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This is what *I* did, your mileage may vary, do so at your own risk, this can be dangerous and you could die and just overall have a very bad day, don't be stupid, use common sense and good judgement, have a BC rated fire extinguisher at the ready, If you don't know or are not sure, seek professional assistance before hand including psychiatry if applicable, put the toilet seat down she'll appreciate it, Tofu is yucky, Got it?
Over a couple of months twice it didn't want to start, but eventually did after a few minutes.
KEY ON, ENGINE OFF - Checked the voltage: 12V for 3 seconds, then 6V after that (weird but seems to be normal).
I had just filled the tank so there was still about 20 gal of gas in the tank (around 160 lbs) and I didn't have any place to empty it to. I even pulled the the trim and carpet from within the cab to see if there might have been an access hatch, or if I could cut one myself - nope (of course not, silly Ford Engineers).
I dropped the spare tire, chocked the front tires, jacked up the left-rear tire about 3" off the ground, and put the axle on a jack stand and that gave me full access (well as much as possible that is) to the fuel pump! I would highly suggest the you try to clean off the top of the fuel pump (brush, compressed air, etc) as best as you can. The way the fuel pump assembly is secured in the tank is with a 7" diameter plastic ring that screws on like a mason jar. I used an old (dull tip) 24" crow bar and a 2LB dead blow hammer to tap on these tabs until the ring came loose. This is the fuel pump assembly with the new pump installed (you'll need to have two hose clamps as the factory ones are the permanent crimped non-removable type).

Once you get the assembly back in the tank and aligned correctly, you'll still have to use the crow bar and dead blow hammer to screw it back in place. Ok, sure, there might have been a better, faster, easier way, but this is what worked for me without having to drop the tank. There is a spot just above the fuel filter that an external pump would fit if you are so bold to try it.
Oh, if you happen to have a 2001 Hyundai Sante Fe laying around that you can harvest a fuel pump from, GO FOR IT!
It might be possible to cut a hole but if you do, it'll have to be through 2 layers of metal.
The main reason i wanted to post was that there is a U tube video showing how to take a sharpie top and turn it into an unlocker for the brake line. Below schematic shows the 2003 Ford Focus Fuel System and Fuel Tank Components Assembly Parts Diagram. I really didn't want to be under a 4000 lb car with a 6ft long gas tank with 20 gallons of gas sloshing around while being balanced on the top of a floor jack.
When I went to look, I saw that the filler neck was 4ft long pipe, then about 12" of hose, then the fuel tank. The small space right above the gas tank is enclosed so there is no air movement and the fumes can accumulate.

Also, there is a gasket (green in my case) just under the edge of the rim of the assembly that you don't want to damage or let fall into the tank.
You can also see the green gasket, it is not glued into place, just still stuck there from being compressed for the last 10 years so be sure not to muck with it or you'll have a hell of a time getting it aligned up when to you go to install it back in the tank - Wanna guess how I know this???
BE VERY CAREFUL ABOUT OPEN FLAMES OR SPARKS, like from hitting a metal crow bar with a hammer is a very bad idea.
This allowed me to the place the removal tool on the line, then use the pvc pipe to push it all the way into the fuel line to release it. You'll know when you've tapped it closed far enough when you can no longer lift the fuel pump assembly and it feels secure and solid. This also gives you a pivot point to use a long screwdriver to pry off the stuck fuel line once it's been released from the latches.

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