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The Global Fund has helped to deliver more than 190 million bed nets to protect families from malaria.
In Senegal, 80% of households now have a bed net, helping the number of malaria cases there drop 50% in a single year. This coupled with a predicted shortened growing season to create a potentially devastating food crisis. The Islamist insurgency in northern Nigeria, which began in 2009, has forced more than 365,000 people to flee their homes and farms.
In response, farmers are encouraged to use early maturing seeds to help generate a shorter planting season.
However, as Ibrahim Mota of the Dawanau Grain Traders Union shared recently, “Seeds, no matter how sophisticated, have to be planted by humans to germinate.” The Famine Early Warning Systems Network continues to monitor the food supply in this region, encouraging the Nigerian government to alleviate the burden of this conflict on farmers. The possibility of a global food shortage is looming and the effects could be felt in the near future.
Some of the more apparent reasons for a global food shortage at the moment are climate change, increased population, and plant diseases.
The global population is growing at an alarming rate and providing enough food to combat this problem is becoming challenging. In order to have a sustainable future, more farmland will have to be designated to increase crop production. While climate change plays a big part in damaging the world food supply, plant diseases contribute to this dilemma as well.
While plant diseases are not as significant as other causes of crop failure, they are a big concern to overall food supply, as anything that has an adverse effect on production can be devastating.
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The main reason why most people are unable to feed themselves is that they cannot afford it.
Drought, flooding, hurricanes, tsunamis and earthquakes can disrupt the commercial means of alimentation. In case of a food shortage you should be aware that grocery stores only have about 3 days of food in stock.
You can find bellow some items easy to stock because they have lengthy expiration dates, so you can stash them away for long periods of time. Canned Meat: typically will keep for 6-10 years and they’re an excellent source of protein. Although it’s very important to stock food, on a long term food crisis can be wiser to have the means to produce your own food. Learn Food Preservation: maybe you need to store food for the winter or maybe you want to have a food reserve just in case.
Store Seeds: save some of the harvest to collect the seeds and to plant them the next year.
One of the best ways to produce your food in a SHTF situation is to build an AQUAPONIC SYSTEM. Can be adapted for small spaces; In urban environments where space is a valuable commodity, it can come in all shapes and sizes. You may consider aquaponics not only for a food crisis but also as a mean to produce healthy, fresh food for your family.
Seattle is the epicenter of a global effort to beat back poverty and illness in the poorest corners of the world. First established in 1981, the occasion presents a chance for hunger and agriculture organizations around the world to raise awareness and support for the fight to end hunger. Conflict spreads throughout the country, affecting the agricultural season in rural and often isolated regions.

