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A First Aiders first job is to ensure good health and safety practice is followed in the workplace.
Whether you work in an office, a warehouse, or on a construction site, there’s no doubt you’ll need to be aware of the health and safety procedures your employer has in place. Once the training session has ended, it’s easy to forget a lot of information that has been given in such a short span of time. While you can train employees with pictures and flyers, there’s nothing like following through with proper equipment.
First Aid training is important in every field of life and that is why it is encouraged to have training classes whenever you find time.
Safety First Aid Training, established in 1959, provides, extensive onsite and off-site training courses with a unique package of 99% percent passing rate. British Red Cross, is among the world’s leading first aid training providers based in London.
Outdoor Emergency Care training, is a specialised institute in the field of outdoor first aid training. First Aid for Life, is Health and Safety Executive Approved First Aid Training course providing private body which is based in London. Actual First Aid Training, offer First Aid at work, Emergency First Aid at work, Paediatric First Aid and Basic Paediatric First Aid.
The Parent Company, is operated by the National Health Service Children’s nurses since 2001.
Safer Staff Training and Recruitment Ltd, was established in 1996 and since then has trained over 30,000 candidates in different First Aid courses.
When all rules are followed properly, this will ensure that there are no accidents in the workplace, and the First Aider will not need to be called into action.
A first aider will be able to help employees understand their role in maintaining a hazard-free work zone, and what to do should an accident occur.
You can tell them to wash their hands, check machinery before using it, or to use the stairs in the event of a fire – but they won’t be able to follow through without proper soap, equipment operating gear, or a fire escape. But the best first aider will help employers and employees understand how to avoid accidents in the first place – so keep this information in mind.

The course addresses core material such as adult and pediatric CPR (including two-rescuer scenarios and the use of bag mask), foreign-body airway obstruction, and automated external defibrillator (AED) use. Injuries and accidents can occur anywhere and in London where life is so fast, such incidents occur on daily a basis. The Institute is among the top training course providers in the field of outdoor, sport and road aids in London and South East. Institute provide training services in safety first aid, sport medical, occupational health, occupational safety. The Red Cross society is registered in England and Wales as a charity organisation and provides variety of courses including first aid at work, first aid at public and first aid campaigns. AAB is one of the largest vocational institute in Britain with three regional offices located in Manchester, Leeds and Milton Keynes.
With team formed by medical and emergency professionals working in different hospitals, the institute provides, group and individual trainings. First Aid at work certificate is eighteen hours three days course and Paediatric First Aid is a 12 hours 2 days course. The institute is specialised in providing first aid services to parents and carers at home, work and public venue.
The Company provides health and safety, first aid training, food safety training, fire safety training, care staff training, business skills training and risk assessment training. Every workplace employee should be familiar with first aid and how a first aider responds to a crisis, should one occur. First aid Training Sessions should include audio and visual information, as well as printed information that the employee can take home or keep at his or her work station. Employees are going to remember simple and concise information that they see on a day-to-day basis. Be sure that the workplace is equipped with all the proper machinery or protective gear needed to follow health and safety guidelines. The course is designed for health care providers such as emergency medical services (EMS) personnel, physicians, dentists, nurses, and respiratory therapists who need a credentialed course. The organisation has fourteen regional offices in different cities of London with head office based in London.

They offer 16 hours Wilderness Firs Aid course, 8 hours outdoor first aid, 8 hours RYA First Aid at sea, and 20 hours remote care. Institute offers Paediatric First Aid, Acute Allergic reaction, First Aid for Babies, First Aid for Toddlers and children, Emergency First Aid, Emergency Life Support, Sports First Aid and HSE approved Previously Appointed Person Course (EFAW). Institute also re-qualification course which provides an opportunity to those who wants to renew their current First Aid course.
Even if you just work in an office, it’s imperative that your company has a program in place to mitigate any injuries from accidents that could occur on-site.
People learn in different ways, and a first aider should come prepared to accommodate all learning styles.
Posters, flyers, or even daily announcements can help keep the information fresh and accessible. This course is also open to first responders who have a duty to respond to a cardiac emergency because of job responsibilities or regulatory requirements.
There are a number of institutes in London, which offer Health and Safety Executive approved First Aid training courses. Let’s take a look at a few situations in which a first aider can help improve the health and safety of the workplace before they need to be called into action. A first aider should always consider how his or her audience will be able to keep current on health and safety information. A first aider should know that health and safety isn’t an area that can be treated as a bargain: workers and employers need to follow code and make their office or area safe for everyone around them.
These institutes also offer onsite, outdoor, individual and group trainings of different durations ranging from 4 hours to 36 hours. If you want to acquire these life saving skills, there are many First Aid training providers in London.

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