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Sweden's sister-duo First Aid Kit will release their sophomore album, The Lion's Roar on January 24 through Wichita Records. Survival Weekly"Survival is not the exclusive right of any particular political organization or religious affiliation.
If you’re just starting out on your prepper journey, you may feel overwhelmed by the amount of stuff you think you need.
If you or a family member have an injury that absolutely must be kept dry, the plastic garbage bag can be cut into sections and wrapped around the wound. Flossing is an important part of dental hygiene, thus most of us have a package or two sitting in a bathroom drawer.
Obviously, as you continue on the path of emergency preparedness, you’ll start to amass supplies and gear specifically for emergencies. The assignment was this – Create an original video or write an original essay that illustrates and shares information about some aspect of prepping or self-reliance. John McCann – well known and highly respected survival and preparedness instructor and author, as well as owner of Survival Resources.
Rich Beresford III – head honcho over at Around the Cabin, pioneers and innovators of live streaming video used in teaching self-reliance. The most useful tool in any survivalist, prepper, or self-reliant human being’s arsenal is your own mind. So in the last 500 or so words, we’ve discussed first aid, survival prep, and container gardening.
Remove the feet between the joint at the start of the drumstick and the start of the scales that cover the lower leg and feet on most breeds of chicken or other bird.
Turn the bird over and on the back near the base of the tail is a bump that is the oil sac for preening the feathers. When it comes to being a prepper, I can’t even call myself a beginner and keep a straight face.
The second thing I have done to try to change my situation is to think about my food situation.
With these simple inexpensive systems we have been able to build a nice supply for food for any emergency that might arise.
So this spring at the new house I’ve been busy planting, most springs I plant garlic in spring and fall. But after a face book posting about spending the first warmish and dryish day of spring planting about a hundred cloves I was hit with a lot questions.
Another question was, is any other part edible, a quick goggle search produced the following paragraph.
Garlic is broken down into two categories, hard neck and soft neck, and many sub categories, like elephant garlic!
In fall when I plant garlic, I do pretty much the same thing, only I use turnip seed and winter wheat, rye, and barley.
In the pics you see that I use tires for the raised beds, there folks that text and email each year detracting the use of old tires.
Based on the title, I’m not suggesting boasting on your E-Harmony account that you have 3 lbs.
A self-sufficient homestead can be a critical asset to you and your family in a SHFT situation. Providing the meat for your homestead might seem easy: you just need a couple pigs, a chicken or two, and maybe a cow or goat. Your wheat and vegetables are extremely important, because unless you are going to just live off of meat and cheese, you will want to have a garden and definitely a wheat plot.
Most importantly, you will have to have the supplies to take care of these things you need. Vital wheat gluten stores well, though, like whole wheat flour, it needs to be stored properly to last.
There are several good cookbooks and recipes online to teach you how to make seitan in all its forms.
Another great product that stores well, is inexpensive, and is very versatile is Besan, or chickpea flour. A book I recommend for getting started with this protein source is The Chickpea Flour Cookbook: Healthy Gluten-Free and Grain-Free Recipes to Power Every Meal of the Day by Camilla V.
So, when you think of prepping your pantry for a vegetarian diet, don’t get mired in the beans and rice trap. You probably have life, auto, and homeowner or rental insurance – maybe riders for flood or earthquake. Stocking water, food, the means to communicate, to keep warm and keep safe are a lot like making a will, rotating your vehicle tires or changing the batteries in your smoke detectors. What this group IS about: helping each other by sharing knowledge and information, and forming relationships and alliances. What this group IS NOT about: sedition, militias, conspiracy theories, racial identity, religious prophecies, political agendas, or promotion of any provocative group or culture. I am 16 years old and live in a home where prepping and survival is discussed way more times than I care for. A couple of days later the whole survival topic came up again and it occurred to me that I do have something to offer. If we stay at home during an emergency (Bug-in, as Dad says) just knowing where things are stored is helpful. I continued to think and realized that none of my friends know anything about prepping or survival.
At school, we have fire drills and they give us pamphelts about Hurricane and Disaster Readiness but most of the papers wind up in the trash, on the floors or flying around the student parking lot. So, as much as I hate being interrupted from doing what I want to do to participate in Dad’s “Preparedness Discussions”, I can see where I have been taught how to help and even take care of my family and myself in an emergency.
