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Planned as a new reveal at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, images have now leaked out of the Ford Focus refresh ahead of the event.  And as we know, what happens to the gas burning Focus, also happens to some degree to the Focus Electric as well.
Gone is the classic compact Focus look in favor of the more aggressive Fusion styling (or Mondeo if you are Euro-based). The 2015 Ford Focus, the world’s best-selling nameplate, is expected to hold onto this coveted title with a bold new look that emulates other recent Ford vehicle designs and more advanced technologies that improve driver comfort and safety.
The new look and added technologies were revealed today at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the world’s largest exhibition for the mobile industry.
In addition to a host of styling and technological advances, the new Focus will offer the remarkably efficient, fun-to-drive, award-winning 1.0-liter EcoBoost® engine with a six-speed transmission – surpassing the fuel efficiency of the previous model, and once again raising the bar amongst the competition. The smallest engine in the company’s growing EcoBoost family will increase the choice for Ford customers in the United States, as Fiesta is already available with the 1.0-liter EcoBoost engine. In Europe, where it is already on five nameplates, the 1.0-liter EcoBoost accounts for 32 percent of sales of the current-generation Focus and 26 percent of Fiesta sales this year. EcoBoost technology combines smaller-displacement engines with turbocharging, direct injection, variable valve timing and proprietary Ford software to bring customers outstanding performance and fuel economy. Inside, colors and materials have a clean, modern look, with satin chrome detailing, new seat trims, switches and an available heated steering wheel. A package of sensors brings a new level of convenience for compact car customers by adding driver-assist technologies including a rearview camera and an available Blind Spot Information System (BLIS®) and lane-keeping system. Standard on Focus for the first time, the rearview camera will appear on either a 4.2-inch screen or the 8-inch screen that comes with MyFord Touch®-equipped cars.
BLIS uses two multiple-beam radar modules, the same used with cross-traffic alert, which are packaged in the rear quarter panels, one on each side. Should a Focus driver start to drift out of the current lane without a turn signal on, the available lane-keeping system provides a warning through a series of steering wheel vibrations that mimic a rumble strip.
New Focus drivers will also have access to powerful new capabilities thanks to a host of new functions developers can integrate as they modify their apps to communicate with enhanced SYNC® AppLink™. Android and iOS smartphone owners can download more than 60 AppLink-enabled apps from the Apple App Store and Android market. Connected apps can access a variety of real-time vehicle data such as speed, acceleration, odometer and location information that can be used by the app to further customize and personalize the user experience.
In addition to the many advancements in exterior styling, interior design, powertrain and technology, the new Focus will also benefit from suspension and chassis upgrades. It looks like Ford was working to bring the Focus hatch drag down to Fusion level or below, so it could offer similar or better hybrid mpg. Nissan never specifically claimed the headlight design was for aerodynamics in regards to overall drag. I expect there to be very little difference between the Focus Electric than the ICE Focus style wise, except for closing off the front grilles like they are today, and making the LED fog lamps standard.
Yeah, anyone wanting to load large, single items in the back– will be sorely disappointed. Here’s to hoping for improved battery packaging and improved cargo capacity in the updated Focus EV. Without the cargo organizer there to provide a large flat surface, carrying certain larger items might be a lot more cumbersome than without it. I think the whole trunk space issue is overblown, compared to the benefits of EV ownership. But with the big bump in the way, it really makes it difficult to carry large objects – (flat pack) furniture, skis, bikes, etc. Still waiting for Ford to update 2015 Focus production schedule, 2014 start date for Focus and Escape was July for NA. That’s the big one, for all that some like to claim that they only ever travel with a spare packet of tissues and a packet of sweets.
My wife initially said it was a dealbreaker for her when she saw the photos of the Cmax Energi online. Ford already committed to offering a Combo Charger in 2014, and the Focus Electric is the only option for an install. Wonder if it will still fit behind the funky little round chargeport door on the front quarter panel?
If Ford would bump up their Energi cars to 16KWH of batteries, they would really have something. I was considering an i3, but the above limitations (along with the high price) killed it for me. Unfortunately in the US the RE is not driver controllable so as to comply with Californian regulations.
