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Use the memory prompt SCENE to help ensure the scene is safe and that you are ready to provide first aid. Patients with minor injuries of a sort they would attend to themselves if at home may wash their hands and apply a small sterilised dressing from the first aid box. Do not move the patient unless they are in a position which exposes them to immediate danger.
Continue resuscitation until qualified help arrives and takes over, the patient starts breathing normally, or the rescuer becomes exhausted.
The Patient Report Form is a way of documenting your initial observations and management of a patient. Usually, this happens as the body’s compensatory mechanism to overwhelming cold stressor [2].
The stages of Hypothermia are based on how low the body temperature is and the symptoms felt by an individual with this condition. Some of the problems with the endocrine system cause decreased production of heat in the body.
Certain conditions of the skin may lead to impairment in the body’s ability to preserve heat. This is commonly associated with impaired thermoregulation of the body due to the inability of the hypothalamus to normalize it. There are certain medications that impair the body’s ability to react properly to low temperatures.

If the hypothermic person is conscious and can swallow, make the person drink warm beverage with no alcoholic and caffeine contents. Active external warming: This type of rewarming process includes the use of warming devices like warmed forced air. Active core warming: Includes the usage of irrigation of body fluids with warmed fluids, warm humidified air, warmed intravenous fluids, and extracorporeal rewarming (heart lung machine).
There have been studies which suggest that small drop in the body’s temperature results in the stabilization of the cell membrane. If the patient is not breathing normally, start resuscitation and continue until patient starts to breath normally and then treat any burn until the Emergency Services arrives. If it is a chemical in the eye, wash out the open eye continuously with clean water for as long as possible. Continue 30 compressions at a rate of about 100 – 120 per minute with 2 rescue breaths between each 30 compressions.
Stop to recheck the patient only If the patient starts breathing normally, otherwise do not interrupt resuscitation.
It acts as a reference to anyone who is entitled to see that information should the need arise.
There are various treatment regimens which are directed towards rewarming the patient, close monitoring, and treatment of complications.
When the body is deprived of oxygen supply, hypothermia minimizes the disruption of the body’s normal functioning, caused by lack or blockage of blood supply.

If breathing has stopped, start resuscitation and continue until patient starts to breath by themselves or until Emergency Services arrives. This medical treatment is performed to decrease the chances of obtaining ischemic tissue injury due to impairment of blood flow. When the burn is comfortable, a sterile dressing should be applied and the patient should be referred to hospital. If the patient is responsive with a severe obstruction alternate with 5 back blows and 5 abdominal thrusts (chest thrusts in infants) until relieved. If the patient does not respond to rest and fluids or you suspect heat stroke, call the emergency services. Reassure the patient and allow them to sleep whilst waiting for the emergency services to arrive.
Suspected spinal injuries or fractures to the lower limbs should be treated in the position found. It serves as proof of your actions and gives medical professionals an indication of the patient’s initial condition. Place in the recovery position if the patient becomes unresponsive and continue to cool until the emergency services arrive.

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