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Traditionally High Tea is eaten after work hours at around 5pm-6pm, and it often consists of heavier items like chicken pot pies, quiche and beef wellingtons.
Afternoon Tea is usually eaten at around 2pm-4pm and the offerings generally include finger sandwiches, dainty scones, tea cakes and petit fours. I already started my day with a lunch full of pies, pastries and baked goods at Savary Island Pie Company and I decided to continue it with high tea at The Secret Garden Tea Company. The Secret Garden Tea Company is probably one of Vancouver’s most popular places known especially for their high tea service. I found more value in the ambiance and experience over the food, but all of it is important when having high tea, so it was a bit give and take here.
There was a to-go bakery which rotates often and an in house gift shop too, but that’s quite common for places focusing on high tea or afternoon tea. It just felt a bit mass produced in quality, but I did love that everything came in individual bite sized dainty portions, as it traditionally should be. I have a feeling the food could be better a la carte, but the high tea was just okay, nothing to rave about or really complain about. The ingredients were all pureed with some parsley and it was a nice balance of cheese and olives, without being overly salty.
I could have used a crunch from something like cucumber because there was also some added mayo underneath the cheese and I needed something for texture. The butter crackers tasted quite stale and bland to me and they weren’t crispy or flaky, but almost like a drier and harder pie crust. Being that I just had an amazing Grilled Chicken and Fresh Basil Sandwich at Savary Island Pie Company for lunch, this was really at a disadvantage.
It was a thin slice of lemon marinated chicken breast, tarragon mayo, a thin wedge of avocado, asparagus, and a couple greens in a mini croissant. It was very heavy with the tangy herby mayo and there was a nice lemony flavour from the chicken, but it was quite standard and something you could make at home too. I could have used more stuffing, but it was a fresh chicken salad sandwich and pretty good. These were very mushy and almost tasted like mashed potatoes with a hint of hard boiled egg.
It was a thin layer of minced egg salad spread, or paste, wrapped and rolled with crustless white bread.
Without the sugar crust they were rather neutral or even bland, and I could taste a slight floury aspect, but it wasn’t too bothersome. Although they could have been made with buttermilk, they weren’t tangy or buttery in flavour. They tasted rather plain but had the sweet crunch and crispiness from an intense sugar crystal topping.
The raspberry jam was more sweet than tangy and I prefer whole fruit preserves, but this one was more like a standard jam. It would be nice to have these served as tea cakes rather than mini slices, but that’s just me being picky. It was a very moist and tender loaf if you ate it right away, but they dried out quite fast. It was made with some fresh raspberry and swirls of raspberry jam (?) and I could bite into the seeds.
I’m pretty sure there was almond extract in the cake part, but it was subtle and gave the loaf another layer of flavour to accompany the raspberry. The top of the loaf was the sweet part and that was covered with crispy and crunchy sugar coated caramelized almond slices that came across as marzipan.
It was super moist and spongy and quite wet and it was loaded with shredded dried coconut which I could bite into and get the texture of. It was creamy but still incredibly light and not too sweet at all and the whole thing just melted in your mouth like a super whipped custard.
It was almost like a moussey coconut custard with a soaked crust (which I’m not sure was intentional, but it was very moist). My favourite part was the subtle accent of fresh basil leaf which was very unique and much appreciated for colour and flavour. It was a very aromatic coconut dessert with a lightly sweetened whipped cream made with real vanilla bean seeds which was the perfect complement.
I loved that it wasn’t greasy or heavy and there was more coconut cream custard than whipped cream which I prefer.
It was an incredibly tender and soft crumbly shell but a bit dry and I could taste the flour and baking powder in them.
It was almost like a buttery sweet sugar cookie crust and I do prefer the crisp tart shells that usually go with lemon tarts.

