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The term seizure refers to a sudden malfunction or a temporary disturbance of the brain that causes a person to convulse or collapse. Although they can be frightening, febrile seizures usually stop on their own after a few minutes and don't cause any other health problems. It can also include uncontrollable muscle spasms, loss of consciousness, or unusual sensations depending on the part of the brain suffering from the malfunction. If your child is uncomfortable due to the fever, give acetaminophen or ibuprofen as directed by your child's doctor. The muscular trembling happens because the mind is conclusion out alerts to every muscular, asking them to agreement. Some seizures are symptoms of other medical conditions such as a head injury, abnormally low blood sugar, and poisoning or accidental drug overdose. Brain tumors or anything that can cause a sudden reduction of blood flow or oxygen in the brain cause the seizures.

Seizures occurring in a sequence of more than once or over and over result in the patient being diagnosed with the ongoing condition; epilepsy. The head can be cushioned, and tight clothing especially around the neck should be loosened. Holding them down can lead to injury from broken limbs or even injury to the person holding them down. This can be done by removing any dangerous objects around them such as furniture, water, and appliances. Stay with the person until they receive professional health care help, or they recover fully.
If it is a child or infant and they have a high fever, the child should be cooled with the gradual use of tepid water. These include; alcohol use, loud places with flashing lights, sudden temperature change, stressing or overly exiting situations.

If they are caused by existing conditions such as head injury, low-blood sugar, electric shock, heart disease, meningitis, uremia, fever, venomous bites, chocking, or unusually high blood pressure, the victim is advised to keep the pre-existing factor in check. 5 minutes is too long for the brain to lack oxygen, because this can result in brain damage or death.
If the person does not awaken from the seizure or get back to normal behavior, then they need medical attention. If they do not have any of the above, call 911 and help the victim to get professional assistance.

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