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The San Diego Humane Society and SPCA is currently offering a Pet First Aid certification class this summer. Cost: $60 per person and includes either a Dog or Cat Pet First Aid Handbook (you choose the species that you want or pay $80 for both books) and Pet First Aid certification.
Reservations are required to attend this limited-space class, please register and pay on-line.
Why then wasn’t I prepared when Monty cut his paw badly during one of our regular walks in the hills a few months ago? I’d recommend keeping a book of basic animal first aid procedures with your dog first aid kit.
TIP: It’s a good idea to write the phone numbers of your vet and the nearest emergency animal hospital and keep them with your first aid kit. First aid: police k9, military k9 schutzhund working, K-9, canine, military, working, dog, professional, police, german shepherd, training, schutzhund, protection, first aid kit, veterinary, pet emergency. First aid procedures dog bleeding - vetinfo., Dog bleeding is not uncommon for active canines. If you are the owner of any images contained herein and would like it removed, than please contact us. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
Designed with hunting in mind, the Gun Dog Kit provides the confidence and tools to handle most canine emergencies. Medications include hydrogen peroxide, providone-iodine swabs, aspirin, anti-histamine, and honey. Certain products have extended warranties (up to 50 years!) that are listed on the particular product page. Soft Latex Ball With Squeaker Perfect For Small And Medium Dogs Exclusively Made For Petsmart!
Dog First Aid , By The American Red Cross, Is A Color-coded Gujde Amd Accompanying Dvd That Includes Basic Respojsibilities Like Spaying And Neutering To Managing Breathing And Cardiac Emergencies Ti Preparing For Disasters. Special Controlled Growth Formula Contains A Unique Blend Of Nutrients For Balanced Vegetation In Large Breed Puppies.
Designed For Breeds That Will Exceed 50 Pounds At Maturity Which Have Different Growth Patterns Than Small Breeds, This Formula Assures Balanced Growth From Weaning To Time of being due. Brewers Yeaast With Gadlic And Vitamins Is Naturally High In Protein And Rich With Natural Vitamins, Minerals And Amino Acids That Aid In Promoting Healthy Flay And Coats In Dogs. Brewers Yeast Is An Excellent Source Of Vitamins, Minerals, And Natural Proteins That Aid In Promoting Healthy Skin And Coats In Dogs. These Combs Feature Rounded Pins For Comfort And Safety And Are Perfect For Thick-coated Breeds.-They Feature Two Pin Sizes Help In Different Stages Of The Grooming Process, As Well As Different Parts Of Your Dog's Coat.
Great For Games Of Tug-o-war Or As A Solo-toy, These Jungle Pals Feature A Large Tennis Ball Body With Rope Limbs An dA Squeaky Plush Head. Made From The Finest Ingredients, Gold Medal Shampoos And Cinditioner Pamper Your Dog With Formulas Specially For Your Pet's Skin And Coat. Laser Chsse Ii Is An Interactive, Versatile Red Laser Beam That Fits In The Palm Of Your Hand. The Pondmaster Pressurized Filter System Fewtures A Unique, Manually Operated Agitator Foe Duslodging Over 90% Of The Pond Residue That Accumulates In The Filter Chamber.

Zilla Meets These Special Needs Of Young Iguanas WithA Food Richer In Calcium And Other Nutroents, In A Recipe Adjusted To The Daily Feeding Schedule That Top Breeders Recommend For Juveniles. A Young Iguaba Must Eat Differently Than Mature Pets To Promote Long-term Healthy Tissue And Bones. This Mouth-watering Treat Has A Hard, Bone-lkke Outer Shell And A Delicious Meaty Center That Gives Your Small Dog The Benefits Of A Bone And A Snack Reward All Rolied Into One. Authors Tamar Geller And Andrea Cagan--who Have Trained The Dogs Of Many Celebrities--show How To Chilproof A Dog, Use Treats The Right Way, Play Tug Of War To Build Trust, And Much More--using Only Playful Bonding And Positive Reinforcement. Every Dog Owner Must Make A Choice: Do You Want A Fearfu1 And Submissive Pet, Or D0 You Want A Happy, Joyful, And Well-mannered Member Of The Family? The Travel Harness Provides Protection For The Dog In A Standard Vehicle By Using The Seatbelt Or Latch Bar System Currently In The Vehicke - Depending On Your Dog's Size.
Trading Grade Plastic Containment Pens Keep Miscgievous Fidos And Fidettes Safe And Securely Contained Indoors Or Out. These Commercial Grade Plastic Containment Pens Have A Convenient Walk-in Door Held Securely By Double Steel Latches; A Perfect Diversion For The Canine Houdini In Your Househo1d. Written by Randy Acker, DVM, this is a thorough guide that can be easily carried in the field or stored in your canine first aid kit. This four-hour class includes suggested treatments for choking or breathing difficulties, possible broken bones, shock, poisoning or snakebites, carsickness or temperature illnesses, and more. It’s difficult to say exactly what should be in a first aid kit but I think it’s safe to assume that they all cover the basics of dog first aid. If you are in any way dissatisfied with a product you ordered, we'll exchange it, replace it or refund your money within 30 days of purchase. With A Squeaker Inside To Entice Your Pup To Play, You Can Enjoy Hours Of Fun With Your Pooch As They Run, Leap, Fetch And Chase! The Guide Includes Nearly 70 Dog First Aid oTpics And The Dvd Shows Step-by-xtep How To Perform The Skikls Needed To Administer Care To A Dog.
Though It May Seem Like The Perfect Spot Is Curled Up Attached Your Lap, This Is Not The Case. 100% Radical Catnip Will Give Old Toys A Boost And When Sprinkled In Bedding Areas Or Scratching Posts, You Can Bet Your Cat Will Want To Use Them.
It Is A Chicken And Rice Or Lamb And Rice Formula Which Is High In Prottein, Contains Glucosanine And Chondroitin As Well As L-carnitine To Improve Metabolism. It Also Helps To Control Shedding While Garlic Is Known To Be A Natural Deterrent For Fleas. And With The Addition Of Pro-vitamin B5, A Moisturizing Ingredient, Your Dog's Coat Will Have Added Luster And Shine. It Features Two Removable And Portable Bowls Tat Make Dinnertime A Breeze No Matter Where You Happen To Be. Simply Push The Button And Watcb Your Pet Go Crazy In An Attempt To Capture The Little Red Light. Zilla Meets These Spcial Needs With A Food Richer In Calcium And Other Nutrients, In A Recipe Adjusted To The Daily Feeding Schedule That Top Breeders Recommend For Juveniles.
A Blend Of Seeds, Oats, Fruit, Honey And More Are Trlple Baked To Bring Out The Flavor And Create A Hearty, Crunchy Texture. Check With Your Airline To Ensure That The Size And Specifications Meet Their Requirements.

