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Third studio effort represents the Seattle outfit like you’ve never heard them before.
Originally published on June 17, 2014 9:35 am Swedish sisters Klara and Johanna Soderberg first made their names with feather-light chamber-folk confections that echoed the soaring sweetness of Fleet Foxes. At the end of July folk rock converged in Central Park for a great triple bill featuring Dawes, First Aid Kit and Andy Shauf.
Shauf kicked things off, sharing tracks from his sophomore album The Bearer of Bad News, which he released in January via Tender Loving Empire.
First Aid Kit, the Swedish folk duo (and sisters) of Klara and Johanna Soderberg, are as appropriate as any for a set at Newport Folk Festival.
Although disappointing not to get the full Soderberg sister effect, First Aid Kit powered through the set and still delivered a beautiful performance. First Aid Kit are gearing up for the release of new album Stay Gold, which Columbia Records is releasing on June 10. Swedish sisters Johanna and Klara Soderberg, who you know better as First Aid Kit, will return later this year with a new album called Stay Gold.
After years of wondering what I was missing, I finally decided to make the trip to the Newport Folk Festival this year. I mean, really, what other festivals can you see people enjoying music while sitting on folding chairs? All jokes aside, the environment is basically a music festival heaven, full of positive energy and love from every corner.
Below, I’ve posted a list of all the performances we saw over the weekend, which you can click through to find the individual recap and photo galleries of. One by one we got a variety of special guests sharing covers of classic Dylan tunes, sometimes alone, sometimes joined by each others company. It was an unforgettable set of collaboration and celebration, one that we will never see in the same way ever again.
This weekend I’ll be making my first ever journey to Rhode Island for the Newport Folk Festival. I’ve heard nothing but great things from friends who have gone, who have called the festival one of the best out there, and a very relaxing festival experience. When they first started releasing music six years ago, teenage Swedish sisters Klara and Johanna Soderberg named their band in acknowledgement of the healing power of song.
There has always been a underlay of Scandi-angst to First Aid Kit’s otherwise unfailingly accessible take on past and present Americana. On Stay Gold, their major label debut, these core inspirations remain tangible, but the net is cast wider. The duo’s skill lies in their ability to weave these strands into a golden folk-pop tapestry of consistent loveliness, even if the results are hardly ground-breaking. Among all this crafted tastefulness, the breathless train-track rattle of “Heaven Knows” provides a welcome carefree kick, a lip-smacking kiss-off to some hapless fellow who has “spent a year staring into a mirror”. Tom Waits, Pink Floyd, Tom Petty and Teenage Fanclub all feature in the new issue of Uncut, dated September 2016 and out now. Det har med att vara sparsam med superlativen vid skivrecenserande kanske kan appliceras pa andra albumslapp, men First Aid Kits nya Stay Gold ar ingenting annat an en valslipad diamant med guldskimmer pa toppen.

