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At least 29 countries have sharply curbed food exports in recent months, to ensure that their own people have enough to eat, at affordable prices.
When it comes to rice, India, Vietnam, China and 11 other countries have limited or banned exports. The restrictions are making it harder for impoverished importing countries to afford the food they need. And by increasing perceptions of shortages, the restrictions have led to hoarding around the world, by farmers, traders and consumers. Hoarding is a weird behavior that generate human being or animals to gather and collect food and hide or other items during periods of insufficiency or shortness of supply. 1) Hoarders tend to hold or keep onto a large number of items that for some people would consider no longer useful or valuable; some examples are, junk mails (advertising mails or direct mails or admail (delivery of advertising materials to recipients vis postal mail), old newspapers and catalogues, or material things that might be useful for making crafts Also clothes that could be worn only once, broken things or trash, freebies or promotional merchandise, products, advertising gifts, sometimes called swag or schwag, are merchandise articles (commonly branded with a logo) used in marketing and communication programs, which are given away to promote a corporate image, brand, event or company) picked up.
2.) Most of cluttered home that many parts are inaccessible and can no longer be used for residential purpose, example, beds that cannot be slept in, kitchens that cannot be used for food preparation, refrigerators filled to the edge of a hollow container with rotting food, stove-tops with capable of catching fire and burning such as junk mail, old books and newspapers as well as rotten or spoiled food piled on top of burners.
3.) The mess or clutter inside the house or areas is so bad it causes illness, distress, and impairment.
Prader–Willi syndrome abbreviated (PWS) is a rare genetic disorder in which seven genes or a deleted portion of a set on chromosome 15 (q11-13) or unexpressed on paternal chromosome 15q deleted partially.  Prader-Willi Syndrome patients exhibits appearance in facial characteristic with narrow temples, face is commonly elongated, thin upper lip, and noticeable nose. Homer Lusk Collyer was born on November 6, 1881 and died on March 1947 and younger brother, Langley Wakeman Collyer born on October 3, 1885 and died on March 1947, known as the Collyer brothers, were two American brothers who became famous because of their weird and bizarre characters, both bachelors and have no children, and compulsive hoarding disorder and eccentric called kookiness or quirkiness referring to odd or unusual behavior.
A mental disorder that involves collecting or hoarding of books is known as Biblomania, where social functioning or health are damaged. Animal hoarding is keeping a large number of animals as pets without having the ability to proper care for the animals but denying this kind of inability to take care the pets.
Hoarding or caching in animal behavior is the food storage in areas hidden from the sight of both animals of similar or closely related species  (conspecifics) and other species members.
Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is a usual implemented therapeutic resource for compulsive hoarding addiction.
The process to change waste materials into new products is called Recycling  preventing potential useful material wastes, reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials, reduce usage of energy, reduce air pollution from incineration and pollution in water from landfills by reducing the need for numerical values (like constants, quantities, or scales of measurement) waste disposal, and lower greenhouse gas (is one of several gases that can absorb and emit long-wave infrared, radiation in a planetary atmosphere) emissions as compared to plastic production.
In terms of economic, hoarding is the practice of obtaining and holding or keeping insufficient to satisfy the need or demand of resources, possibly so that they can be sold to consumers on a higher price for profit.
Las Vegas Review-JournalAt least 15 truckloads of items were hauled from Kenneth Epstein's home on Oct. Monday night A&E premiered their new television series Hoarders, a documentary series about people with a severe inability to part with their belongings. The other half of the show featured Jill, a 60 year-old food hoarder, who refuses to throw any food out, no matter its expiration date. PS I totally look like a hoarder right now driving around with half my belongings in my car so perhaps I am one to talk. I can understand why people get sentimental and hoard things but I totally do not get why anyone would hoard rotten food!?
Freedom · Liberty · Awareness & Preparedness · News & Opinion -- Please consider disabling adblock to support this site! I wonder how much garbage data is really out there and many garbage backups, snapshots, replication or other copies of data exist? The export limits are forcing some of the most vulnerable people, those who rely on relief agencies, to go hungry. Compulsive hoarding or pathological collecting (sometimes called packratting) is a behavior described as the excessive acquisition and inability or unwillingness to discard large quantities of objects that cover the home living areas causing distress or impairment. For instance, hoarders do not allow visitors, commonly their own, relatives and friends, or even for repair man and maintenance professionals because the of piled clutter embarrasses them. This difficulty is due to strong urges to save items and distress associated with discarding, thus this symptoms, commonly result in the accumulation of a large number of possessions that can fill up and clutter of the home active living areas or workplace to the extent that their home areas is no longer in use. Psychological disorders which are commonly related with obsession in books like bibliophagy, bibliokleptomania and bibliomania is described as book collector’s obsession in collecting books, which actually have no use, or even read the books or the great value of the books they collected until the pile of books becomes large in quantity.