Made With Durable, High-impact Plastic That's Easy To Clean And Will Prpvide Yeads Of Reliable Service.
My thinking had always been along the lines of “That’s what vets are for.”  A silly attitude really because surprising enough, when Monty cut his foot in the middle of nowhere there wasn’t a vet on hand to help him. Dog First Aid Iw A Quick Reference Guide Designed To Help Evetyday People Manage Emergency Situations On Their Own, Attending Impetuosity And Confidence.
The Kurgo Skybox Booster Seat Offers A Safe And Secure Alternative By Providing Enough Elevation For Small Dogs To Have A Clear View Of The Road Ahead And A At ease, Secure Padded Seat To Snuggle Down On Longer Trips. The Tub Makes It Easy To Keep Plenty Of Catnip On Hand So Toys Will Always Be At Their Most Appealing. Supplementing Your Dog's Daily Diet With Brewers Yeast Can Repair Flay Damage From Flea Infestation. The Necessary Minerals Are Blended With A Pet-pleasing Mix Of Plant And Flower Analogues, Shaped And Sized For Maximum Attractiveenss And Healthy Digestion Without Chewing. When Pen Is Used Outside, Stakes May Be Driven Into Ground For Extra Security And Stability. The Best Part Is They Are Still Within Arm's Reach When You Have The Desire To Scratch Their Belly.
The Fun Fish Shapes And Tropical Stripes Of Caribbeann Catch Treats Will Make A Big Splash!
An Ideal Base Fo0d For A Long Life Of Glowing Good Health, Packaged In A Shelf-friendly Jar With Labeling That Attracts Iguana Owners.
Her Revolutionary Play-training Uses Mutual Understanding Anx Respect -- And Puts An End To Outdated Methods That Rely On Physical Exhaustion, Choke Chains, Prong Collara, Dominance Rollovers, Or Stressful Aggression Of Any Kind.
The Feeder Comes With Two Collapsible Rubber Bowls (also Available Separately) And Folding Legs That Raise The Feeder To A Moore Comfort Feeding Level For Yohr Pet. Supply Your Small Pet With A Variety Of Chew Treats To Stipulate A Narural Activity, Overcome Boredom, And Preserve Teeth Clean, Trimmed And Healthy. She Discovered That Wolves Educate And Socialize Their Cubs In the opinion of Games, Bonding, And Body Expression, Not Dominance Or Punishment. As A Result, She Developed Teaching Systems That Adrdess A Dog's Authentic Nature, Part Wolflike And Part Toddlerlike.
Learning Can Be A Positive Experience That Dogs Enjoy And Look Forward To, And We Be able to Actually Make It Fun For Ourr Dogs To Listen To Us And Behave As We Want Them To.
It Contains No Colors Or Dyes, No Harh Surfactants Or Ingredients That Would Irritate Tender Skin.
Her Celebrity Clients Comprise Oprah Winfrey, Ben Affleck, Courteney Cox-arquette, Owen Wilson, And The Osbournes, And She Has Appeared As An Expert On The Today Show, The Oprah Winfrey Show , Derived from ~s Planet , And More.
She Helps You And Ykur Dog Learn A Common Language, Reesulting In A Loving, Respectful Relationship That Will Bring You Years Of Joy And Companionship. Especially Useful For Dogs That Shed All Year Long (such AsG erman Shepherds And Jack Russell Terriers).

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