They have heavily compromised the potential of the i3 in search of compliance, too heavily in my view as the petrol tank is smaller than it needs to be and they have crossed it with a lawnmover as the RE. The labelling of the photos is a bit confusing, but the station wagon as they are called in the States or estate car as we say in the UK has much more substantial load carrying capacity, particularly for awkward or bulky objects. Introduced in 2007, the Mazda CX-9 is a seven-passenger full-size crossover sharing its platform with the Ford Edge. Physically speaking, the front and rear fascia receive familiar Kodo design enhancements that better align the CUV with its siblings (namely, the CX-5 and Mazda6). Taking nearly identical design cues from the TAKERI Concept, the 2014 Mazda6 follows in the all-new footsteps and clean-sheet-of-paper approach of CX-5 to become the second production vehicle to feature the full breadth of the KODO "Soul of Motion" design language and also fully incorporate SKYACTIV®[1] TECHNOLOGY. The 2014 CX-5 also will receive the SCBS system, which will be available as part of an upgraded Technology Package for Touring and Grand Touring models.
Available at Mazda dealerships now, the 2013 CX-9 receives a mid-cycle facelift, immediately evident in its familial KODO design enhancements to the front and rear fascia. Mazda Motorsports will unveil an all-new competition race car which will make its motorsports debut in January at the 2013 Rolex 24 at Daytona, the premier motorsports endurance race in the United States. Reported comments and users are reviewed by Autoblog staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week to determine whether they violate Community Guideline.
Choose up to 3 vehicles to compare side-by-side on price, features, performance, cost of ownership and more. Guide to the latest ADAS offerings, including Blind Spot Monitoring, Turn Assist, Backup Collision Warning and more.

La Administracion Nacional de Seguridad Vial de los Estados Unidos de Norteamerica, ha dictado una nueva normativa ley por la que todos los vehiculos nuevos de menos de 4.500 kilos de peso, deberan llevar camara de video traseras para poder circular. La medida que desde ya se esta implementando entrara en vigor al cien por ciento obligatorio, con las respectivas reglamentaciones con que dispone la normativa, en Mayo del ano 2018, pero todos los vehiculos fabricados y vendidos a partir de el mes de Mayo del ano 2016, tendran que incorporar ya esta tecnologia en sus vehiculos. La medida de esta nueva normativa en los Estados Unidos puede parecer radical, pero en realidad la NHTSA lleva posponiendo su entrada en vigor desde el ano 2011.
Jorge Eduardo Vega - Comunicador Social - Periodista - con Tarjeta Profesional expedida por el Ministerio de Educacion nacional de Colombia. Ford lanza su nueva Edge 2015, una potente utilitaria que va para el mercado mundial y que es un mejor vehiculo por donde se le vea.
Este atractivo emocional se ve reforzada por una gran cantidad de tecnologías avanzadas y nuevos servicios.
Curiosamente la pagina de Internet de Ford de Mexico no tiene a la mano a la version Escape Titanium.
Traemos un vehiculo de cuatro cilindros 2.0 litros de 240 HP con un torque de 270 libras pie.
Por lo que se paga, deberia traer paletas al volante, pues de tendria mayor control del vehiculo sin bajar el brazo derecho a aplicar el boton de cambio (como lo trae la Escape equipada). Volviendo al volante, se tienen todos los controles a la mano, ademas del telefono sin manos (no recomendamos hablar por telefono aun con este sistema, por seguridad).
