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New York NYC Crime Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Education Weather Obituaries Sports Yankees Mets Giants Jets Knicks Nets Rangers Islanders Football Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer College High School The Score More Sports News Crime U.S. Follow Us Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest YouTube Subscribe Follow UsNewsletter App Subscriptions Subscribe Get Our Newsletter A daily blend of the most need-to-know Daily News stories, delivered right to your inbox. Nestled between the practical but value-conscious Escape and the large-but-frugal Explorer, the Edge builds itself a curious nest in the Ford lineup. The top engine is from the F-150, the rear end is off a Fusion sedan, and the front visage could be mistaken for a Taurus, but ita€™s how all of these parts, and more, fit together to make the Edge what it is: Forda€™s flagship crossover.
Ford invited us to sunny Scottsdale, Arizona and the surrounding Tonto National Forest to test the new Edge, and after a brutal winter in the Northeast, a small dose of sunshine and cacti seemed in order. The 2015 Edge is available with three engines and four trim levels, but naturally, we were only able to get our hands on the top two, the Titanium and Sport models.
Ford invited us to sunny Scottsdale, AZ to drive the 2015 Edge, a refreshing break from the harsh winter in the Northeast. We spent some drive time in the Titanium on the winding highways just outside of Scottsdale, and while the 2.0-liter is more than adequate for daily driving, it did struggle to keep up when hustled or presented with a steep incline. Fuel economy suffered a bit as well, as the quoted 30 highway mpg for the Titanium FWD model was closer to 24 when presented with all of those hills. Inside, the Edge boasts excellent headroom and rear seat legroom, more than enough space for adult or young occupants.
Speaking of Sport, Forda€™s top-level Edge is where we spent most of our time behind the wheel, and finally lives up to the trim-level designation ita€™s been given. Available in standard front or optional all-wheel-drive like the rest of the lineup, the Sport is Forda€™s top-of-the-line option for a reason, pairing the best engine with the most satisfying driving dynamics.
The Edge excels at the humdrum of driving in the city and suburbs, but can even elicit a smile or two on the backroads between the cacti, especially in Sport trim.
This keeps the Sport firmly planted in the bends for its size at the expense of a bit firmer ride than the cushier models. But wea€™d be remiss not to mention the style and technology that Ford raves about, and with the Sport, they certainly make a point.
While it does borrow looks from other members of the Ford family, the Edge is more distinctive than ever, cutting a sleeker profile from the side and using understated design nicely. Cargo space is immense, especially longitudinally, as the sloping rear of the 2015 Edge sacrifices some vertical space in the trunk in the name of a longer wheelbase and more legroom. Inside, the Edge looks like standard Ford fare, but ita€™s the attention to detail that sets it apart. The Sport is no slouch in the technology department either, boasting a full suite of driver assistance, comfort, and safety technology.
All of this impressive tech comes at a cost, however, as the Sport AWD model we tested will set you back a whopping $47,425, and for that price, you could get a similarly equipped Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

Sticker shock is no matter to Ford, though, as they should continue to sell nearly 10,000 Edge models a month regardless of price, and they deserve to. Tags: crossovers ford 2015 ford edge edge auto reviews Did you find this article helpful? MenStyleFashion was invited for a 2-day press trip in Munich to experience the Ford Edge for ourselves, the largest and most luxurious car in Ford’s SUV lineup.
Upon starting the engine and setting off I realised straight away how quiet this car was, I didn’t not know at the time that the Edge was kitted out with active noise cancellation, but it worked wonders.
The first part of the road trip took me on a small bit of autobahn (unfortunately with a speed limit) and then it went mainly through some beautiful Bavarian country side. Just before our presentation stop we were presented with a light off-road track to test the off-road capabilities of this all wheel drive SUV. At the car presentation I was presented with a cut open car to get a closer look at some of the details.
Ita€™s a bit too expensive to serve the needs of an Escape buyer, but not quite big or capable enough to be an alternative Explorer.
As any Ford marketing representative worth his or her salt will tell you, ita€™s always been about two key characteristics: style and technology.
So quiet, in fact, that we had to turn the radio and climate control off entirely just to hear the engine at work.
The six-speed automatic is a fairly quick shifter, but in a world of increasing gears, feels a bit behind the times compared to the likes of the 9-speed in the Jeep Cherokee. The electric steering rack has been tuned up for a bit more road feel, and feels downright racecar-esque compared to the Titanium model.
Sleek body lines and a tapered rear end make the Edge look less bloated than previous iterations, and the Fusion-esque taillights tie the design together nicely with a full-length LED bar. Every surface that was previously sub-par plastic has been replaced, either with leather or soft-touch materials.
Equipped with Forda€™s only option package on the Sport, the laundry list is as follows: blind spot monitoring, voice-activated navigation, remote start, front 180-degree camera, hands-free power lift gate, heated and cooled front seats, heated rear seats, rain-sensing wipers, and advanced park assist, which will parallel park or back the car into a space completely free of human input. The base Edge SE starts at $28,100, but very few buyers keep the cost that low when opting for the higher-class Edge.
The 2015 Edge is not groundbreaking, but ita€™s definitely greater the sum of its incrementally improved parts. If so, please share it using the "Join the Conversation" buttons below, and thank you for visiting Daily News Autos. In 2015 the market share of SUV in Europe was a whopping 23%, this makes it the largest segment of the overall car market. Upon arrival at Munich Airport we were presented with a choice of 2 different models to test drive and we started of with the Ford Edge Sport and the 6 speed automatic version with 210 HP diesel engine.

The staff of Ford Europe had carefully selected a music playlist for further enjoyment on the road trip ahead. Near the speed dial I was constantly reminded via a visual sign what the maximum speed limit was of the road I was driving on.
I switched the display on the dashboard to show me the power distribution between the wheels as I navigated the humps and mud tracks.
Via interactive presentations, I learned about the noise cancellation keeping this car extremely quiet and also many of the additional features as lane control, blind spot warning, active steering, traffic sign recognition etc. This is all thanks to Forda€™s extensive sound-deadening technology, lining not only the bodywork but the undercarriage as well, and all but eliminating engine noise in every trim level except the Sport. Suspension design is all-new on the Edge Sport as well, with MacPherson struts in the front and an independent multi-link design in the rear. Turn-in is quick and a fair amount of resistance through the corners keeps you more in tune with the car.
Contrasting stitching on the door panels and carbon-fiber accents add a touch of class, and the suede-like seats are a joy to spend multiple hours in. With fantastic sunny weather the first thing I did was open the sunroof and turned on the seat cooling feature, my favourite feature of the whole car. I was not sure who was going to pick up the speeding fine so I tried to stay within the limits. The only things we werena€™t so crazy about were the Sony stereo and the matte black climate controls, as they felt like an afterthought on what is an otherwise finely crafted interior. The 2nd and smaller model in the European SUV line up was presented in 2013 when the 2nd Generation Ecosport went global after the 1st generation did well in South America.
The Edge is fitted with both seat warmers, back and front and seat coolers on the front seats. This speed warning feature works by a front camera looking for road speed signs and displaying the information near the speed dial. Colonial Cars Inc is a family owned & operated used car dealership in the central Florida area, We offer the best prices in town, as a wholesale and retail specialists we bring you the cars of your choice with the best service you can expect. Ford is now introducing a third model in the European line up with the large Ford Edge which is produced in its Canadian factory. We are located right off of West Colonial Drive & Carter Rd, behind the Peoples Plaza West.

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