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Ford has unveiled the Edge Concept, an almost production-ready study that previews the next-generation Edge, which is scheduled to be launched next year as a 2015 model, ahead of the vehicles public debut at the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show.
Sporting an evolutionary design enhanced by, narrow headlamps, horizontal taillights and a bolder front grille, the 2015 Edge will feature a range of advanced automated driving technologies, including the self-parking and obstacle avoiding systems currently under development by Ford. There’s no word on powertrains yet, but Ford says the 2015 Edge will be fitted with its new EcoBoost engines and active grille shutters for better fuel efficiency. Ford had nothing to say about a launch date for the production version, but you can find out more about the concept in the official press release below. The Troller T4 Concept features a number of hardcore off-road elements, including an engine snorkel allowing it to ford deeper waters than usual, a front mounted winch, and sturdy looking steel bumpers both front and rear. Hennessey, one of the best known tuner in the business, have developed a couple of performance packages for the brand-new 2015 Ford Mustang GT. That’s what Japanese designer Ken Nagasaka, a graduate of the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California thinks anyway. Ford introduced the S-MAX Vignale concept in Milan – fitting seeing as Italy is where Vignale was originally founded.
The Ford S-MAX Vignale concept was introduced not at an auto show, but at the Salone del Mobile, the world’s largest furniture expo. The Ford Hot Rod concept is a fantasy creation from designers Pawel Wisniewski and Jans Shlapins.
The car will be auctioned off for charity on april 12, just under a month after the movie premieres on March 14. The movie car, designed and built by Ford themselves, boasts a custom-designed wide body and unique Forgiato 22-inch alloy wheels.
Geigercars most important, yet also least visible, modification for the F-150 SVT Raptor is found under the hood. Theophilus Chin is a guy who loves nothing better than screwing around with Photoshop and creating speculative vehicles based on production cars.
The 2015 Ford Mustang will be the first Mustang to go officially go on sale in Europe on almost 50 years. At the 2013 LA Auto Show, Ford rolled out the Ford Edge Concept, a vehicle which was designed to give a fairly accurate preview of the styling and technology direction of the company’s new large SUV for Europe.
Ford, the company that defined the crossover utility vehicle segment, today introduced new automated driving technologies in the Ford Edge Concept. Data provided by IHS Automotive indicate global utility vehicle sales grew 45 percent between 2007 and 2012. Utility vehicle sales in China are projected to grow significantly, by more than 100 percent from 2012 to 2017, according to IHS Automotive. Driver-assist technologies and semi-automated features in Edge Concept hint at a future offering even more intelligent and capable vehicles from Ford. Fully assisted parking aid, a prototype technology, lets customers park their vehicles at the touch of a button, or even by remote control. Using similar sensor and automated vehicle control technology, Ford has also begun a research project designed to refine advanced obstacle avoidance systems. Adaptive steering, another new technology from Ford featured on Edge Concept, makes steering at low speeds dramatically easier, and steering in all conditions feel more confident and engaging. Developing technology that can help people around the world feel more confident and secure is a high priority for Ford.
Active park assist, which can ease the stress of parallel parking by using sensors and the steering system to guide a vehicle into a parking spot; the driver controls the gas and brake pedals. Lane-Keeping System, which uses a forward-facing camera that can scan the road surface for lane markings.
Adaptive cruise control and collision warning with brake support, which uses radar to detect moving vehicles immediately ahead, and can modify cruising speed if necessary.
Blind Spot Information System, which uses radar sensors in the rear corners that monitor the spaces next to and just behind the vehicle. The technologies in the Ford Edge Concept complement the vehicle’s exterior design, which is carefully sculpted, fluid and athletic. Strong shoulders on Ford Edge Concept add to the feel and appearance of a runner in the starting blocks. To aid the fuel efficiency of a next-generation EcoBoost® engine with start-stop technology, the Edge Concept has a new high-tech application of Active Grille Shutters. To improve efficiency further, unique air curtains are positioned on the lower part of the fascia.