Covelli y el que esto escribe no podemos dejar de mencionar que Ford Motor Company cometio el error de irse a la base de ingenieria japonesa con Mazda, su socio. La Ford Escape 2014 Ecoboost (la otra version la manejamos pero hace tiempo) es un buen producto pensado para las personas que quieren sustituir a su anterior Van por una camioneta deportiva utilitaria. HE TENIDO LA PEOR EXPERIENCIA con Ford Escape SE Plus (2014), desde febrero comenzo a presentar la falla de no mantener la aceleracion cuando estaba a baja velocidad o en algun semaforo, de pronto comenzaba a vibrar muy fuerte y se apagaba, en algunas ocasiones al comenzar esta vibracion aceleraba hasta el fondo y no se apagaba, pero pues obviamente no debe suceder, en diversas ocasiones ingreso a la agencia puesto que aun esta en garantia solo tiene 27mil kms y menos de 3 anos, me la devolvian igual puesto que la computadora no marcaba nada, hasta que en abril les demostre que la falla era evidente y muy clara y se quedaron con la Escape, al dia de hoy sigue en reparacion. Sinceramente cuando la adquiri no me informe bien y no conocia este tipo de Foros donde puede uno conocer la experiencia de quienes ya han tenido algun vehiculo similar. HOLA CESAR, QUE TAL, FIJATE QUE TENGO UN PROBLEMA CON UN ESCAPE 2015 MOTOR ECOBOOST, TENGO 5 MESES CON ELLA, Y A LAS 2 SEMANAS EMPEZO A FALLAR EL AIRE ACONDICIONADO, Y LA LLEVAMOS A LA AGENCIA Y SE COMPROMETIERON E INCLUSO QUE QUEDARIA AL 100% PERO YA VAN 3 VECES QUE LA METO Y AHORITA LLEVA 12 DIAS EN LA AGENCIA Y NO LE ENCUENTRAN LA FALLA. ELLOS SE COMPROMETEN A REPARAR LAS VECES QUE SEA NECESARIO LA UNIDAD SIN COSTO ALGUNO,PERO NO SE TRATA DE ESO YA QUE UNO COMPRA UN AUTO NUEVO, Y LO QUE MENOS QUIERES SON PROBLEMAS. David, la KIA Sportage es un competidor fuerte, si hablamos de la Escape que no trae el motor Ecoboost, que es la mas cara.
Hola Cesar, estoy por adquirir una Escape SPlus 2015 pero no traera el fabuloso motor ecoboos que mencionas tanto, viendo los comentarios voy a acercarme a la Mazda y a la Honda pero vi que existen varias versiones, solo puedo aspirar a la CX5 o a la CRV basicas, realmente seran mejor que esa Escape. Fernando, por la calidad de manejo, aunque la Tiguan es muy cara para lo que realmente vale. Carlos, los consumos estipulados en la ficha tecnica o el manual se realizan bajo especificaciones muy precisas. Angy, considero que la RAV tiene mejor calidad que la Escape de la que han salido mas de seis llamados a revision en EEUU. Estoy por comprar una camioneta, me gusta mucho la ford scape la mas equipada con ecoobost, pero si es una buena camioneta?
Hola cesar yo vivo en Colombia y tengo muchas dudas de comprar una Ford escape 2014 titanium pero me dicen que son muy tragalonas de combustible!!!! DESDE COLOMBIA TE PREGUNTO , ESTOY PENSANDO EN RENOVAR ME LLAMA LA ATENCION LA ESCAPE 2015 POR TECNOLOGIA Y SEGURIDAD, LA OTRA OPCION ES LA MAZDA CX5 GRAND TOURING QUE REPORTAN ES MUCHO MAS ECONOMICA POR EL MOTOR Y TECNOLOGIA I-ACTIVSENSE QUE OPINION DAS Y CUAL ME RECOMIENDAS. Cesar disculpa mi ignorancia, pero he leido que mencionas que los motores japoneses son mejores, pero en que sentido son mejores? Adriana, Premium desde luego, te dara mejor comportamiento y cierto ahorro, no mucho, dependiendo como la uses (aire acondicionado, peso en el maletero constante, congestionamietos, etc.). Tengo una ford Escape 2013, ya le meti 52.000 KMs, y no tengo queja de nada, es genial en su desempeno, confortable. Estoy pensando seriamente entre la ix35 de Hyundai y la version Ecobost 2.0 Turbo de Escape SE ?Cual me recomiendas?
Victor, pues mientras dejas apartada tu ix35 porque tiene tanto exito que casi no hay, anotate en la lista y pruebala.
