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Swedish folk duo First Aid Kit have announced a North American headlining tour this spring. James Oborne Music festival slut, mountain biking enthusiast, professional dirtbag, freelance photographer. Medical tape 1.25 x 450 cm one volume - used for trauma bandage, paste, fixed joint binding site, etc. Tweezers, 10.8 cm one stick - used for stripping or pinch the wound impurity particles, etc. Notice: Always tell a reliable person where you are going and when to expect you back, leave a detailed trip itinerary, and make sure you know your route and plan accordingly. Hat or toque, gloves or mittens, fleece jacket, gortex jacket, polypro underwear, good quality hiking socks and gortex over pants.
Good quality compass with built in declination adjustment and both topographical and interpretive maps. Just remember, these are not get out of jail free cards, electronics can fail, run out of batteries, or lose their signal. Note that training is required to develop efficient skills for use of a map, compass, and first aid kit, as well as to efficiently light fires. We also recommend you carry a heavy duty thermal blanket as this provides excellent shelter and reflects body heat. We combined navigation and communications into number 9 and 10 essential items rather than creating the 11 essential items as they go hand in hand with each other. We did not include footwear as an essential item to carry as it something that goes on at the start of your hike and stays on. About The 2016 6th Annual, Tim Jones Memorial, Rotary Ride for Rescue The Rotary Ride for Rescue is a timed mountain and road Hill Climb for Competitive and Recreational Riders.
With natural and man-made disasters occurring more frequently, more and more households are now creating their own emergency preparedness plan. While many families consider pets as part of the household, pets are often left out when planning for emergencies or natural disasters.
When you prepare for disasters such as floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, and severe winter weather, do not forget to include provisions for your pet.
The Soderberg sisters will be making a stop at the Rio Theater in Vancouver on May 23 for the second stop of the tour.
They strive for fast delivery, reliable service, competitive prices and customer satisfaction. It may also be worth carrying a small pruning saw for cutting branches when building a shelter or fire. Telling someone where you are going, leaving a trip itinerary and bringing the other 9 essentials is critical to a safe outdoor excursion. It is so easy to under estimate the amount of daylight left especially if you are deep in the forest.

It is ideal for siganlling for help as your voice will become very hoarse in a short period of time especially if you are dehydrated. Knowing where you are and communicating your location in an emergency is a god send, both to yourself and the search and rescue team.
This prevents overheating and sweating which can cause dehydration and begin the cycle of hypothermia in cold weather and heat exhaustion in relatively warmer weather. Footwear selection from trail runners to approach shoes to light hikers to full mountaineering leather or plastic boots needs to be based on the type of activity you plan to carry out and the type of terrain you will travel in. If you have pets, be sure to read further and learn how to make a comprehensive emergency contingency plan.
As you stock up basic necessities for your family, such as food, water and medicines, you should also prepare a small travelling kit for your canine or feline household member. Look for nearby places that will accommodate animals, especially in times of disasters – shelters, kennels, relatives or friends. In times of disasters, pets can become disoriented, agitated and cause them to wander away from home. Regularly review your plan and rehearse it often so that you can execute it well when time comes. If you're not happy with your purchase, please let us know why (we like lots of juicy details) and our customer service team will work with you to make things right.
Most team members carry a Garmin 60 series GPS unit that has terrific reception in the trees. That is why carrying a good quality flashlight or headlamp with extra bulb and batteries per person, is number 1 on our list of the ten essential items.
We reccommend the Fox 40 whistle because it works very well in wet conditions and has good range. Hydration is directly proportional to your performance but also in maintaining essential fluid balance in your body. As stated above you need proper training to orienteer with compass and map and a GPS should be seen as an adjunct to this. There are many clothing types on the market but you will want to wear underclothing next to the skin that wicks sweat away.
Remember, if you buy new boots break them in long before your hike and have plenty of moleskin on hand to cover the potential hot spots that always seem to go with new boots. You may have seen dramatic news stories about pets being reunited to their households after a disaster. It does not necessarily have to be as comprehensive as the emergency kit of a child, but the provisions should be good for at least two weeks. Write them down along with your emergency contact numbers, so you have easy access to this information. At a time of a crisis, with all the other things to think about, you do not want to another trouble with a lost pet.

Festival, with Canadian stops in Toronto and Montreal, before finishing their tour at Bonnaroo Music Festival. Many people manage to call 911 initially but their phone dies before their location can be relayed, not a desirable situation. The orange colour is also highly visible and helps attract attention, particularly from the air. This is only a general guideline and is to be adjusted for extreme heat, cold, altitude, terrain etc.
The GPS in itself is a valuable tool and depending on the type and price you want to pay you can get topographical maps downloaded onto the GPS. It is also important to purchase fleece and gortex clothing that has venting zippers in the armpits and leg areas as this allows excess body heat to vent during times of heavy exercise in inclement weather. Also, good quality hiking socks are a must as these types of socks will wick sweat away from the feet thus reducing the risk of blisters or skin problems. But this should not happen, in the first place, if households come up with a comprehensive emergency preparedness plan that includes their pets. Some supplies to include in your pet emergency kit: pet food (canned foods), a first aid kit (with pet-specific medical supplies), clean water, an extra leash or collar, and a blanket.
These lightweight items will illuminate the trail around and in front of you sufficiently for you to travel slowly in darkness fro several hours. Continue whistle blasts at even shorter intervals 1 minutes or less until they can make voice contact with you and the follow their instructions etc.. We also recommend you carry electrolyte, such as Gatorade in order to replenished salt and potassium that are depleted during excessive exercise. A fleece or woolen toque or hat is also a must as a great deal of body heat is lost through the head especially in children.
Depending on the terrain and difficulty of your excursion, it may also be worth considering satellite based communications devices like the Spot, Delorme InReach or a Personal Locator Beacon. Good quality woolen or gortex gloves or mittens are a must, especially in winter and inclement weather so as to prevent frostbite or cold injury. This will also allow you to perform tasks such as holding onto rocks or tree branches when traveling in terrain, wood gathering , lighting a fire etc. One additional little tip is to carry two good quality plastic shopping bags in case your boots get wet. This is great if you are stranded overnight and want yo keep you feet warm and be somewhat comfortbale.It can also prevent frostbite in cold weather in this type of situation.

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