Consequently, Nigerian government reported as many as one million people facing food shortages in the coming months. Without details on the exact tactics to mitigate conflict, families live in constant risk of acute food security. If the perfect balance that keeps humanity together is disrupted, then some of the consequences can be quite unfortunate. This definition distinguishes a food crisis from chronic hunger, although food crises are far more likely among populations already suffering from prolonged hunger and malnutrition. Accurate assessments of the growing population will have to be made in order to have enough supplies to feed the demand. Plant diseases are hard to control, since they are usually discovered after they have infected the crops.
Controlling plant disease will have to be considered on the global scale to ensure that the limited crops that are able to be grown are not damaged by disease. The attacks caused the Dow to drop more than 600 points and led to one of the biggest government spending programs in U.S.
War makes delivery of food much more difficult, particularly if aid workers are attacked and supplies are looted. Disease outbreaks such as the 2005 Ebola-like Marburg virus in Angola put pressure on food supplies as deliveries ceased due to drivers staying away. For example the famine in Ukraine – a man-made famine in 1932 and 1933 that killed up to 7.5 million Ukrainians.
People will rush and buy as much as they can so probably the food will vanish in less than a day or hours.  So if anything was to disrupt the food supply chain for an extended period of time, there would be chaos in most communities. This depends on the food crisis period you want to be prepared for and of course the budget you plan to invest. Make a list of everything you actually like and take into consideration that your stock has all the vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals, fats and protein.
If you live in a city and you don’t have a backyard, you should take into consideration buying at least one acre somewhere in the countryside. Aquaponics combines hydroponics and aquaculture into one symbiotic system consisting of plants and aquatic organisms. Nate Storey, a Ph.D at University of Wyoming in Agronomy, inventor and CEO at Bright Agrotech has recently increased aquaponic production using zipgrow towers. Sub-saharan Africa leaps out as the place where the most people fear for their next meal, while the rich world has more to fear from obesity. Prior to operating this online news site, he reported on science,  medicine, health policy, aid and development for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.
We'd like Humanosphere to be your go-to source for news, conversation and analysis about this effort as it unfolds. Moreover, as refugees, these families have little opportunity to independently replenish their food supplies. According to The Nigerian Meteorological Agency, the national agricultural sector depends heavily on rain, “with the bulk of its produce cultivated in the north and central regions.” Weather forecasters predict the rainy season to begin in June, though it typically starts in May. The perfect balance that keeps the world in harmony is being disrupted and the possibility of a major catastrophe is imminent. There is not one factor that is solely responsible for the problem, but a combination of factors that are disrupting the balance of the global food supply.
Food production will have to be increased according to the growth of the world’s population if we are to avoid a total food crisis.
With an increasing population, great caution will have to be taken to offset the effects of climate change and to prevent plant diseases from occurring. A hunger crisis develops when families experience these factors for a long time and run out of ways to cope.

You may think poverty cannot be an important factor in the US, but in a major economic SHTF event things could start to get out of hand. Remember when Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, a lot of stranded people in New Orleans endured hunger, little water and limited emergency supplies for days. Conflict can drive people from their homes and away from their normal food supply, leave them unable to afford food or simply stop them planting. If a new deadly virus hits the USA, I doubt people will be confortable leaving their homes.
There are 127 recorded great famines and almost at any given historical period there was a food crisis somewhere in the world. So in case a major SHTF event will not hit until the expiration date of your food, then you can eat it (without spending additional money on food) and then renew your stock.
In a food crisis the most important food is the one with most carbohydrates which are the main fuel for physical energy. Practically an Aquaponic System it’s a self-sustained bio system where the fish excrements are broken down by nitrogen-fixing bacteria into nitrates and nitrites which are utilized by the plants as nutrients. Your host is Tom Paulson, a reporter with decades of experience covering science, medicine and global health in the US and beyond.
In addition to farming, the conflict limits “off-season livelihood activities” such as fishing. These prices rose an estimated 10 percent from last year and more than 30 percent from the five-year average. There is an ominous global crisis about to transpire from a shortage of food and a decline in the global financial system, and it will have a dire effect on all humanity.
With a likely end result being a shortage in the food supply, this will have an adverse effect on everyone. When economy collapses the food will become scarce, like the North Korean famine 1994-1998. The deadliest war in modern African history had killed 5.4 million people, mostly from disease and starvation, making the Second Congo War the deadliest conflict worldwide since World War II.
So keep in mind that having at least on item like rice, pasta, cereals is almost mandatory.
Some of the weather conditions that are associated with climate change are extreme cold, extreme heat, and excessive amounts of rain and snow.
Climate change is having an increased impact on food production as droughts and flooding become more frequent and more severe. Even after the war had ended, 1,000 people died daily in 2004 from malnutrition and disease.
If you have stockpiled food, of if you have the means to produce it, then there’s no need to worry. Check storing advices (temperature, humidity, etc.) on the packages and see if it matches with your stockpiling room. If you don’t know much about gardening, then start small with a few garden boxes for tomatoes, herbs, or sprouting.
Natural disasters are very real and very likely to happen even more than once in a lifetime. Choose only domestic animals that can provide you with more than meet: chickens or ducks for eggs, cows or sheep for milk, fishes for fish eggs. Just like stockpiling food think that you should get all vitamins, carbohydrates, protein, fats, and minerals.

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