visit with the service advisor at the local dealership and explain how the car feels to drive.
Since the computer cannot anticipate changes as quickly as a human with situational awareness, there are ways to catch the transmission off-guard. However, we may have ours checked out before the vehicle drops out of warranty just to be on the safe side.

She told me i had to take care of these safety issues.Pissed me off a bit and told her to take care of their safety issue with trans.
It would be great having a sixth gear since it runs at 3200 at 70MPH but I am happy with it .
I saw a recall on the transmission module, and I wanted to go get that looked at before it became an issue.. I don’t care if I got a full refund, just a full retail value of the car would be good. My dealership said they had to run a test and, that if the test came back negative, they were going to charge me $50 and I told them I don’t think they are.
The Ford Global City in Manila fixed and replaced TCM for 3days with the adaptive learning check done for the new TCM. With the discontinuation of Mercury and the sale of numerous other premium and luxury marques within the past few years, the company's efforts are squarely on Ford, a global brand.
This type of transmission is often more fuel efficient than a traditional automatic, and in some cases, a more sporty drive. When the vehicle needs to take off again, the DCT must select a gear and release the clutch.
Regardless, Ford is working to make the system better for the driver, and as smooth as possible for passengers in the vehicle. Getting up to speed is not quite as fast as I would like, but maybe that’s just because Iike to go fast. After 2 weeks the auto gears started to judder so the garage picked it up today to have a look. According to the warranty they will repair and replace parts for up to 7 years, 70,000 miles.
Turns out my transmission had problems but there is no way I am paying them to diagnose a known problematic transmission. Thanks to a series of impressive new models and the goodwill that comes from being the only domestic automaker not to receive a government bailout, Ford's sales, profits, market share and image are all on the rise. The 2011 Ford Fiesta was the first vehicle from Ford to receive this type of transmission, and it has been plagued with issues and negative reviews.
Drivers of manual transmission-equipped vehicles become quickly familiar with a subtle whine from the transmission, especially in reverse. This behavior is typically a bit jerky for drivers of manual transmission vehicles, and sometimes that is the case of a DCT-equipped Fiesta.
A quick few checks in the computer system and the problem was immediately found with a potential fix.
Immediately pressing the accelerator down hard will confuse the system and the shift might be delayed. Until Ford offers a 6-speed manual transmission in all of their Fiesta vehicles, the 6-speed DCT is still the best option for maximum fuel economy. When I picked it up I noticed that it did get up to speed a bit faster than before, but my average mpg before I dropped it off was 36.
I have been trying to get past Ford customer relations but no joy, does anybody have ways of getting past them? I went to our Ford service center and was told that after a diagnostics it is usually the Transmission control module…It would cost me around PHP45,000 for parts and labor.
When I got back to let them check it again, they recommed to replace the shift fork and solenoid with a estimated amount of PHP150,000.00!

Understanding the transmission will help consumers better understand why it behaves the way that it does, which we hope to do. For some Fiestas, the car feels like someone who has just learned how to drive a manual transmission is driving the car. The service advisor scheduled a warranty visit, and the transmission control module was reprogrammed.
We have to intentionally try to trip the system up to get the vehicle to not be in a gear at all. At Highway speed it is fine The vehicle is comfortable, Handles very well, very good MPG & a good looking vehicle.
After I picked my car up and was about half way home I noticed that my car was reading that it only got 27 avg mpg and I flipped out. However, they returned the car only to be told they need to take the clutch module and gear box to bits as it is still happening.
Wouldn’t you think a big company like Fords could sort this problem or refund every ones money in full so we can then buy a car with an automatic gearbox that works.
There I found out that when you rev it high, the transmission slips so you can only apply gas so much so the trans would not slip and the car only ran max at 40kph. Substantial recent upgrades to the Mustang, including new V-6 and V-8 engines, have improved performance along with efficiency. However, one of the biggest complaints about people who purchase the automatic transmission in the Fiesta is the noise from the transmission.
In stop-and-go traffic, the car picks the wrong gear, the wrong amount of throttle for creep is applied, or the clutch stays engaged for too long. While still not absolutely perfect, we noticed a considerable improvement following the upgrade. Before the software upgrade, several times a week the car would not know what gear to be in and instead chose no gear at all. I brought it to the Ford dealership and was told that the Transmission Module is the culprit as I have just learned from you guys. My dilemma , is it worth spending for a brand new TCM for PHP 45,000 with just one year of warranty. I was also told by the service guys that Ford has extended the warranty for this trans module from 3 to 5 years.
It gave itself gas at stop light once trying to push me through the light had to hold break down hard to keep from going into traffic.
The car most recently redesigned was the Focus sedan and hatchback, which hit dealerships in 2011.
Ford is currently phasing out its truck-based Explorer midsize SUV and half-truck Explorer Sport Trac, replacing it with an all-new Explorer that attempts to blend truck and crossover characteristics. The Expedition and extended Expedition EL full-size SUVs can seat up to eight in three rows.Long overdue for a redesign, the Ranger compact pickup remains in the lineup along with full-size F-Series pickup trucks and E-Series cargo vans in numerous sizes, cab and box styles and weight ratings.

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