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Forced at its core is completely focused towards a cooperative experience of which death is a constant factor. This is one of those over the top games where you control a class character and battles constant waves of enemies while also doing mundane tasks amidst it all.
Forced is mainly focused towards a small niche of players which love cooperative play while tackling puzzles and aiming constantly for a leaderboards spot.
Finally, Kaz sold off those buildings because they were costing them too much money to keep.
It looks like it has since been passed up by the iPad but those numbers still make it the fastest selling gaming peripheral. Of course I am assuming you are not full of sh*t or using some crazy leaps of logic (see conspirazy theories posted by Flyte_79). The 180s arent really 180s more like 15 degrees, a little off course but still landing on the same land just not the same spot. Truth is MS could have just kept the current kinect with the X1 but took the time to implement some improvements like viewing distance and kick the camera to 1080p and improve the infrared system. As a game developer – knowing the system requires the connect I can now develop more games that utilize this as a tool.
Making every console have it is a win for developers and eventually for all of the consumers.
So what you are saying is – you have no response to my explanation because you know I’m right and are forced to nitpick over my spelling and misquote me?
My response is that you are a liar and if you aren’t and you are making a game with waggle gimmickry in it I hope it fails hard. You bring up some interesting points, but what you fail to understand is that not companies, but consumers decide what is a win for them.
The easiest example of this to cite is of course that 20 million Kinect’s have been sold, but less than a million are actually used when the system is turned on. Well this is pretty easy, the simple and easiest thing they can do, is to make the peripheral optional and DEMONSTRATE why the user would want to upgrade. The problem with forcing something on to people who don’t want it is that it do nothing more than piss them off, regardless of the precised benefits to console manufacturer, the publishers and developers. If they don’t they are no better than a stubborn chef insisting the food is superb when the consumer begs to differ.
The flaw in your argument is using experiences with the first Kinect – a peripheral that was released years after the console it was designed for, rather than the new Kienct, which was designed from the ground up to work with the system. Lastly what needs to kept in mind is that the consumer, not Microsoft decides if they want something. The players provide feedback, and often times useful at at that, but the devs still need to maintain a constant vision or goal to obtain to. I’m not partially against or for the Kinect, to be honest I just have yet to see any useful functions from the perceptive of a gamer. Lastly I would just like to leave that talking with you has been a much better experience than 90% of other people on this website and I have a lot of respect for making agreements clear and concise rather than a barrage of insults.
Zen – I understand part of your logic, but what you are failing to understand is that it was made optional in the previous generation of consoles.
It most likely will not be an optional piece ever and the more people use it – the more people will understand the benefits it does have. I support making this device optional, not because I think technology it is the right think to do, but business wise, I believe it to be the better move. Actually well over 20+ million people are interested, and I personally have loved kinect 1. Without doing this they are no better than a chef who insists his food is great when the consumers hate it. MS have worked hard on this and want to ensure everyone has one so there is a 100% platform for developers to take advantage of.

But the benefit of being a part of MS is that despite losses for years they are still going.
But look at it like this for a second, MS want to break serious ground with motion and emmersion using kinect and later on illumiroom.
Your argument is quite sound and engaging with you has been much more pleasant than many other people on this site. What you may have I believe you need to keep in mind is that not companies, but consumers decide what is a win for them.
In order to regain positive attention Microsoft MUST make the Kinect OPTIONAL and DEMONSTRATE the reasons why a consumer would want to upgrade.
The other is that people got to try camera gaming and functionality and decided for the most part that they didn’t want it. The best way Microsoft can gain positive attention is by allow people the OPTION to use it or unplug it. Never would I have thought I would see someone advocating less options for the consumer as a better thing. One of the biggest faults on the community, is using the original Kinect as a basis to describe the new Kinect.
The new Kinect, in addition to having multiple upgrades and changes, is designed from the ground up with the X1, as more of an extension to the system, hence including it with every X1.
The X1 UI is simple and easy to use either via voice or gamepad, where the PS3 looks very disjointed. They are, doesn’t make either argument less valid, just a point to discuss why we think so.
If your X1 is on the first floor, and you’re in the fourth floor bathroom dropping a deuce, yeah, it likely wouldn’t be favorable to use voice commands, but then again, when would it be? Umm you have a long post about it and then list voice controls – PS 4 can do it without the camera + face and video chat ps4 camera does that as well. The facial recognition is way more advanced too, the Ps4eye cant work in the dark or uneven lit areas. Shouldnt this guy be in a call center taking down information to return bricked ps4’s?
I know that virtually all products are a result of planned obsolesce, due the the nature in which the market behaves. Consider this: both MS and Sony are looking for the lowest bidder when it came time to manufacture their consoles.
Just because things are the way they are, doesn’t mean it is the best we can do, or even acceptable.
While it certainly can be played on single players as I had to since the online has been empty it's been an enduring title.
It's actually somewhat neat in cooperative play, though just plain frustrating when playing in solo. It's really difficult to play by yourself so I warn against doing that in all scenarios and it's also quite difficult to just search for a match online due to limited numbers I imagine so make sure you have friends.
The company is now expanding Cortana to almost all of its platforms and that includes the Xbox as well.
I brought the camera and I have my kids with me and they’re young, they’re super young, right? Double Fine is doing dome cool stuff with PlayRoom, but I think what’s possible… the thing is when it organically makes sense, right?
They pay some independant nobody to say these things so they’re legally clear from lying. The kinect has also undergone many upgrades and changes, and allows for more functionality than its predecessor. The Kinect coming packaged with the X1, is nothing more than a packaged deal – just like all those channels that come with your cable package that you never watch but have to pay for anyway. Yes, market-wise, an optional kinectless xbox makes a lot of sense, since you offering something for everyone, but this could also detract from the product as a whole.
It might not result in the product you wanted, or even a less profitable product, but it might result in an overall better product despite this. Nintendo made a little money each console but gained nothing from 3rd party software sells.
Hopefully Sony continues to follow Nintendo’s lead and ignores motion controls while MS flounders with a piece of crap no one wants. In fact, players could use it every day for the life of the console, and never once use it for motion controls, and still get plenty of use out of it.