Functional and decorative design elements combine to create a stunning display – these technical graphics are a hallmark of modern Ford design.
The turn signal transforms from a chrome-appearing piece into bright amber, lit from behind through microscopic holes in the bezel, adding to the laser-thin appearance of the headlamps. The exterior is painted in Copper Flame, a modern interpretation of a premium color currently popular on Ford cars. The interior of Ford Edge Concept is open and airy, with a level of craftsmanship and material quality that consumers around the world will appreciate.
Premium black Nubuck wraps the upper instrument panel, center console and door elements, enhanced by elegant stitching.
The vehicle’s leather seats are executed with a distinct perforation pattern, as well as premium stitching and accent plating in the head restraint and top of the shoulder bolster.
A Ford anunciou recentemente suas novidades para o Salao Internacional do Automovel de Sao Paulo 2014. O novo esportivo Ford Mustang, que deve fazer sua estreia no mercado nacional ate meados de 2016, vai ser exibido nas versoes fastback e conversivel, ambas equipadas com o motor 5.0 litros V8.
Havera ainda a versao conceitual da nova geracao do utilitario esportivo Ford Edge, ja mostrada em saloes internacionais de Detroit e Genebra, apesar do modelo de producao ja ter sido lancado la fora. Completando a linha global Ford, tambem serao expostos os modelos New Fiesta Hatch e Sedan, Focus Hatch e Sedan, Edge e a picape Ranger.
The big news is that the next-generation Edge will be a global vehicle, with availability extended to Europe, China and South America. The HPE600 and HPE700 kits raise the power output from the standard 435 horsepower, to an impressive 620 horsepower and 717 horsepower respectively. The $14,950 HPE600 kit (nobody said this was going to be cheap) consists of a 2.3 litre supercharger and a new engine management system. It’s full of excitement, highly unpredictable, and the skills of the drivers (and navigators) as they ply their trade over, roads, gravel, dirt, and snow are almost superhuman. His Ford WRC RS160 concept takes all the features of  a rally car, like maneuverability, customisability, performance and aggressive styling, and wraps it up into a compact mid-engined hatchback. The 2014 concept was designed to showcase the upmarket features of the Vignale luxury division of Ford Europe. This is because the Vignale’s real difference can be found on the inside, where the materials and equipment are of far higher quality than in the standard car.
Wisniewski provided the initial sketches, while Shlapins turned them into the eye-catching 3D renders you see here.
Other design elements include an enlarged lower grille with new air intakes, extended rocker panels, a twin-snorkel hood and low-profile mirrors.
But if it just seems a bit weedy for you, then perhaps after arm-wresting Sly Stallone and Arnie simultaneously, you should give the guys at Geigercars a call.
Thanks to a 2.9 litre supercharger, the engine output has been significantly raised from 411 horsepower to 572 horsepower. The 2015 Ford Mustang has finally been revealed in both the US and Europe, and it marks a significant change for the model, taking it from a sports car designed purely for the American market, and turning it into a high-performance vehicle which will be enjoyed worldwide. At the same time, in the States it will introduce a number of features which should appeal to all muscle car fans.
The next-generation Ford Edge previewed here will build on these cornerstones to create a global vehicle with technology to make life easier, and design and craftsmanship to appeal to customers around the globe”. The technologies include a push-button and remote-operated parking feature customers could use from either inside or outside the vehicle.
The utility segment now accounts for more than 13 million sales annually – 17 percent of the global automotive market. In South America the utility segment is projected to grow 39 percent, and in Europe it is projected to grow 27 percent over the same period.
Edge is especially well-received in Southern California, where it accounts for nearly one in four sales this year of five-passenger medium utility vehicles.
Ford-brand utility sales overall are up 12 percent through October compared to last year, and Ford utility vehicles will be America’s best-selling utility brand for three straight years in 2013, as it is outpacing the nearest competitor by 32 percent through October.