This mental disorder symptoms is characterized as compulsive hoarding rather than considered as cruelty to animals. The hoarding term is most usually used for rodents, whereas in reference to birds, caching is more commonly used, but the behaviors is quite similar in both animal groups.
Many squirrel species, such as fox squirrel, eastern gray squirrel, are best noted for scatter hoarding.
In economically term, hoarding exist due to individuals obtaining and holding assets thought to be undervalued and reserves to profit or save money later. Price gouging is an abuse term referring in which a seller prices commodities or goods in much higher prices from previous purchased goods.
Episode one featured the couple Jennifer and Ron, threatened with having their three kids removed by child protective services, their house so completely overrun with stuff that the only place the family can eat dinner together is on a bed. Oblivious to the odors and the grave health implications, her house is full of flies, food in various stages of decay, moldy pumpkins, and fridges and freezers held shut with duct tape. It's tragic and horrifying and gross, but nowhere near as gruesome as later scenes in which the house is purged. The weirdest thing about the whole situation was that the woman was supposedly a good cook (her son said) and seemed to have an appreciation for good ingredients, but let them sit around rotting in her house! The part of the episode where I really recognized how badly she needed help was when she wouldn't let the guy dispose of the rotted pumpkin without saving some seeds.
Such term includes emergency preparedness activities conducted pursuant to title VI of the Robert T. Compulsive hoarding behavior has been linked with health risks, impairment mentally and emotionally,social functioning, economic burden, and adverse effects on family members and friends. The compulsive hoarding disorder symptoms causes easily noticed clinically distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other functioning areas that includes maintaining a safe environment for self and other people around them. Purchasing multiple copies of the same book and edition and the accumulation of books beyond capacity of use or simply a pleasure for the book collector are frequently symptoms of bibliomania. On a seasonal cycle, hoarding is done either on a long-term basis, with food to be consumed months down the line or food consumption is only for several days, on a short term basis.
Person with CBT, are usually visited by therapist in their home or any professional organizer and attending family as a group therapy. The composting has similar effects or reusing of foods or garden waste as biodegradable waste is not considered recycling of a material that would produce a fresh supply of the same material, one example are office used paper material would be converted into new office paper, or used polystyrene foam into new polystyrene.
Most often, after natural disasters, such as hurricane, earthquake, volcano eruptions, massive flooding, landslides, tornado and other calamities, rapid increase in commodity prices happened after shortage on demands of supplies, thus some consumers go on panic buying and hoard foods and other supplies for the coming disaster. This documentary TV series, follows hoarders suffering the compulsive hoarding disorder all their life, and helps them how to learn to manage their illness, and help them declutter their homes. Threatened with eviction, her family and professionals attempt to clean her house and get her to recognize that she has a problem. Please follow basic etiquette: don't self-link or spam, don't troll, and don't leave unproductive non-contributions. When clinically to have influence or effect enough to impair functioning, weird compulsive hoarding disorder, can prevent typical uses of space so as to limit activities such in kitchen as cooking, home cleaning, moving through the house, and bedroom for sleeping. Some person with compulsive hoarding hoard animals they cannot even do not care for, and most often dead pets cannibalized by other pets because of severe hunger, are found under the a piled of trash or garbage.
Usually get into many arguments with family members about the clutter and collected trash that are at risk of fire, falling, infestation from pests or eviction, feeling very depressed or very anxious much of the time because of the clutter they gather and collected. The hoarding symptoms are not because of the medical condition such as brain injury, cerebro-vascular disease, and are not kept within certain limits the symptoms of another mental disorder, such as hoarding due to obsessions in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Major Depressive Disorder decreased energy, Schizophrenia delusions or another Psychotic Disorder, Dementia cognitive deficits, restricted interests in Autism Spectrum Disorder, Prader-Willi syndrome’s food storing.
These food hoarders do not even care about the validity of the food’s expiration until these hoarded foods becomes spoiled and acquire maggots or any kind of insects. Blumberg’s obsession of collecting books developed during his childhood when he run down on St.
