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Any break in the skin will not only allow blood and other fluids to be lost, but will also allow germs and bacteria to enter the body. Minor cuts can often be treated yourself at home, or by a first aider, and do not require any expert medical attention.  Before attempting to clean a wound you should always wash and dry your hands, and ideally put on some disposable gloves.
For more severe wounds, pressure should be placed upon the wound using a sterile dressing.  Expert advice should be sought. Share* This Senior: A Happy Tail Update + 12th Member Of The Smiling Senior Dozen Is Still Waiting! Grouchy Puppy’s post on Pet First Aid Awareness Month here offers a checklist and advice on preparing for an emergency from the American Veterinary Medical Association.
It’s a good idea to have a pet emergency financial plan in place so when your emotions are running high, you can still make good decisions for you and your pet.
The first thing I need to work on in an emergency, is panicking (though I’m not as bad as The Other Half).
Welcome to DDY!I'm Chandra and the adorable Chocolate Lab pictured above is Daley, who was the sunshine of my life from 1996-2009.
Hazel Owens { I've done this test a few times before walking my dog, though I admit I should do it more often. Since 2008, Grey Muzzle has provided more than $300,000 in grants to senior dog programs and supported nonprofit organizations in 27 states. Small cuts, scrapes and lacerations usually don’t require a visit to the emergency room, but proper care is still necessary to help prevent infections and promote healing.
If you are in a wooded area be sure to wear clothing that covers your skin to help prevent getting ticks.
Be sure to carry a first aid kit armed with instant ice packs, gauze, scissors, tweezers, fabric tape, Puracyn Wound and Skin Care, and bandages. Puracyn wants to help you celebrate a Summer of firsts with their Puracyn®’s Favorite Summer Firsts Giveaway!

Related PostsAt Home Remedies For Sick BabiesHow To Get Answers From a Pediatrician ANY Time Without Leaving Home! Make Your Own Mini PB&J Finger Foods Perfect For Toddlers Learning To Feed Themselves! First up, directions for a DIY Pet First Aid Kit from DoveLewis, an nonprofit emergency animal hospital in Portland, Oregon. Businesses and community organizations in your area may also offer classes so try asking for recommendations at the vet’s office, the pet supply store, doggie daycare or your local dog park. We also have a container full of meds, sprays, creams, blah blah that is just Georgia’s. Here you'll find 700+ posts related to health, wellness, and lifestyle for senior dogs and their people!
Since 2011, I've volunteered for Grey Muzzle and have served as Vice President and on the Board of Directors. Accidents go hand in hand with those activities so it’s best to be prepared ahead of time so you know what to do when they happen. If that occurs, cool off and drink fluid until it goes away. Cramping and light sweating that go untreated lead to heavier sweating, feeling lightheaded and nauseous. Make children always wear a life jacket around the water and be sure to do head counts if there are several children swimming. If severe the second step is to call 911 but do so as you are applying pressure to the wound. Puracyn® OTC Wound & Skin Care is available in the first aid aisle at Meijer, Rite Aid, Walgreens and other retailers nationwide in 4 oz. If you have serious concerns regarding your senior dog’s health, visit a veterinarian immediately. Any mom knows that kids will inevitably get cuts and bruises this Summer so let’s be prepared for what’s to come!

If untreated it can lead to heat stroke in which your body stops sweating, and can no longer cool itself. If a child is unaccounted for get everyone out of the water until you can account for that child.
The kids loved it and spent hours in the water catching fish with their nets and playing in the sand.
Winners will also receive a first aid kit including Puracyn® OTC Wound & Skin Care product. She is a Registered Nurse currently staying home with her four children while her husband works full time.
Lyme disease is caused by the bite of a tick infected with the bacteria that cause the disease. If you are sunburned apply aloe or lavender essential oil to the effected area to help soothe the burn. This blog accepts forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of compensation.
If a person is displaying signs of heat stroke you should pack them in ice (over the groin, armpits, neck) or get them in cool water to lower their body temperature more quickly. If anyone traveling with you has life threatening allergies be sure to carry their Epi-Pen as well.
In order for the blood to clot and stop the bleeding it is vital that you leave the blood soaked bandages in place.

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