As we noted earlier, most community leaders, if they think or talk at all about disaster planning, focus primarily on the short-term emergencies that are somewhat common. There are probably dozens of places within your own community where large amounts of food are routinely kept, especially those foods that are particularly suited for long-term storage. As soon as it becomes evident this is a long-term event, measures should be taken to protect these assets from looters. Something else to consider are vending machines that might have survived the initial onslaught.
Those same retail outlets and vending machines will also have quantities of bottled water available, as well as other beverages. You should also make note of any local natural bodies of water – rivers, lakes, ponds, and streams. In addition to the usual suspects, such as Walmart and Walgreens, as well as medical clinics, there are several other places you’ll find at least basic first aid gear. As quickly as is possible, measures should be taken to secure any and all pharmacies within the community. This is one area community leaders probably have a good handle on, but it pays to be prepared anyway. Assuming there are vacancies at local apartment buildings as well as hotels, the owners of such might be willing to allow refugees to stay for a while, at least until other arrangements can be made.
While it might be impossible to predict ahead of time, worth noting is the possibility of families being willing to take in one or two extra people, provided that enough food and supplies are available for them. We mentioned earlier about the idea of setting up food production capabilities within the community after a disaster. Long-term survival planning should involve far more than just socking away a few cases of MREs and ammunition.
Conserving resources is always a good idea but it is especially important in a survival situation. The First Aid pocket guide should contain aid that needs to be given for fractures, poisoning, cuts and burns, heat and cold wave and other threats that are prevalent in that area.

You need to first arrange it, first the cover page should have a red cross, then it should have an index ( it is necessary) the cover page can be of light blue colour with a red crosses box picture.You can use the red red cross pictures that we have posted in the end of this article. Prevent further harm also sometimes called preventing the condition worsening, this covers both external factors, such as moving a patient away from a cause of harm, and applying first aid techniques to prevent worsening of the condition, such as applying pressure to stop a bleed becoming dangerous.
Promote recovery – first aid also involves trying to start the recovery process from the illness or injury, and in some cases might involve completing a treatment, such as in the case of applying a plaster to a small wound.
First aid training often also incorporates the prevention of initial injury and responder safety, as well as the treatment phases. Altitude sickness, which can begin in susceptible people at altitudes as low as 5,000 feet, can cause potentially fatal swelling of the brain or lungs. Anaphylaxis, a life-threatening condition in which the airway can become constricted and the patient may go into shock. Battlefield First aid – This protocol refers to treating shrapnel, gunshot wounds, burns, bone fractures, etc.
Bone fracture, a break in a bone initially treated by stabilizing the fracture with a splint.
Burns, which can result in damage to tissues and loss of body fluids through the burn site. Choking, blockage of the airway which can quickly result in death due to lack of oxygen if the patient’s trachea is not cleared, for example by the Heimlich Maneuver.
Cramps in muscles due to lactic acid build up caused either by inadequate oxygenation of muscle or lack of water or salt. Heat syncope, another stage in the same process as heat stroke, occurs under similar conditions as heat stroke and is not distinguished from the latter by some authorities. Heavy bleeding, treated by applying pressure (manually and later with a pressure bandage) to the wound site and elevating the limb if possible.
Sprain, a temporary dislocation of a joint that immediately reduces automatically but may result in ligament damage.
Sucking chest wound, a life threatening hole in the chest which can cause the chest cavity to fill with air and prevent the lung from filling, treated by covering with an occlusive dressing to let air out but not in.
Toothache, which can result in severe pain and loss of the tooth but is rarely life threatening, unless over time the infection spreads into the bone of the jaw and starts osteomyelitis. Dozens of articles, including CPR, the Heimlich Maneuver, bites, bruises, burns, seizures, diabetic emergencies, and many more. You surely got a paper guiding you to the other projects of which one of them was first aid guide no ? Yep, that's still a long, long way away, but in the meantime you can check out a teaser trailer for the album below. Sure, high-zoot whiz-bang tools are great to have and look cool hanging off of your belt, but do you really know how to use every item on that?