These animal hoarders, commonly the think that they are not doing harm and taking care of their pets properly. Some rodents such as squirrels and hamsters, are some of the common animals that cache their food, and different bird species, such as woodpeckers, rooks and Western Scrub Jay, which is noted for its particular skill at caching. larder-hoarding, where a species creates a few large caches which it often defends, and scatter-hoarding, where a species will create multiple caches, often with each individual food item stored in a unique place are the two types of caching behavior.

Many animals are scatter hoarders, examples of these animals are the wood mouse, chipmunks and the squirrels. According to some studies, recycling is often difficult or very expensive comparing to producing from a raw materials of the same product or from other sources, thus, in recycling of many products or reuse materials in producing different materials, such as, paperboard.    Salvage of materials form complex products is another form of recycling, either due to property that is not essential or inherent their value like lead from car batteries or gold from a computer components, or due to their hazardous nature, for example, reused of mercury removed from various items. Other compulsive hoarding behaviors is linked in the DSM-IV to obsessive compulsive personality disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder, thus, animal hoarding can also be associated as dementia, addiction and focal delusion or delusion disorder, which causes risks to health for the people involved, and failure to correct the deteriorating sanitary conditions of their living areas, and for those living in and around hoarding residences Animal hoarding is the root of a series of human health problems and various zoonotic diseases because of poor sanitation, fire hazards, toxic inhalation and neglect personal hygiene likewise to their family.
The primary technique used by scatter hoarders to protect the foods they kept from being stolen is called Cache spacing. The hoarders have shown signs of improvement, giving hope to the viewers and other people with compulsive hoarding disorder for the success of treatment. This woman was pathetic in that she seemed psycho in her belief that it was fine to continue to buy food when she needed to use up things before buying more.
Commonly, animal hoarders display symptoms of delusional disorder, having their belief out of touch with reality system, and attachment disorder, which maybe started during their childhood such as poor parent-child relationships, resulting from attachment disorder, resulting to obsession and possessions like in animals, filling the needs of their pets and relationships with animals they collected. Hoarders discourage competitors who happen upon a place for keeping food or storage room from conducting in restricted area, searching for more of the supply, by spreading food supply around. In September, 2012, During filming for the Hoarding: Buried Alive show, a woman helping with the cleanup of a Houston, Texas home was rushed to the hospital, after contracting a respiratory illness. Of course, you might have data analysis and cleaning software to look for, find and remove bad or garbage data, however that’s for a different post on another day.If garbage data in results in garbage information out, does garbage big data in result in big garbage out? The number of cases of a specific disease rates have been estimated in adults at 2 to 5%, and is greater in older adults than in younger groups, in men versus women, and is opposite in effect of nature or order related to household income. The woman’s initial tests indicated that she had contracted Hantavirus, a negative sense RNA virus in the Bunyaviridae family. Most people affected with compulsive hoarding is more common in people with psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).
Logan, revealed that Stephen had undergone psychiatric treatment for schizophrenic delusions and tendencies during the 1991 trial. The Hantavirus can infect humans through direct contact from urine, saliva and waste products from rodents. She says she hopes the new classification will help others become more accepting of the often-misunderstood disorder.The most common reaction to a hoarding confession is, "'Just get rid of everything. Other factors are associated often with compulsive hoarding are those people who are alcohol dependence as well as paranoid, schizotypal, and Avoidant personality disorder (AvPD), also called as anxious personality disorder traits. During his adolescence Blumberg was hospitalized several times where twelve psychiatrists diagnosed him as schizophrenic, delusional, paranoid and compulsive, and Dr.
In some Hantavirus cases, this can cause fatal disease in humans, such as hantavirus pulmonary syndrome(HPS), hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome(HFRS) but other hantaviruses have not been linked with know diseases. The most worst forms that a person with compulsive hoarding disorder can cause fires, unsanitary conditions (example: rat and roach infestations), injuries from tripping on clutter, and other health and safety hazards. Syllogomania is defined also as compulsive hoarding disorder as the hoarding of pure trash or garbage. Blumberg was convicted again of burglary of antiques in 1997, and was arrested again in July 2003 for burglary of a house in Keokuk, Iowa in July 2003.
Blumberg was convicted in early 2004, and was again, arrested for burglary in June 2004 in Knoxville,Illinois, violating his probation for his conviction in early 2004.  2004.
I can come across things that used to make my heart race but they don't turn me on any more.

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