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Combining online learning of theory and knowledge with in class hands-on and skills assessment. Canadian Red Cross and the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada ensures quality training, quality material, and certification that is recognized by professional organizations world wide. On successful completion of a course, the participant receives formal certification and the confidence of knowing how to help save lives. BC First Aid is one of few providers to offer on site training where first aid courses are conducted at your group´s location. Providing effective and relevant training; In a flexible, safe and comfortable learning environment. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
How to deal with accidents and emergencies • Keep calm and look for any dangers to yourself or to the injured person.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Detailed below is the Health & Safety Policy Statement for Siteline Construction Services Ltd.
Siteline Construction Services Ltd are committed to a policy of effectively managing all aspects of health safety and welfare through the development of a coherent framework of measures designed to promote team work, planning, training and discipline. All employees and sub-contractors are expected to co-operate with the company in carrying out this policy and will ensure that their own work so far is reasonably practical, is carried out with minimum risk themselves or others.
Siteline Construction Services Ltd will ensure that such resources, facilities, finances, information, instruction, training, and supervision are provided as necessary to maintain the Health, Safety and Welfare of all its employees and others who may be affected at their work place or as a consequence of their work. The Managing Director is the executive having particular responsibility for Health, Safety and Welfare.
This Statement of Company Policy will be displayed prominently at all sites and work places. This Policy and associated procedures will be formally reviewed annually within the overall Management review system, though on exception changes may be implemented at other times as required by legislative changes or work practices. Survival Instincts is an authorized provider of American Red Cross health & safety training programs.
Protecting oneself against home invasion does not necessarily require difficult skills – often times basic awareness and common sense is all that matters.
Nineth in the series about Survival Instincts Women's Safety Program EVADE in the leading Women's Magazine Mangayar Malar.
Tenth in the series about Survival Instincts Women's Safety Program EVADE in the leading Women's Magazine Mangayar Malar. Event details may change at any time, always check with the event organizer when planning to attend this event or purchase tickets.
Demand that Louise D Acton Building, School of Rehabilitation Therapy gets added to the next tour!

Very calm, soothing and very knowledgeable"BC First Aid provides first aid and CPR instruction services and related safety training based on the Sunshine Coast, BC Canada. There are also a number of links to our Health & Safety Certificates and related policy documents. The activities of Siteline Construction Services Ltd will be carried out in accordance with the procedures so prescribed which, as a minimum, are in accordance with statutory provisions. Consultation with staff and operatives is structured to ensure feedback is encouraged to continually improve safe systems of work. Reference should be made to the Managing Director in the event of any difficulty arising in the implementation of this Policy. The organisation and arrangements for implementing the Policy will also be available at each site and work place for reference by any employee as required.
All certification programs conducted will be certified by the American National Red Cross in Washington, DC, United States of America.
Before opening the door make sure you first use the peephole, second the door chain and only after that completely open the door.
Remember, an intruder trying to enter your home through the front door will appear “normal”.
Advertise and proclaim (preferably in local languages) if you have an alarm system and CCTV installation.
Attending a simulation based self defence class may help you prevent, deter, diffuse and escape from violent crimes. Train yourself to use a pepper spray, acquire a good one, and be prepared to use it in the dark. Brought to you by LMac Community CPR, London's largest scenario based Advanced Training Partner. Completing this training makes people better citizens by empowering them to help in their home and community when called upon. All reasonably practical steps will be taken to avoid risks to its employees and all others that may be affected. A wide-angle peephole and a strong door chain can dramatically decrease your chances of being invaded. A cable technician, food deliveryman, a public worker (including policeman) or a friendly neighbor may not be actually who they claim to be.
So if it is an electricity board employee doing “random checking” of your home without request, bear in mind how difficult it is to get them to come home even with repeated calls. This would mean a flashlight and your pepper spray need to be kept together in a safe, that can be emergency accessible.
Our Sechelt First Aid training center also offers instruction to interested members of the general public. This customized course is co-instructed and led by Chi Yan Lam, an expert Red Cross First Aid Instructor Trainer and PhD student at Queen’s.* Successful completion of this two-day workshop leads to a 3-year certification that is valid nationally across Canada and recognized internationally.

In addition to First Aid, we also offer First Aid Kits and the Pleasure Craft Operator Competency (PCOC) training and certification. Many glass companies claim strength – remember, a steel grill may be a cheaper and safer option. Certification satisfies the requirements for the School of Rehabilitation Therapy. Questions? BC First Aid training programs include practical hands-on training delivered by certified instructors. If there is no If the person is not breathing normally, give 30 chest compressions Open airway: tilt the head back and give two breaths by pinching response, shout for help “Help! If you observe police patrol units next to your home, inquire how you can seek their help directly in the case of an emergency. The curriculum used has been developed by experts from well established organizations such as the Canadian Red Cross and The Canadian Lifesaving Society. Your local police station may also have a crime prevention program catered to your locality.
Open the Airway - are by placing your hands at the centre of the chest and pushing down the nose and covering the patient’s mouth with your mouth. The training combines the use of multi-media with practical hands-on, self-study and traditional instruction.
1) • If an infant is unable to breathe, cough or cry, and you suspect they have • If the object is not dislodged give up to five abdominal a severe obstruction in their throat: Give up to five back blows between thrusts.
Place a clenched fist above the navel and pull the shoulder blades with the heel of your hand. 2) • If the obstruction is still present give up to five chest thrusts, with two • Continue this cycle of five back blows and five abdominal fingers in the middle of the chest. Fig 1 Fig 2HEART BURNS & A heart attack is one of the most common life-threatening heart conditions. If you suspect someone is having a heart attack this is what you should do: • Raise the limb to reduce swelling. Instead, press firmly on either side of the object and • After ten minutes, release the pressure. If the bleeding has not stopped reapply the pressure for up to two further periods of ten minutes.

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