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First Aid For Choking – Emergency steps to help choking victim either in conscious state or unconscious state. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
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Choking occurs when a blockage somewhere between the nose and mouth and the lungs (the airway) prevents air from getting into a person's lungs. In an unconscious person lying on the back, the airway may be blocked by the fall of the tongue or by saliva, blood or vomit pooling in the throat. Those who are choking show different symptoms depending upon how completely the airway is blocked.
In many cases, an airway blocked by food or a foreign object can be cleared by abdominal thrusts (also known as the Heimlich Manoeuvre). If the choking person cannot cough forcefully, speak or breathe, use abdominal thrusts to try to remove the blockage.
An abdominal thrust pushes the diaphragm up towards the lungs very quickly - this forces air from the lungs up the airway and, hopefully, blows the object out.

Find the correct hand position and give abdominal thrusts to try to remove the airway blockage. Keep performing abdominal thrusts until either the object is removed or the person becomes unconscious. If the chest doesn't rise, reposition the head, check the seals at the nose and mouth and try again.
If the chest doesn't rise on your second try, conclude the airway is blocked - try to clear the airway.
Repeat steps 2, 4 and 4 until the chest rises when you blow into the casualty's mouth or medical help takes over. If you remove the blockage, or if the chest rises when you ventilate, give a total of two slow breaths, then check breathing and pulse. This instructional first aid poster provides basic life support and first aid procedures for quick reference. If choking is caused by swelling of the airway from an infection, injury or allergic reaction, abdominal thrusts will not work. For the best effect, your fist has to be in the right place, the forearms off the abdomen and each thrust a strong and sudden movement. Hook any foreign matter with your finger and pull it up against the near cheek - be careful, it may be sharp or slippery.Open the airway by tilting the head back.

Locate the bottom edge of the rib cage, placing fingers of your hand closest to the person's feet - this is the landmarking hand. If the person is breathing effectively, give ongoing care for choking as described on the next page. Shortly after, as the oxygen in the body is used up, the face becomes grey while lips and ear lobes become bluish. Notice how signs differ depending whether there is good breathing or little to no breathing. If this is not possible, try reaching around from the back of the chair to give abdominal thrusts. Placing your ear just above the person's mouth look, listen and feel for signs of breathing. If the choking person is a child, you may have to kneel so you are at the right height to perform abdominal thrusts.

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