The almond tuille was nutty and sweet, but completely soft instead of crispy and it was a bit burnt rather than caramelized. It wasn’t as fluid as a pudding, or dense as a ganache, or even light as a mousse, but somewhere in between all of that, and a bit fluffy as well.
It’s not cakey but very creamy and almost like the lava part of a molten lava chocolate cake.
I could also taste some espresso to enhance that dark chocolate flavour, but it’s not coffee flavoured.
The milk chocolate whipped cream on top was actually less sweet than the dark chocolate part. This would be for intense chocoholics, who enjoy pure chocolate, but I prefer more texture and balance in my chocolate desserts.
The best pineapple tarts I have ever tasted and if not for its calorie laden, I could eat 10 pieces at a time. All Hipster restaurants must feature these ingredients on the menu, either on their own, or in some sort of combination thereof: 1. The teahouse Tea & Coffee garden can be found easily between narrow Old Town Riga streets and ancient houses. Also we serve delicious breakfast omelets and sandwiches, and on workdays you can have special lunch offer for reasonable prices. With wide open arms we welcome our little visitors – VIPP (very important petit persons). Exquisite five-star hotel in Riga, Latvia located in business, shopping and sightseeing district – Riga Old Town. Hotel in Riga located nearby many area attractions, such as the National Opera House or the Doma Cathedral. Cheap hotel in Riga with two-star standarts offers young accommodation with modern comfort. In Latvia the only climate and balneotherapy rehabilitation center “Jaunkemeri” offers advanced diagnostic and treatment methods.
The four-star Riga hotel is located in the city centre next to the historic and picturesque Verman Park. Hotel in Riga situated in the central area of the city and guests will enjoy close proximity to Old Riga.
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As the guests arrived, they sat down at a long table dressed with pink and white linens and bouquets of fresh flowers. For brunch, I piled mini-muffins and assorted triangle tea sandwiches on vintage tiered trays. My daughters, Kiana and Kaya requested a High Tea Princess party for their birthdays this year, and I couldn’t help but indulge them! Having worked as a Wedding & Event Planner for eight years, I was fortunate enough to have some amazing vendors jump on board to help me make my little princesses’ dreams come true! The Flower Factory provided us with beautiful florals for my chandeliers, and helped us hang them in our tree.
I custom-designed all of the event stationery at my youngest daughter’s request for watercolour floral details and a scroll invitation.
And of course, last but not least, Nomo Akisawa captured the whole event ever so beautifully. From heart shaped raindrops to playful elephants with umbrellas, mom-to-be is sure to feel the LOVE with this theme!
Create a truly enchanted baby shower celebration with our whimsical Fairytale Forest Party Collection!
If you’re only here for the food, you may want to order a la carte, but if you want the whole experience then go for the high tea, but the food was generally mediocre. It was often had at high tables, but it wasn’t something for the high class, but instead for the average working individuals. Although they are different styles, the level of satisfaction for the food couldn’t compare to the amazing things I had at Savary Island Pie Company. Just looking purely at the food it was all quite basic and not as sophisticated as I thought it would be. Nikko is a Japanese company and they do have a line of high quality fine bone chinaware, but this wasn’t it.

The country atmosphere was cute and cozy rather than pretentious and stuffy, but if you want an even more dollhouse-like theme, check out Applewood Country Gifts, Tearoom & Bakery. It’s not an authentic French croissant which is chestnut brown with a crunchy exterior. I wouldn’t have guessed it was an apple scone, but after I knew I could taste the pieces of apples.
It’s not finger food and it was almost like picking up melted chocolate with your fingers.
High tea is derived from the working classes- as well as farmers , who wanted to have Afternoon tea like the elite , so they incorporated the idea and combined it with their supper time , as they had to work in the afternoons .
Even the returning guests from Italy come back to the Tea & Coffee garden to enjoy a cup of the best espresso in Riga! While parents are reading the newest magazines or surf the internet (free WIFI is available), the little ones can ride the rocking horse, draw and color. Get on the wakeboard, wake surf, waterskis or tube and check out how beautiful Riga looks from river Daugava!
Twelve little girls arrived in their frilliest dresses for tea on a sunny Saturday morning.
I scattered sugar cookies on vintage silver-plated trays with shiny bowls of mini candies and bottles of pink and green buttercream icing for the kids to decorate their own cookies.
The strawberry cream cheese muffins and egg salad sandwiches were a big hit with both the kids and adults. Their birthdays are three years and 3 days apart (Kiana turned 9 on June 5th and Kaya turned 6 on June 8th), so every year they get one combined — albeit extravagant — birthday celebration. After months of planning and preparing, it was wonderful to see everything come together so beautifully! Taffete Designs provided the pipe & drape so that I could create a royal canopy over the tables. One of my favourite details were the child-sized chivari chairs — which were available for the first time in Vancouver!
It was completely booked for high tea so it was actually more noisy than it was quiet, but I still enjoyed the atmosphere and found it fun, unique and memorable. The elite tea time was in the afternoon and eaten in the parlor at low tables- while sitting on sofas . The big windows of the teahouse invite you to take a look inside and come in – it smells like warmth and homeliness inside. The teahouse has a special Chilim room that is decorated in Eastern style with soft pillows where one can sink into and enjoy the white and aromatic smoke of the waterpipe. As the girls designed their candy creations, I served herbal tea and apple juice in pretty pots. As the party was winding down, I sent each child home with a unique party favor - a personalized Lenox tea cup!
This year, her girls requested a Royal Princess High Tea Garden Party, full of blushing bouquets, gorgeous watercolor stationery & tea party sweets fit for a Queen. Anna Elizabeth Cakes perfectly created the most beautiful hand-painted watercolour floral cake with a gilded top tier — it was as delicious as it was stunning.
Only the most fragrant jasmine blossoms plucked within one hour of sunrise are layered between the tea. Overpriced and the food is meh…but the experience is really what you pay for I think. One of my favorite details are the Disney Princess quotes at every place setting, which give the table a young, sweet feel while keeping with the overall elegant theme. Cake baking is passion of the Tea & Coffee garden confectioner Dace and the smiling teahouse girls know great stories about cake and tea realm. Jasmine Hoffman, a dear friend and local makeup artist, offered to be our Princess Jasmine Sparkles for the day, and was a huge hit to all the little girls! Isn’t it adorable to enjoy peace and charm of the Old Riga while sunbeams are playing with the rippling water in the fountain? I tucked in their custom designed cookies and tied it up with a bow for a truly unique party favor.
She came looking like a real princess and added some sparkle and glitter to the little girls faces.

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