The original Kinect was released years after the 360 was, and although it sold well, it was still just an optional peripheral with little to no design integration into the console itself.
Plus I don’t run the risk of crap voice controls mistakenly ordering gay dwarf porn on my debit card. Lets say that they even wanted to attempt to mimic kinect tracking the method of tracking they would have to use would eat up so much power the game would have to be last gen to run terribly. The fact that consumers have essentially become desensitized to products failing, just shows content for unsatisfactory results.
The story focuses around these tribes people that send some branded young into this religious portal to battle as gladiators for some evil mythic creatures and their enjoyment. The environments certainly looked great with tons of tiny details, yet I found enemies far too repetitive so that counteracted the interesting spaces you fight in. I like what they have done with the new eye and it is improved above and beyond, but I will agree it is inferior to the kinect 1.0. Do you honestly, honestly believe that the worlds fastest selling device, from iphones to ipads to novelty dildos… is some dumb ass webcam from microbucks that didn’t even work? In addition, it is not mandatory that you use the device, so nothing is forced in this regard either. Relating to the Kinect, many may be turned off by the idea of including with every X1, but overall, the experience or community may turn out better by this choice.
Those products lasted a matter of a few months to a couple years… XBOX as a brand is over a decade old the 360 is close to 8 years old.
Now users consider it a peripheral where if they hadn’t have bothered and left it till X1 no body would be saying that. Also, the tiles in the X1 dash can be customized, both in appearance and layout, so it is actually very intuitive. With the X1 one you can control everything, you can control all of the apps, your TV the volume the multitasking features everything.
Companies purposely design products to breakdown, to guarantee people will need to keep buying them. This is done by having them battle it out across a number of trials before having to battle a boss guardian at the end before getting thrown into another set of challenges.
Classes are selected before every trial so you can constantly be mixing it up if you'd like and am usually found of close combat though for this game I migrated to bowman quickly. Forced was also somewhat boring at times as the harsh difficulty didn't make it as fun of a game as it could have been which really matters in gaming. The issues where people claim utter hatred for the deivce to the point where they don’t even want it in their home, is completely irrational and sounds like paranoia or superstition. In this case, how are they so convinced they don’t want a kinect or that it is so utterly useless, if they are so adamant to not even try it? And stupid americans are easy to con into buying stupid webcams with lies about magical experiences and all that jazz (remember project milo looool). This is rather rough and everything is intensely timed across leaderboards so this is really going to hit a certain niche cooperative group of friends.
Classes also have skill trees which are leveled and then mapped to buttons for some helpful combo moves.
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The setup was mostly fine as it made sense to learn a set of new skills while putting them in practice during a boss fight, but I just found the path getting there was actually sort of boring unless you were in a group of friends. It's somewhat a twin stick game I want to say in order to best explain the overhead viewing. I understood that death is a huge factor here, but I also seemed to die right at the end of challenges which just caused annoyance and would shelve the digital title for later. The boss fights were alright, though yet again quite aggressive with single player being a very harsh challenge.
You also control a blue sphere creature which provides guidance and is essential for doing any of the puzzle solving present, definitely a thing to mention to players. While progressing through the various challenges you will also unlock a survival mode which is a side thing from the main game and also just as harsh as the campaign aspects.

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