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Carrots: You may have thought that this was just an old tale passed down from one generation to the next, but it really is true that carrots are good for your vision—and they reduce your risk for developing cataracts. Oranges: This delicious fruit and other citrus is loaded with vitamin C, which helps to protect your eyes from bright sun and pollution.
Strawberries: The delightful little berry is yet another good source of vitamin C, which helps cut down on your cataract risk. Nuts and seeds: You’ll need a healthy dose of vitamin E to help reduce your risk, and nuts and seeds provide plenty of it. Low-fat dairy: Riboflavin (or vitamin B2) is an important part of cutting your risk for cataracts. Lean protein: Niacin (or vitamin B3) is another important piece of the puzzle when it comes to reducing your cataract risk. Dark, leafy vegetables: There are a great variety of leafy, dark vegetables that provide folic acid and calcium, both of which are great health boosters for your eyes.
Overall, as is so often the case when it comes to our health, a generally healthy diet combined with plenty of exercise and healthy habits can help you to reduce your risk of cataracts and enjoy unobstructed vision well into your golden years. Now a study has shown that eating the right foods may help to reduce the risk of glaucoma, prevent the disease, and help people to maintain healthy eyesight longer in life. Doctors have known for some time that too much salt can increase overall blood pressure, leading to increased intra-ocular pressure in the eyes, exacerbating glaucoma. According to these large population studies, intake of foods rich in retinol— a form of vitamin A— helps to reduce the risk of glaucoma. Digging deeper, the researchers saw a correlation between lower rates of glaucoma and higher consumption of leafy green vegetables (notably cabbage), carrots, fruits and fruit juices in general, and especially orange-colored fruits such as peaches and apricots. The Spanish study also recommended high antioxidant foods including green tea, chocolate (the darker and more bitter the better), coffee (skip the sugar and go easy on the cream), and regular black tea. In the glaucoma study, the researchers provided a seven-point set of guidelines for reducing risk. Hundreds of years ago, Hippocrates, regarded as the father of modern medicine, said “Let your food be thy medicine.” Our grandmothers said pretty much the same thing.
Chris Kilham is a medicine hunter who researches natural remedies all over the world, from the Amazon to Siberia. I’m gone to convey my little brother, that he should also pay a visit this blog on regular basis to take updated from most recent news update. Liver is your own personal filtering system, so how to cleanse the liver is among of the top concerns of many people who want to keep their liver as well as their health healthy.
The society is increasingly modernized, that means your liver is increasingly exposed to many toxic substances from tobacco, alcohol, coffee to processed or fried foods, from environmental pollutants to toxic chemicals. Turmeric is used as the liver-loving spice, one of the most powerful foods to cleanse the liver for maintaining a healthy liver. Walnuts are a great source of l-arginine, an amino acid that helps detoxify the liver of disease-causing ammonia. Walnuts can be eaten by using pliers to break the hulls then eat the filling part or you can use walnut as a baking ingredient. These citrus fruits are full of vitamin C, which helps your body in synthesizing toxic materials into substances that can be absorbed by water. Like cabbage, cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower help increase the amount of glucosinolate (organic compounds) in your system, creating enzyme production in the liver for digestion.
Whole grains such as wheat, flour are carbohydrates that important for your body.A Whole grains contain high levels of vitamin B that effectively help strengthen the liver function by promoting fat metabolism, reducing liver congestion and improving the overall liver health. Olive oil and cold-pressed other organic oils such as hemp and flax seeds are great to cleanse the liver when used in moderation. Apples contain a large amount of pectinA and other chemical constituents that are necessary for the body to cleanse the liver and release toxins from the digestive tract. Avocados are the nutrient-dense super foods that help your body produce glutathione to protect your liver against toxic overload, boosting its cleansing power. Avocados are also rich in monounsaturated fats and have proven to lower the cholesterol levelsA when eaten regularly.
Leafy green vegetables are among of the most powerful allies to cleanse your liver.A  Leafy green vegetables are extremely high in plant chlorophylls that suck up environmental toxins from the blood stream. Green tea is not only delicious but also is a great way to improve your overall health, especially liver health. Grapefruits are rich in both vitamin C and antioxidantsA that help to cleanse the liver naturally. One whole grapefruit contains about 80 calories, so serve it with a cup of plain yogurt sprinkled with cinnamon or cottage cheese and you’ve got a great breakfast. Asparagus not only is good for your liver but also is a great vegetable to eat raw when you’re feeling bloated. All of the above top 17 foods that help to cleanse the liver naturally at home are easy to find in every household. VKool encourages comments, but please remember: Play nice, keep it clean, stay on-topic, and avoid promotional content. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 67 million American adults have high blood pressure. Various factors may cause or contribute to high blood pressure including being overweight or obese, smoking, over-consumption of alcohol and salt, lack of physical activity, stress, age, chronic kidney diseases, thyroid and adrenal disorders, age, genetics and family history. Exercising on a regular basis and eating a healthy diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables aids in weight loss which, in turn, helps to lower blood pressure.
