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An undoubtedly tribute to Quebecers, Ford USA took our national holiday to allow us to know a little more about the Edge 2015 was unveiled in Los Angeles in late November 2013.
The Edge 2015, which will be offered in SE models, SEL, and Titanium Sport, shows air with the smaller Escape and the rest of the range, Ford SUV, but still has enough personality not to be confused with the old version.
Great news, the manufacturer seems to finally be on track safety and real buttons (we will be able to feel your fingertips!) Are now found in the central part of the dashboard.
Ford has not disclosed the size of its Edge 2015, but we know that its wheelbase has increased by 1 inch. The Edge 2015 will be built on the platform of the Fusion and will be 26% stiffer in bending and 16% in torsion. One might think that this is the 2.0-liter already available for the Edge but this is not the case.
All engines will be married to an automatic six-speed gearbox with paddle behind the wheel. There are also security features very useful as a new camera before washing with 180 degrees (using the washer fluid), inflatable rear belts or the AdvanceTrac which modifies engine torque and brake pressure in case of slippage.
For the occasion, Ford has invested more than 700 million videos, which secures 3,000 jobs.

Farewell touch sensitive buttons that asked, eyes off the road every time we wanted to handle. It will therefore be 2849 mm instead of 2824 mm and a total length of 4779 mm instead of 4679, or about 4 inches longer. An electronic module, located between the steering column and the steering wheel changes the relationship between driver input on the steering wheel (number of revolutions) and the magnitude of the front wheel steering. Series, a four-cylinder 2.0 liter turbocharged be found double volute, a poetic name for twin scroll, a technology that minimizes the response time of the turbo aims. An optional all-wheel drive will be offered to 100% of torque can be transferred to the front wheels or rear wheels, depending on the desires of the computer. Whether the Park Assist, which allows the vehicle to park alone (parallel and now perpendicular!), The tailgate that opens directly from the legs near the rear bumper or the Sync MyFord system, while is, standard or an option.
All we know is that the first models will arrive at dealerships in early 2015 as a 2015 model.
Edge mounted in Canada will be shipped anywhere in the world except for the countries of the Eastern bloc, made in Russia. These additional millimeters benefit the rear passengers’ legs and trunk wins 198 liters (when the rear seats are up, the space goes from 912 to 1 110 liters).

During the presentation, the engineers seemed very contrite can not give us the power of the EcoBoost engine. Ford Canada employees can therefore breathe a little, especially since 2018, an SUV three world will be sold in China. Even if a version with three rows of seats is available in some markets, it will not be the case here.
However, the press release says it will develop a power and torque ESTIMATED 245 horsepower and 270 foot-pounds. Both are calibrated to provide a more dynamic driving experience, in the words always chosen marketing departments.

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