Photos of the 2015 Nissan Murano SUV due to debut at the 2014 New York Auto Show as a revised and more upmarket Murano. Twice already, automotive journalists have named Ford’s 1.0-liter EcoBoost powerplant International Engine of the Year, for 2012 and 2013. Robust demand for the 1.0-liter in Europe has prompted Ford to double production capacity at its state-of-the-art plant in Cologne, Germany, to more than 1,000 engines a day. Ford EcoBoost engines can deliver significantly better fuel economy than larger-displacement gasoline engines.
It features a restyled hood and grille, signature lighting for the headlamps and taillamps, new rear lamp clusters and a restyled trunk lid.
Storage is improved with a new center console incorporating adjustable cupholders, and a new, easier-to-access glove box. The radar identifies when a vehicle enters the defined blind spot zone and illuminates an indicator light on the corresponding sideview mirror, providing a warning that a vehicle is approaching. If the unintended lane departure is not corrected by the driver, the aid function of the system actively applies steering torque to help the driver direct the car back toward the center of the current lane. Best of all, alerts are available any time a mobile device is connected to SYNC AppLink, even if the app is not currently active. These include a new shock absorber valve design providing improved interior quietness, a new electronic stability program system with less intrusion and improved comfort, and a change to the rear suspension to give drivers a more connected feel to the road. Several times they mentioned how their headlamps direct wind away from the side mirrors, helping reduce drag. I appreciate his thoughtful opinions, and he pays very careful attention to details which he repeats in the comments to good effect, often supporting or contradicting an article quite effectively. But when we test drove one in person, upon closer inspection, we realized we could put just about anything we wanted to back there and even she was okay with it.
If you see an orange cap (which is the safety warning color for all high voltages), then it has the fast DC charging feature. This is in sharp contrast to a true EREV like the Volt which gives a similar driving experience regardless of mode.

There is an under served market for wagons in the US because a lot of people want the extra cargo space without the fuel consumption of an SUV. Now entering its seventh year in showrooms, Mazda has again treated it to a mild mid-cycle facelift (it was also updated for the 2010 model year). Inside, the cabin is the automaker's next-generation infotainment and audio package with a 5.8-inch touch-screen display, Bluetooth connectivity (audio and phone) and navigation (based on TomTom technology). Mazda6 will feature a new SKYACTIV-G 2.5-liter gasoline engine as well as new-to-market technologies in the Smart City Brake Support (SCBS) system, an automated safety feature designed to mitigate front-end collisions at low speeds, and i-ELOOP, a Mazda-developed capacitor-based brake energy regeneration system for improved fuel economy.
The vehicle will be equipped with a turbocharged SKYACTIV-D 2.2L, making it the first diesel-powered competitor in the 51-year history of the 24-hour race. Accounts are penalized for Community Guidelines violations and serious or repeated violations can lead to account termination. Actualmente existen muchos fabricantes que ofrecen alternativas de terceros para instalar un sistema de camaras en vehiculos que no cuentan con el sistema. Cada ano en los Estados Unidos, mueren 15 personas y otras 15.000 personas resultan heridas en accidentes en los que uno de los vehiculos realizaba la marcha atras. Por tanto, el precio que se facilita es el de la version SEL que vale $434,900, pero no es la version de super lujo equipada con motor Ecoboost (turbo). Son muchos y asemeja a una gran consola o de esos equipos de sonido japoneses, con cromos plasticos que acorrientan el producto, digo yo.