Certain foods are also thought to be particularly effective for lowering blood pressure as this infographic illustrates.
Currently, many fitness experts believe that a flat belly is made 75% in the kitchen (diet choices) and 25% in the gym (exercise).
Just about anyone trying to lose weight, including belly fat, knows that Trans Fat and Saturated Fat is unhealthy and a dieter's enemy. This cloudy area obscures vision and, if left untreated, can eventually make it nearly impossible to see out of the affected eye.
Since there are muscles in your eyes, vitamin B also helps to keep your eyes healthy and reduces your risk for cataracts.

There are several sources of lean protein that will provide plenty of this essential vitamin. The disease involves an increase in pressure in the eye, which distorts the shape of the eyeball, damaging the lens of the eye, and resulting in blindness. Researchers reported their findings in the Archives of the Spanish Society of Ophthalmology. Therefore, moderate salt consumption has been a standard dietary recommendation for those with, or at risk for, glaucoma. At the same time, they cautioned that those who have well-established cases of glaucoma should consume little or no caffeine, as that can increase intraocular pressure and exacerbate the disease. Leafy green vegetables and colorful foods are cited for their protective, disease-preventing benefits, due largely to their concentration of beneficial antioxidants. Avoid coffee and caffeinated beverages into reduce increased blood pressure if you already have glaucoma. He teaches ethnobotany at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where he is Explorer In Residence.
Many people need the help of hepatic without knowing that using drugs also creates further pressure on their liver. Turmeric is proven to boost liver detox, actively protect the liver from toxic damage and regenerate damaged liver cells. Eating cabbage helps improve the activation of two crucial liver detoxifying enzymes that help remove toxins out of your body.
Walnuts are also rich in glutathione and omega-3 fatty acids, which help to cleanse the liver naturally. They create a lipid base in the stomach, which helps suck up harmful toxins before they affect your body. In other words, apples make it easier for the liver to handle the toxic load during the cleansing process.
Eating more avocados can help your liver filter out harmful materials, actively promote liver health.
Leafy greens vegetables also offer a powerful protective mechanism for the liver by neutralizing heavy metals, pesticides and toxic chemicals that may be in your foods. Try incorporating leafy greens such as arugula, bitter gourd, dandelion greens, mustard greens, spinach, and chicory into your diet. This liver’s favorite beverage is an excellent source of plant antioxidants known as catechins, a compound that helps to promote the functions of our livers.
Eating beets and carrots regularly can help stimulate and improve the overall functions of your liver. Grapefruits also contain compounds that boost the production of the liver detoxification enzymes helping flush out carcinogens and other toxins.
Grapefruit juice also is a good choice to have a delicious beverage while cleanse the liver naturally. Garlic contains numerous sulfur-containing compounds; therefore just a small amount of garlic has the ability to activate liver enzymes, helping your body flush out harmful toxins. Garlic has also been shown to actively affect the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, and bacteria-related illnesses.
With my personal experience and study for a long time in this field, I am glad to share them with anyone who desires to find out answer to the question how to cleanse the liver naturally at home to get a healthy liver.
After that, the affected person may find it more and more difficult to read or see a TV screen or computer monitor clearly. Still, the great majority of us would no doubt like to avoid cataract surgery if at all possible.
Choose only unsalted varieties, and limit your intake each day to avoid packing away too many calories.
Too much alcohol (more than one drink per day for women or more than two drinks per day for men) will increase your risk for cataracts. This disease can be mitigated to an extent with eye drops, and cannabis, too, has shown to be of help. But the Spanish study goes further, examining the diets of people in two American ophthalmological studies, and in one study from Rotterdam.
Interestingly, there was no evidence that a diet rich in dietary fats has any role in the promotion of glaucoma, even though it is well established that, in general, excessive intake of fats contributes to obesity and cardiovascular disease.
Flavonol-rich foods, notably tea, green tea, coffee and chocolate, offer preventive benefits that extent to glaucoma.
Chris advises herbal, cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies and is a regular guest on radio and TV programs worldwide.
The best way to cleanse the liver in a natural way is using foods that help to increase liver’s ability to clean toxic waste from the body. Turmeric also helps digest fats and stimulate the production of bile, shrink engorged hepatic ducts, and improve overall function of the gallbladder. Moreover, walnuts help oxygenate the blood, and extract from walnut hulls are often used in liver-cleansing formulas. Drinking freshly-squeezed lemon or lime juice in the every morning can help stimulate and cleanse the liver. By this way, they help your liver get rid of the toxic overload, taking some of the burden off the liver.
Some researches have found that eating one to two avocados a week for as little as a month can repair a damaged liver. Green tea has been proven to remove liver fat accumulation and improve proper liver function.
In addition, carrots contain good amounts of glutathione, a protein that helps to cleanse the liver out of the toxics.
In addition, a flavonoid compound known as naringenin in grapefruits causes the liver to burn fat rather than store it. Garlic is also rich in selenium and allicin, two natural compounds that are proven to help protect the liver against toxic damage, and aid it in the detoxification process. Dandelion has been proven to improve liver function by removing toxins, and restoring moisture and electrolyte balance.

