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The bands third album and the follow up to 2012's The Lion's Roar will be their first for a major lable.
Swedish sisters Klara and Johanna SA¶derberg first made their names with feather-light chamber-folk confections that echoed the soaring sweetness of Fleet Foxes. Our bodies are pretty robust, but they can seem downright fragile when they go up against a slipping power tool, a flying piece of metal, or toxic fumes. Make sure anyone who might enter the work area knows all the safety rules, or keep them out of the work area.
Eyeballs are either expensive or impossible to repair, so it's worth a couple dollars to protect them. Safety glasses are really all you need for most projects, they offer good protection from flying debris and light to moderate dust. They're cheap enough to buy in bulk and it's not unheard of to keep a pair near every power tool and on every workbench. There's a maxim that says "If your boogers change color you should have used a respirator." By then, of course, it's too late.
Half-face respirators with swappable filters are more expensive, but also offer better protection and filters can be changed for different tasks.
In the US respirators are rated 95, 99, or 100, indicating the amount of airborne particles they remove. People with beards or enthusiastic mustaches need to invest in a hood or helmet respirator since it's impossible for them to get a good seal on the face. Good ventilation is no substitute for a respirator -- particularly since you're usually working within arm's reach of the source of the trouble. Latex, nitrile, or rubber glove protect from things that can stain or irritate your skin, like paints, stains, and most other household chemicals. Lightweight cloth gloves offer protection from basic hazards like dirt, splinters, and sharp edges.
Leather gloves offer more protection and heat resistance, but at a cost to dexterity and sensitivity. When you don't want to spend the afternoon scrubbing of stains, salving burns, picking out splinters, or tending scrapes and cuts.
Goggles are more comprehensive -- and correspondingly less comfortable -- than safety glasses. Goggles are often given to kids because they're sciencey, but they tend to be particularly uncomfortable for little heads, giving kids the impression that all safety equipment is similarly unpleasant. Since you probably don't have a calibrated sound level meter, here's a good rule of thumb: If you have to shout to be understood, you should be wearing hearing protection.
One of the big advantages of earmuffs over earplugs is they're easier and faster to take on and off, and many have an passthrough for quieter sounds, so you can easily hear conversation without touching anything.
Whenever you use an angle grinder, belt sander, circular saw, router, CNC machine, nail gun, small engine, pneumatic tool, or any other time you have to shout to be heard over what you're doing.
Using a Class A extinguisher on a Class B fire can be disastrous, so get a comprehensive ABC model.
Most extinguishers also have a number associated with them, the bigger the number the larger fire it can put out.
To effectively use a fire extinguisher, pull the pin, aim the nozzle at the base of the flames (not the flames themselves) and pull the trigger, sweeping across the burning area.

First aid kits designed for workshops are pretty common, but you can easily assemble your own. Be sure to replace items as they're used, and periodically check the expiration date on everything.
Take the time to learn basic first aid so you know how to dress wounds without freaking out, or having to search a how-to manual while blood is flowing.
New research on trends in adult human height over the last century confirm that, no surprise, humans are getting taller overall due to better nutrition and disease control.
Having to pack and drag your stuff through security can put quite the damper on your vacation plans. Boing Boing uses cookies and analytics trackers, and is supported by advertising, merchandise sales and affiliate links. A cover of that band's "Tiger Mountain Peasant Song" even helped launch the then-teenagers to YouTube fame back in 2008. Make sure your cutting edges are sharp and all the manufacturer's safety features are in place. It can be worth spending the extra dollar to get a model with adjustable temples and a soft bridge, since you're more likely to wear them when they fit well.
Safety glasses cover more of the face, have side shields, and are made of impact resistant materials. Power tools can throw debris, spinning tools can shatter, solder and paint can splatter, hammers can throw splinters, blades can break, etc.
But ventilation will make your respirator more effective because it will have less work to do. Latex can dissolve in oil and grease, while nitrile will dissolve in many solvents, so choose the type of glove to match what you're working with.
The offer improved protection from goggles, sealing against the skin to protect from mists, splashes, gasses, and intense dust. When working with toxic or caustic liquids and aerosols, or in environments with pervasive fine dust. Health officials say you should try to limit the noise coming into your ears to less than 85 decibels for any extended time.
They're slow-expanding foam or soft rubber inserts you push into your ear, usually brightly colored so other people can tell you're wearing them (and not ignoring them.) Foam earplugs are made from slow-expanding foam that you compress before sticking them in your ear.
After a first pass, let the spray settle for a bit, then go back to douse anything still burning.
For those times when things go wrong in ways that your safety equipment can't fully handle, it's important to have a first aid kit. Fill it with things to treat the kinds of injuries likely to happen when working with tools: All sizes of bandages and gauze, tweezers for splinter removal, an eye cup for flushing debris out of eyeballs. However according to the health science group Non-Communicable Diseases Risk Factor Collaboration (NCD-RisC), the gain in adult height varies dramatically by country. But in 2014, styles have changed and so have the SA¶derbergs: First Aid Kit's major-label debut, Stay Gold, moves well beyond the portentous prettiness of the pair's 2012 breakthrough, The Lion's Roar. NPR reserves the right to use the comments we receive, in whole or in part, and to use the commenter's name and location, in any medium.
But nothing goes right all of the time, and for those times it's better to be safe than bleeding.

Yes, it reads like lawyer-fueled overkill, but behind those words was a serious, preventable injury. Even a tiny grinding disk on a low power rotary tool can shatter and send shards on a high-velocity mission to cause harm.
If you inhale and can feel a draft around the mask, use your hands to mold it into a better fit. They're generally popular if you're working for extended periods around aerosols, spray paint, or fine dust. Eventually they'll get cut, stained, burned, or otherwise abused to the point where they can't protect well. If possible try them on before buying, because some models tend to clamp your head in order to make a good seal. But avoid creating obstacles, piles of debris, and other things that can snag, trip, or slip. If you do wear prescription glasses, there are safety glasses that are made to fit over them. If you have trouble finding a rating on a mask or filter, it almost certainly doesn't measure up and should be avoided.
Other popular features include kevlar reinforcement for cut protection, and rubber-impregnated palms for better grip. Softer rubber helps make a better seal against the face and anti-fog lenses will help keep your vision clear. Indirectly Vented goggles protect against splashes by hooding the vent so that anything that hits it won't get inside. Since they seal tight around the ear they can also make your ears sweaty, so find a pair that you're comfortable with.
And if the fire is out of control or generating more than a little smoke, clear out and call in the professionals. If they get caught in the mechanism they can quickly turn a glove into a bag of mangled fingers. Tighten the headband enough to keep them from slipping down your face, but not any tighter or they'll quickly become uncomfortable. A zip-lock bag and an instant cold-pack for temporarily detached digits might sound like an extreme addition, until you need it. Even when a song like "The Bell" never accelerates beyond a lightly lilting amble, there's potency to it.
But Stay Gold is a statement of staying power; a collection of bright, smart, substantial songs that stick around.
By the time the SA¶derbergs rustle up a bit of countrified rowdiness in "Heaven Knows" a€” a sure set-closer at the band's concerts for years to come a€” they've fully reset expectations.
First Aid Kit's music has always been charming, but the duo has found the capacity to thrill, too.

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