Nu nar det tredje fullangdsalbumet slapps, sa ar deras position som ett av Sveriges absolut basta band helt sakerstalld. Jamfort med den fantastiska The Lion’s Roar ar nya albumet mer sammanhallet och skapar en tydligare helhet. It was produced by Bright Eyes collaborator Mike Mogis and also features the Omaha Symphony Orchestra and arrangements from composer Nate Walcott (Broken Bells, Rilo Kiley). A cover of that band's "Tiger Mountain Peasant Song" even helped launch the then-teenagers to YouTube fame back in 2008.
His heartbreaking approach to songwriting would probably be somewhat better suited in a tiny venue indoors, but he still won me over with a lovely set of songs both smart and delicate.
Unfortunately, Johanna was unable to contribute her vocals due to voice problems, leaving Klara to carry the full vocal load. I was hit hard with surprise when I learned that it was those same two girls who went on to become First Aid Kit, now well on their way as a successful folk duo. It’s a breathtaking journey through country inspired vocals over gorgeous strings that will take your breath away. The lineup, carefully curated with respect to the well beloved genre of folk rock, was pitch perfect at every point of the weekend, with special guests such as My Morning Jacket and James Taylor keeping us on the toes. You can also find some of our favorites photos from the weekend, along with a list of the top 10 sets we saw at the festival, as tough as that was to make.
The performance served as a special tribute to the 50th anniversary of Bob Dylan’s legendary 1965 set at the festival where he went electric. It’s got a lot to do with their vaulting sibling harmonies, so redolent of The Carter Family, The Louven Brothers and the Everlys in the way in which they simultaneously convey a spine-tingling mixture of joy and heartbreak. First Aid Kit made their great leap forward when they moved from the spare acoustic renderings of their 2010 debut, The Big Black And The Blue, to the more fully-fleshed sound of The Lion’s Roar. If Stay Gold at times seems almost too poised and pretty, then the words drag the listener back to the messy heart of the matter.
We wrote these songs about what we’ve been going through – being away from people we love and going on great adventures, but hopefully anyone can relate to it.
Redan efter The Lion’s Roar var det uppenbart att systrarna Klara och Johanna Soderberg skulle komma att erovra varlden med sin vackra stamsang, sin folkrockproduktion och sin fullkomliga sjalvklarhet som latmakare och scenartister.
Den sparsmakade produktionen som inledde deras karriar har successivt slipats bort och fram har deras musikaliska storhet fatt vaxa fram med en nastan overklig fart. Det finns inte en enda lat som inte andas perfektion i uttrycket och ofta ger de soderbergska sanginsatserna gashud, inte minst i ”Cedar Lane”.
We always felt like, we kept it really simple, because there are only three people on stage, we wanted to not go too big, or do too complicated things. But in 2014, styles have changed and so have the Soderbergs: First Aid Kit's major-label debut, Stay Gold, moves well beyond the portentous prettiness of the pair's 2012 breakthrough, The Lion's Roar. He’s recently signed to Anti- Records, a sure sign that exciting things are on the way. I’ve been to almost all of the major festivals in the East Coast, and I have to say, Newport Folk Festival is as good as they get.
The entire weekend I was there I didn’t see any go pros, selfie sticks, flower crowns, or vintage NBA jerseys.

Anything can happen at Newport Folk Festival, which is why I will make sure I find myself there every weekend at the end of the July from now on (as long as they’ll have us back).
After getting special sets from My Morning Jacket (who also served as Roger Waters’ backing band) and James Taylor, expectations were pretty damn high.
Guests included: Gillian Welch, David Rawlings, Deer Tick, Dawes, Klara Soderberg of First Aid Kit, Blake Mills, Hozier, Willie Watson, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Al Kooper, and Robyn Hitchcock. The emotions driving these ten tracks are as troubled and uncertain as the music is gloriously resolved. Melancholia is also an integral ingredient in many of their most obvious musical influences. Now 21 and 23 respectively, Klara and Johanna have moved away from the precocious observational narratives of early songs like “Tangerine” into what feels like nakedly autobiographical terrain. We’re a four-piece band on stage, but we felt that shouldn’t dictate how this record sounds.
First Aid Kit har total synk i varenda ton pa ett hapnadsvackande lattsamt satt, som samtidigt ar djupt genomarbetat. Countrymelankolin ar standigt narvarande och det faktum att bandet nu blivit signade av ett storbolag har kanske gjort att de vagat slappa alla sparrar nar det galler storvulenhet. Steelgitarr, strakar och stamsang kanns igen fran forr, men Stay Gold ar lite soligare, lite blommigare, och guldigare an nagonsin. I mean, Mike Mogis, who we’ve gotten to know so well as a friend, and his studio, and also the way he works – he’s just an incredible producer. The pair first emerged in 2008 when their cover of Fleet Foxes’ “Tiger Mountain Peasant Song” became a YouTube hit. The songs return again and again to the dislocated sensation of being in constant motion and a long way from home. Even when a song like "The Bell" never accelerates beyond a lightly lilting amble, there's potency to it.
It doesn’t feel like a giant event or major festival, but rather a large community coming together to enjoy music.
First Aid Kit could have easily gotten stuck in a sullen rut, opting for stately beauty over the versatility showcased here.
But Stay Gold is a statement of staying power; a collection of bright, smart, substantial songs that stick around. By the time the Soderbergs rustle up a bit of countrified rowdiness in "Heaven Knows" — a sure set-closer at the band's concerts for years to come — they've fully reset expectations.
First Aid Kit's music has always been charming, but the duo has found the capacity to thrill, too.Copyright 2014 NPR.

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