That’s not as bad as being a Type 1 but it is definitely not something to play around with. We have a large family, 6 people in the house, so a monthly budget is important for our survival. We utilize raised beds and vertical gardening to maximize space and to keep the work to a minimal level. There are many different aspects and components that are involved in having a self-sufficient homestead. Though you will need these kinds of animals, you will also need your farm to provide the grain, hay and supplementations to keep your animals alive and healthy. You may be able to heat your home and preserve your food with the current conveniences of electricity and fuels, but if there is none available you will need to be prepared. It is incredibly easy to make yourself, adds a great texture to any meal, and is very versatile.
Just about every culture has some great vegetarian proteins and recipes, and if you familiarize yourself with those types of recipes and cooking styles you will be amazed at what there is to offer. There are a few out there, but the reality is that we’re regular people, many with families. Dad is always talking about manmade and natural disasters and how we can prepare to survive them.
I have my aspect as a kid; I have my experiences of being a part of a family that prepares for disasters. It was much harder than I thought it would be and started to feel like a homework assignment. If we have to leave (Bug-out) then knowing how to catch fish with Dad helps put more food on our plates.
Most of my friends are too concerned with cellphones, music, videos, playing games and doing other things.
I can’t believe I am saying this but kids need to listen and learn more about preparedness and survival if their parents are trying to teach them. You know you need food, water, shelter, bugout bags, medical supplies, cleaning supplies, pet food, and a million other things. The content shared in the guide should be supported with adequate pictures so as to give a clear and elaborate understanding about the topic. The reaction can be caused by a systemic allergic reaction to allergens such as insect bites or peanuts. Sunstroke, especially when the victim has been unconscious, often causes major damage to body systems such as brain, kidney, liver, gastric tract. First aid for a mildly hypothermic patient includes rewarming, but rewarming a severely hypothermic person could result in a fatal arrhythmia, an irregular heart rhythm. All articles are stored on your iPhone, so you can provide first aid even when out of cell phone range. Save your doctor’s contact information along with your hospital, emergency contacts, allergies, and medications. Feel free to contribute!Leave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published.
What I CAN say, however, is that I am in better shape than I used to be, and I am far more aware of the fact that in this day and time, we NEED to be prepared.
My favorite uses are for vinegar’s and oils, just cut your cloves and drop in a container cover with oil or vinegar let sit for a while and you have a culinary experience waiting for you. You have to insure that your homestead can created all the aspects of food and supplies that you would need to provide for yourself and your family. This will require a larger property to grow and cut hay from, and also for growing a plot of corn.
The decision whether to get cows or goats is a hard one; cows produce more milk but are hard to care for and eat a lot more than a goat, whereas a goat eats a lot less but it would require at least 4 milking goats to provide all the dairy products needed for an average family. You have to be able to have access to cuttable woold to make firewood for a wood-burning stove to heat your home. You have to have a means of fixing these supplies if they break, and making new supplies you may someday need to survive. I tend to eat mostly vegan at this point, no dairy or eggs, so I will not be talking about dairy or eggs in this essay. Seitan can be made with just whole wheat flour as well, the process is somewhat longer and more labor intensive, but it can be done! Chickpea flour is used often in Indian cooking, but there are a host of other things that can be done with it. They started in the 70s, and for a long while were the only kind of meat substitute you could find. Simple things like masa harina and refried beans and vegetables can make some wonderful Mexican food! We believe that the best insurance is educating yourself and maintaining a quality of readiness in life for any crisis, large or small. We just don’t want to be refugees in a disaster, dependent upon help that may or may not show up.

No one is going to tell you what to believe or not believe, but let’s keep the conversation on preparedness.
He taught me what I need for emergencies and survival, how to pack a bug out bag and we discuss different places to meet in case we are not together and something tragic happens. Knowing how to start a fire helps keep us warm and helps Mom heat water for cooking and washing dishes. I guess they just all think that there will always be someone there to protect and save them.
We may be in a situation someday where we act and save ourselves or sit and wait for someone else to come and save us. I usually follow the guidance of FEMA and recommend starting with a 3-day supply of necessities. You don’t need to have everything all at once because you won’t use it all at once! Use store loyalty cards, coupons, sales, and other strategies to help build your stockpile cost effectively.
Not only can recycling metals help you get a few extra bucks to build your preps, you can also reuse various items.
Choose awareness campaign strategy for either senior citizens or illiterate people and prepare a brief write-up. This guide can be printed by the school administration and shared with all the students, teachers and other staff members of the school. I have learned that it is really easy to become distracted by the shiny trinkets of prepping, such as this knife or that multi-tool, this fire starter kit, or that bag.
