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Postpartum swelling in your feet and hands, also called edema, occurs when fluid and blood becomes trapped in the tissues of your body. Hypertension-or-High-Blood-PressureWhen arteries become narrow due to plaque deposition, the blood pressure increases against vascular walls. Blood-CholesterolCholesterol Deposit on the Walls of the blood vessels, leads to the formation of plaque, that narrows the blood vessels resulting into less or no blood flow. Renovascular-HypertensionWhen kidney problems combine with high blood pressure, it leads to renovascular hypertension. Orthostatic HypertensionWithin three minutes of standing there is a sudden fall of systolic and diastolic pressure. Hypertension and ObesityObese people have 60% more chance of getting affected with hypertension. Pregnancy-Induced-Hypertension-This condition primarily strikes pregnant women in the 20th week of gestation.
Hypertensive-Retinopathy-Prolonged and untreated Hypertension may lead to Hypertensive Retinopathy.
Lower Blood Pressure Naturallyreduce stress, exercise regularly, maintain a healthy lifestyle, follow dash diet.
By measuring blood pressure it can be checked if an individual has hypertension (high blood pressure), normal tension (normal blood pressure), or hypotension (low blood pressure).
Blood pressure is created by the force of blood pushing against the walls of blood vessels (arteries) as it is pumped by the heart. Doctors and other health personnel who are measuring the blood pressure will record the difference between the period of momentary rest (relaxation) and maximum work (contraction) of the heart.
Normal levels of both systolic and diastolic blood pressure are particularly important for the efficient function of vital organs such as the heart, brain and kidney and for overall health and well being. The normal blood pressure varies according to the age and gender of an individual. The normal blood pressure for men and woman may vary according to their age and current condition. Water retention, or edema (medical term), is an abnormal buildup of fluid in the circulatory system or within the body tissues. So next time you hear someone say, “Mera weight to pani se bhi badh raha hai”, then you know what to tell them. The blood pressure chart is used by the health care professionals to assess the condition of people with suspected hypertension. This proponent of the blood pressure chart explains the ranges for average blood pressure of people according to age.

The implications of blood pressure chart are to recognize the different ranges of blood pressure. She specializes in fitness, parenting, beauty, health, nutrition and saving money, and writes for several online publications including The Krazy Coupon Lady.
Although swelling can be frustrating, it typically subsides several weeks after giving birth. Wear hose or supportive socks and elevate your feet and hands as much as possible to help fluid drain away from them.
Go to the emergency room if swelling is accompanied by pain in your chest, head pain, problems breathing, severe pain in the hands and feet or shortness of breath. When this pressure goes beyond normal blood pressure, it is called high blood pressure or hypertension. Copying the lifestyle of hypertensive parents keep you at risk, but if a person practices healthier lifestyle, this factor will not take effect at all. The upper number is the Systolic blood pressure which is the highest pressure in the blood vessels, which happens when the heart contracts or beats. Systole refers to the maximum split-second of the heart which commonly occurs at the peak of the ventricular (lower chamber) contraction. For instance, female individual may have different blood pressure readings if they are pregnant. Their only aim is to share their opinion on the concerned topic, and help the reader understand it better. However, if the condition persists for more than a week then it is advisable to seek medical help. It will help you to strengthen your circulatory system and eliminate the problem of water retention.
It displays the different BP readings which extends from low blood pressure to high blood pressure results.
It provides a comprehensive overview of BP readings that includes the systolic and diastolic pressure. Though understanding why postnatal extremity swelling occurs can help rule out a serious complication or condition, you should still consult your doctor for professional diagnosis and advice. In addition, the hormonal fluctuations that occur after birth can trigger swelling and extra buildup of fluid. These could be symptoms of a serious condition such as swelling of the lungs, congestive heart failure, high blood pressure or a blood clot.

The lower number is the diastolic blood pressure which is the lowest pressure in blood vessels in-between heartbeats when the heart muscle relaxes. On the other hand, the diastole refers to the maximum split-second of the heart when the atrium (upper chamber) fills blood to the ventricle during peak of cardiac relaxation. The most common factor which makes the woman’s blood pressure different from man is the hormonal activity. This is because the hormonal activity and the developing baby can alter the normal reading of female’s blood pressure.
Good or bad, Right or wrong is solely readers decision and should be taken under the guidance of a medical expert. Well, if you are not convinced then read on to find out what happens when we have excess water in our body.
Water retention in the body is most common in the feet and legs, but it can occur in the hands, arms, abdominal cavity and around the lungs. Moreover, it was established to help the physician determine the extent of the person’s condition.
As a conclusion, using of blood pressure chart can help the physician to thoroughly assess the person with suspected hypertension.
Beside the hands and feet, swelling can also affect body parts such as the ankles, abdomen and legs. Edema can also develop if you sit or lie for long periods of time, such as when feeding your baby or recovering from birth or a Cesarean section.
Massage, shake and move your hands and feet as much as possible to help move the excess blood and fluid back toward your heart.
Female hormones such as estrogen and progesterone play an important role in influencing the woman’s blood pressure. Below is the chart that indicates the different normal level of woman’s blood pressure according to age. Below is the chart that shows the different normal readings male individual’s blood pressure. Nevertheless, any slight changes with the systole and diastole for several readings will help diagnose the condition of the person.

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