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This Ford scores only four points above the Dodge out of a possible 255, hardly a decisive triumph, but unlike the former, it stirs no controversy. Second-row passengers feel as if they have a huge space, especially down around the Reeboks.
Harsh ride, gritty-sounding engine, unyielding leather seats, back seat is nasty for the center passenger. But you sit oddly close to the floor, surely a decision aimed at creating a flat load floor when the backrest is folded for cargo space.

Fuel economy was 20 mpg on our 600-mile test trip, in a four-way tie with the Dodge, Hyundai, and Mazda. AccuPayment does not state credit or lease terms that are available from a creditor or lessor, and AccuPayment is not an offer or promotion of a credit or lease transaction. The crisp steering gives you the confidence to carve tightly around any obstacle you encounter.
As in the Dodge, the hardness of the leather-covered cushions suggests poverty instead of plush.

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