The only answer I have been able to come up with is to begin to learn alternative ways to treat it. In this bag is a personal trauma kit, a small flashlight, a tube tent, a good knife, a pill organizer with my medication in it.
Unlike onions, the flowering garlic bulbs will continue to grow after the scapes have been removed, putting all of their energy into making the bulb. Also, you will need knowledge of the animals you have in order to keep them healthy and cared for properly.
You will also need the knowledge of how to preserve food without using electrical appliances. If you have the know-how for most of these different aspects or the willingness to learn them, you can make your homestead self-sufficient. I am not gluten sensitive, so I will not be talking about gluten free options exclusively, though some are gluten free.
In this essay I’ll talk about a few alternatives, and some other things you can stock up on now, that will make your pantry fun to fall back on.
Vital wheat gluten is the protein part of wheat flour, and it is a great protein supplement. Making your own tortillas is inexpensive, easy, and pantry friendly, as masa harina stores well. I didn’t want to do it anymore but my parents have always taught me to never give up just because something is difficult, so I continued on.
I am embarrassed to talk about it with my friends because they wouldn’t understand, they don’t care anyway and would just make fun of me and my family!
This is not meant to be an all inclusive list, and you may not need all of the items or may not need particularly large quantities of these items. Just buy a few extra cans of vegetables or a few small items when you go to the store each week. A gatorade bottle makes a good canteen, a metal can makes an improvised stove or pot, cotton balls covered in Vaseline make good tinder, etc. We purchase bulk rice and beans, flour, sugar, salt, and lots of mix packets like gravy or sloppy joe mix.
A tasty bonus: You can use scapes from flowering garlic — which have a pleasantly mild garlicky flavor — in soups, salads, stir-fries or pestos. You also have to have the knowledge of all the different processes to make cheese, butter, and any other dairy products you wish to have. The key is to look into the deeper aspect of it; you will not just need some firewood, you will need the means of getting more.
Chickpea pasta is just as easy as easy as fresh pasta to make, and has a bunch more protein and vitamins. Some are tastier than others, though I guess if I were hungry enough, I’d be OK with just about anything they make.
Indian recipes are often vegetarian, and it is amazing how inexpensive their different proteins are.
I’m not even sure that I really understand “Situational Awareness” or “Loss of Civility” but I hear words like these all the time. I realized that there are lots of things that I know how to do that will help take some of the stress off of my parents if something bad happens. Maybe their parents don’t know how to survive or care to teach them about Emergency Preparedness. The purpose of this article is to answer these questions and provide you some basic strategies to utilize in developing your overall preparedness strategy. Once you are ready, work up to a couple weeks, a few months, a year, or even longer, depending on your needs. There is virtually no limit to what you can reuse and repurpose if you put your mind to it! It is also crucial for your survival to have hope, and be strong enough emotionally to deal not only with the crisis at hand, but be able to help your family and group, as well.
I can say, “Yeah, I got this ESEE 4 on my hip and this Leatherman Wave in my pocket”, but if it came down to it , would I really know what to do with them? This is something that has to be one’s personal quest for knowledge, but it is good to have a Plan B, if for no other reason than peace of mind. Most times it is hard to have spare money to spend on things we might need some time in the future. Being self- sufficient isn’t for one day, and having a self-sufficient homestead could potentially save you and your family in a SHTF situation. Community health fairs can even be a good source of free small preparedness items such as string backpacks, Band-Aids, pens, and coupons.
The less stress on the mind, the better our chances of coming through an ordeal, and at the end of the day, our health should be top priority. We package these items into usable portions, 2 pounds of rice and 1 pound of beans packed with gravy mix.
The fruit leather keeps well also, just vacuum seal it and it last for months, if you can keep the kids from eating it all that is.
Familiarize yourself with the array of dried beans and proteins used around the world, and your pantry just got a whole lot more exciting! Now that that’s out of the way, let me tell you what I have done to change this situation. I can only hope that in a few words and a humble confession that I have given you, the reader, a little food for thought. We shop around for the best deal for all our food purchases, and usually fist 2-3 stores to finish our shopping. We find recipes online to make some things that are normally bought as processed, like chicken nuggets, fish sticks, etc. Each year we have a surplus of canned foods and they are integrated into our storage foods and rotated as needed.

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