These sensor-based technologies form the building blocks for the future of automated driving, and will help make driving safer and more efficient. In this case, the research and development vehicle is able to issue warnings if it detects slow-moving or stationary obstacles in the same lane ahead. The technology, which builds on Ford’s electric power-assisted steering system, controls the relationship between how much the driver turns the wheel and how much the road wheels turn.

Ford Edge Concept features many of the automated driver-assist technologies – the building blocks to fully automated vehicles of the future – that the company offers on its global products today. The system can evaluate if the vehicle is drifting out of its lane and then alert the driver by vibrating the steering wheel.
On the road, these sensors trigger a warning light in the mirror when there is another vehicle in the driver’s blind spot.
The side view is highlighted by a D-pillar line that comes down the rail, takes a jog and returns. The rearward slope of the grille influences the shape of the hood, which is both muscular and more compact. The shutters automatically open and close to maintain ideal engine operating temperature and maximize aerodynamic efficiency.
The air curtains and ducting are designed to guide air from the front of the vehicle, out through the front wheel wells and down the vehicle side. The taillamps are executed in a similar fashion, cleverly and stylishly connected to the backlight. Copper is used as the accent color in the carpet, instrument panel and other areas for its premium appearance, complementing the exterior paint color.
The heavy, oiled-grain texture has a feel similar to leather used on high-end furniture; this is juxtaposed with smooth leather on the touchpoints.
O estande da empresa norte-americana no evento contara com 29 carros em exposicao, alem de atividades interativas de tecnologia. E para comemorar os 50 anos do muscle-car, a fabricante vai expor um modelo vintage, o Mustang 1968, de propriedade do Fernando Batista, o Batistinha, um dos maiores preparadores de  Mustang do Brasil. Ainda na area dos utilitarios-esportivos, o nacional EcoSport vai estar presente tambem com carros-show para “reforcar seu posicionamento”, de acordo com a Ford. Por fim, a Ford vai expor a linha 2015 do Fusion, que estreia nas revendas nas proximas semanas, trazendo como destaque um novo conjunto de cintos de seguranca traseiros inflaveis, item de seguranca inedito.
Their most popular model is the T4, and the vehicle is built in its home country, as well as Angola in Africa for the African market.
Mix that up with a rally-inspired affordable hot hatch you can buy from your local Ford dealer and you potentially have a recipe for instant sales success. A production version of the Ford S-MAX Vignale concept has already been given the go-ahead.
Tiny little windows provide the driver with a slit-like view of the world, while the massive swathes of carbon fiber panels look more like protective armour plating than bodywork. Custom silver paint with Kona Blue racing stripes and angel-eye fog lamps mounted in the grille complete the exterior modifications.
With market share of 23 percent, Ford Edge is the best-selling five-passenger utility vehicle in Southern California, according to Ford analysis of retail registration data from R.L. If the driver fails to steer or brake following the warnings, the system will automatically steer and brake the vehicle to avoid a collision. This means that low-speed steering – such as pulling into or out of a parking space – requires much less turning of the wheel.
If the driver does not respond to the vibrations, the system provides steering torque to nudge the vehicle back toward the center of the lane.
In a unique execution, the three-bar grille is connected to LED headlamps in a premium fashion. When activated, a panel slips down from above, then two more move into place, appearing as if they radiate from the Ford oval. For 2014 the Troller T4 has received a redesign, and to launch the new-look, a concept version will be displayed at the 2014 Sao Paulo Motor Show. It will be the second Ford Vignale vehicle to go on sale, joining the Ford Mondeo Vignale which went on sale in 2015. Luxury waiting rooms and sales floors where potential buyers will be offered a dedicated relationship manager throughout the buying process, as well as VIP collection and delivery services. From inside, the driver pushes a button to activate the system; from outside the vehicle, fully assisted parking aid can be remotely activated, allowing customers to wait until the vehicle has pulled out of a tight parking spot before entering.

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