Covelli anora aquellas carreras con los autos de los 50 y 60 donde no habia direccion hidraulica en los autos, menos electrica y asistida. Estoy por decidirme por comprar una Ford Escape 2016, la he visto muchas veces y cada vez me gusta mas. Creemos que esta camioneta te va a consumir mas combustible que la KIA y que las refacciones tambien se disparan. Como puedes leer, probamos el Titanium con motro Ecoboost y nos ha fascinado en buena forma porque este motor es el milagro para Ford, ya que se pone a la altura de los mejores para el mercado nacional e internacional. Lo que te recomiendo es que cambies de gasolinera y veas que los litros sean lo mas cercanos a litros. Ahora, si lo que quieres saber es como estan los precios de las refacciones y el mantenimiento, que creo es el punto a analizar, creo que todo esta en que si tienes los recursos para mantener un Audi, vas a encontrar un mar de diferencias tecnologicas entre los dos vehiculos. Ya le hice cambio de bateria y que trabajo para cambiarla por su posicion pero es una trivialidad frente a su grandeza. Como te habia comentado anteriormente, estoy pensando comprar la ix35 Limited para finales del ano o principios del siguiente. But the casual way he states his opinions and wishes as if they were insider facts crosses the line of propriety. Most folks that complain about its trunk space haven’t seen it in person, much less lived with it.
And because BMW made the gas tank so crazy small, you may just experience gasoline range anxiety instead of EV range anxiety.
Other audio enhancements include HD Radio, a Pandora interface and SMS audio receipt and delivery. The all-new 2014 Mazda6 mid-size sedan, updated 2014 CX-5 compact SUV and face-lifted 2013 CX-9 mid-size SUV will make their first continental appearances.
Las camaras de video autorizadas pretenden reducir esta cifra facilitando al conductor un campo de vision en marcha hacia atras de tres metros de ancho por seis metros de largo. Un vehiculo que, aun siendo camioneta y perder atributos de un sedan deportivo, defiende la tecnologia Ecoboost, un motor de cuatro cilindros 2.0 litros de 240 HP. El diseno es atractivo, la serie de equipamientos le llevan a ser una camioneta deportiva utilitaria de lujo, pero que deja atras a todo lo que conocimos de Ford en terminos de vehiculos semi-pesados.
Claro, trae un sistema de inyeccion directa, turbocargado, Ecoboost, y una apertura variable de valvulas, lo que permite respirar al motor con holgura. Importante para no balancearse (recordamos aquellas camionetas estadunidenses de los 80 donde te ibas en una curva hasta el cristal de la puerta de tu lado). Ford tiene a la base inglesa Racing ST que tiene una historia de exito en los rallyes mundiales y toda la ingenieria alemana (recuerden al Mondeo.
Todo el tiempo quieres ir rapido al tener rapida respuesta del motor… y del turbo (el turbo no te permite perder torque aun a la altura de la Ciudad de Mexico). Mis dos dudas y temores son, que el consumo de combustible pueda ser muy alto y la otra que tienen problemas con la caja, principalmente las que vienen de Espana.
TENGO RECELO A LA ESCAPE PORQUE TUVE FOCUS POWERSHIFT Y PUES YA SABRAS; ESTA QUE TRANSMISION ES? Por eso decimos que este tema tiene muchas variables, como manejas, como le pisas al acelerador (mas si es turbo, se deja pedir mas velocidad cada vez), etc. On some US highways, the distance between gas stops actually exceeds the i3 gas+electric range. They aren’t producing Focus BEVs in one year compared to what is sold in one month by the current Energi models. Si, hablamos de las graaandes y toscas camionetas chupadoras de gasolina y que tienen muchos caballos pero son poco agradables para un manejo dinamico de carretera o autopista. Recordando a la VW Tiguan se tiene mas sobriedad en el tablero, aca es mas brillo, mas cromos plasticos aqui y alla. Le damos una calificacion de 8.5 aclarando que estamos calificandole en el segmento de camionetas de su tipo.
La otra que tengo en mente es la Nissan Qasqai y un amigo me comento que llega una super Kia Revoluction 2017 mucho mejor y con precio mas bajo. SON MIS DOS OPCIONES POR QUE CON DESCUENTOS, BONO Y TASA DE INTERES DE LA ESCAPE ME QUEDAN LAS MENSUALIDADES MUY SIMILARES… SOLO DOS PERSONAS ANDAREMOS EN EL AUTO. Te tienes que cuidar del nivel de gravedad, el punto de quiebre donde puedes perder el pesado vehiculo y..
Ya platicaremos que ese control es contraproducente en algunos modelos porque esa correccion obligada ha costado accidentes a algunos conocidos.

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