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Any break in the skin will not only allow blood and other fluids to be lost, but will also allow germs and bacteria to enter the body.
Minor cuts can often be treated yourself at home, or by a first aider, and do not require any expert medical attention.  Before attempting to clean a wound you should always wash and dry your hands, and ideally put on some disposable gloves.
For more severe wounds, pressure should be placed upon the wound using a sterile dressing.  Expert advice should be sought. In the cases of nose bleeding, the old first aid course approach of bending the head backwards while pinching the nose is no longer the practice, as anyone who has undergone this experience can detect a redirection of blood flow to their stomach.
A: Using hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol to clean an injury can actually harm the tissue and delay healing. Description: Make safety your first priority by following these important tips on supplies, choking, bites & bleeding, head injuries, burns, CPR and more.

Description: Filled with helpful hints on creating a healthy and balanced diet, managing your weight, dining out, and reading food labels. Description: With special sections on healthy eating, foods to avoid, heart attack warning signs, CPR and exercise, this Healthy Heart Pocket Slider is important to everyone striving to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The first aid officer should have their patient sitting slightly forward, and pinching their nose between the index and middle finger help to stem the flow as the burst vain is compressed. This slide chart includes tips on eating smart, exercising, shopping & cooking tips, foods to enjoy and foods to avoid, as well as information on your body mass index. Keep compressing for 5-10 minutes to allow sufficient colligation to take place, thus arresting the nose bleed. You can put your child to bed without a bandage, and if you can do it without disturbing him too much, sneak in a couple of hours later to reapply a new one.

This interactive slide chart features such great topics as proper exercise, staying active, safety, choosing a doctor, arthritis, and other diseases as well as an extensive section on nutritious foods.
To avoid tearing out hair around the wound, pull the bandage gradually in the same direction as hair growth. Use a non-stick dressing if available, and wrap the bandage loosely so it won’t stick to burned skin.

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