Moreover, tomatoes are well known for their lycopene content, which has been shown to protect you from lung, breast and skin cancer. Here are the top 7 ways to get rid of those dark circles.Eyes are a major attraction of your face and if it is covered with dark circles, the beauty is lost as the face looks dull and tired.
Age-related cataracts form later in life, but congenital cataracts are usually present either at birth or form shortly afterward. Over the past few years, scientific research has given us cause for hope along these lines. When your liver gets problem, the risk of obesity, allergies, cardiovascular disease, headaches, chronic fatigue, digestive problems and many other ailments can be raised.
You also can use other kinds of cabbage family such as Brussels sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower.
This powerful herbal beverage also protects the liver from harmful toxins that can accumulate and cause serious damage. Besides, grapefruits contain a special kind of pectin that has been proven to lower cholesterol. That means you should use raw garlic or you can find garlic in capsule form in most grocery of health food stores if you can’t stomach raw garlic.
Taraxacin in dandelion is good for chronic hepatitis that reduces liver inflammation and jaundice, and helps to improve indigestion caused by insufficient bile. Insufficient sleep, hereditary trait, dehydration, unhealthy diet, allergies, poor blood circulation, lack of nutrition, kidney or liver problems are common causes behind getting dark circles. While the reasons for congenital cataracts could range from genetics to some other condition that takes place before a child is born, age-related cataracts can develop in anyone and usually affect elderly people. In fact, recent studies have shown that there are actually dietary and lifestyle changes we can make that may reduce our risk of cataracts as we grow older. Try to keep your weight at a healthy level, since obesity will also make you more susceptible.
There are many foods that can help naturally cleanse the liver at home, keeping your liver healthy and functioning the way you need it to. It’s best to eat these raw or you can mash them into guacamole, hummus or even mustard. In addition, dandelion root contains inulin and levulin that help balance blood sugar, stimulates digestion. Eat tomatoes when they’re fresh and you can enjoy with a little balsamic vinegar and sea salt. The key to an eye-healthy diet is to get enough of some key vitamins and minerals that contribute to healthy vision. People who have diabetes, get little or no exercise or are exposed to inordinate amounts of bright sunshine have an elevated risk of developing cataracts. Do you like to spend time with your friends and family while supporting an amazing cause and meeting Trevor?! Remember to use safe dandelion leaves without pesticide in your grocery store, or you can use dandelion root tea instead.
Occurrence of these dark patches may show you ill, tired, unhealthy and bit older, even if you are not. Because of the lack of medical care or proper medical facilities in many third-world countries, people who develop cataracts and live in those areas do not have access to adequate medical care once the condition develops. Dark circles can occur due to thyroid, growing age, prolonged crying, working too much on computers, lack of sleep and unhealthy diet.
Dark circles’ formation is not a very serious problem to worry about as this is a fairly common skin problem. Here are the top 7 ways to get rid of those dark circles.Nutritious dietFoods Reduce Dark CirclesEating healthy seasonal fruits like bananas, mangoes, oranges and strawberries, salads, yogurt, tomatoes, dairy products, beans, sprouts, legumes, and grains may help you to fix those panda-like eyes.
Try to reduce the salt content, as it is an absorbing agent so it may be highly responsible for the acidic content and puffiness near eyes. View on Facebook·ShareITH Charities 2 weeks ago Do you like to to take care of yourself and exercise?
If itching persists for a longer duration, then move your fingers lightly onto your under eye skin. If you are a regular smoker then you need to immediately quit smoking and cut down on that consumption of caffeine.Green TeaPeople who often have to work with computers should drink green tea to add nutrients to eliminate dark circles caused by computer’s radiation. Drinking lots of green tea not only eliminates dark circles but also helps fat metabolism and dispels the fatigues.CarrotIn addition to vitamin E, vitamin A also helps nourish eyeball and eye muscles. It can maintain the normal function of the epithelial cells and fade dark circles under the eyes. In addition, the vitamin A in carrots can also help improve eyesight, particularly eyesight in the dark.
Drinking 10-11 glasses of water daily maintains the moisture in our skin and maintains the pH content of the body.
Using its slices as eye pads is the quickest and Easiest remedy to get rid of dark circles. Take it out and cut two thin slices of cucumber and keep them on your eyes for about 15 minutes. Use it when you are free at least twice a day for a week and see the dark circles getting lighter and smoother.Vitamin E Rich foodVitamin EVitamin E rich diet helps to regulate vitamin A in the body. By including vitamin E rich food in your diet, you can protect the skin from tanning, pollution, dust and side effects of medications. Spinach, taro root, asparagus, avocado, olives, kiwi, mango, corn, sunflower seeds are few vitamin E rich food.Raw Potatoes and TomatoesRaw potatoes are known for their natural bleaching effects which can easily fix those raccoon like eyes and help you to lighten your dark circles and get rid of puffy eyes.
Make a mixture by adding 1 tablespoon of tomato juice and ? tbsp lemon juice, and massage for 15 minutes.

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